Livin On A Prayer

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"Today's class will feature no less than three Bon Jovi songs," our Body Pump instructor gleefully announced this afternoon.

Oh hell yes! Way to turn around my bitcharse disposition in one sentence. You cannae beat a bit of the Bon. The tunes turned out to be a really dodgy techno remix of Living On A Prayer and two inferior newer songs, but it did the trick. I don't know where I'd be without exercise to elevate my mood. In jail, probably.

I had a Bon Jovi Flashback in the middle of the Tricep track and nearly dropped the bar on my nose from laughing. The day before my last high school exam, me and three good mates went to Sydney to see Bon Jovi in concert. My first concert ever! Unless you count that Elton John tribute guy who played at the local greyhound track when I was ten.

When you lived in a far-flung rural town the only way for kids to get to concerts in the Big City was by charter bus. It took about five hours, excluding vomit stops. Since this was 1995 there was only a cassette player on the bus and the self-appointed Overlords of the Cassette would sidle up to the driver and bat their eyelashes until he put their tapes on. It always fascinated me how on a bus full of strangers a clear hierachy of popularity would establish itself within the first fifty kilometres. Anyway, we were approaching the outskirts of Sydney; so close to Bon Jovi we could smell the acid wash, when a rather tired and dull blast of guitar dribbled forth over the speakers.

"What the hell is this shit?" I snorted to my friend Jenny.

There was an outraged intake of breath and one of the Cassette Chicks spun around in her seat, fixing  her kohl-rimmed eyes on me in what we call back home a Death Stare.

"This shit," she hissed, "Is Bon Jovi's latest album!"

Oh. Well. It was shit.

Anyway that has bugger all to do with anything, doesn't it? I have an almighty backlog of posts but had pangs of self-consciousness every time I sat down to write. It's been odd trying to get back into the groove after my Internet Exile. It's like I had amnesia and stumbled across my belongings like a stranger… I write about my blubber? On the internet? Why would you do that? Why would anyone read that?

And then I watched some really depressing documentaries about wars and poverty and felt guilty for writing about trying not to eat things for almost eight years.

More soon, comrades! πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Livin On A Prayer

  1. This is why we love you! Random chatterings from way back when, a memory triggered from music in a pump class – far better than, “well, today I resisted a cheeseburger – hurrah for me…!”

    Btw, I have just discovered the amount of weight watchers points in a packet of supernoodles – I am therefore consuming the last packet to avoid them taunting me from the cupboard, yes, odd logic I know. However, on the music theme, I will be power walking to Queen tomorrow. Don’t stop me nooooooowwww, I’m having such a good time….yeah baby!!

  2. Hehe… enjoy yer walk Phillipa :_

    Dudes, I apologise in advance, something weird is going on with the comments, some weird preview thing keeps popping up. I did not tell it to do that! If you just ignore it and type in a comment as normal then hit Post, it should work… I hope!

    Really need to redo templates. Arrgh.

  3. Hiya!

    Another great post.

    I love your tales of now and before.

    I was born and grew up across the ditch in the ‘big’ city of Auckland but I think it was very similar to your outback:)

    As always your post brought back memories of my own.

    Bon Jovi was my 1st concert in the UK. And they rocked. I was singing the whole way through:)

    Today I’m totally living on a prayer. Work deadlines this evening.

    Back to work for me.

    You pump it girl!


  4. “Vomit Stops” … that has so many possibilities, as a phrase. So many layers. Everything from a clear statement to a bad band name.

    It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz when the tin man says, “oil can” and the Scarecrow replies, “Oil can what?”

  5. And yes, the comments thing is going rather berserk. It took a few tries and a refresh or two to make sure it went through.

    It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz when… oh, never mind.

  6. Deja vu… MY first concert was Bon Jovi, also via a 5 hour charter bus ride – how freaky is that?

  7. A road trip to Bonjovi complete with a death stare! that’s just awesome!

    I love it when it gets to mixing time in pump classes, nothing like a good tune to get you in the right mood.

  8. I’ve reported the bezerk comments issue – hope to hear back soon. Just ignore the weirdness and press Post – it may not look like the comment is submitted but it does get through! Sorry folks…

  9. Watching the news can sometimes put a real spin on things in our own world.. I also found over the last few years whilst my Mum was sick that I found it almost wrong to focus on trying to lose weight whilst she was desperately trying to hold on to any kg she could.. But now, I know that me looking after my health takes nothing away from her fight, or the plight of others on this planet. Me being thinner and healthier puts me in a better position to help out in any way that I can. xx

  10. “I don’t know where I’d be without exercise to elevate my mood. In jail, probably.”

    You know, jail is the BEST place to workout. They have great weight rooms and all the time in the world. It’s sort of like the Biggest Loser.

  11. Exercise is great for the mood. No matter what my day’s been like, my bike ride home usually sorts me out.

    It is difficult to get back into blogging after a bit of time away from it. I usually feel as though far too much has happened and I have nothing to say about it. The magic will return!

    I hope you’re OK? I mean, I’m glad you were soothed by Body Pump and Bon Jovi, but I’m sorry you required soothing in the first place…

  12. I love how you disclose your random memories. This kind of thing happens to me all the time, particularly when I hear old songs. (BTW-Gotta love Bon Jovi-it wasn’t my first concert, but definitely in the first 5. I’m ashamed to admit that my first concert, at age 12, accompanied by my Dad, was Paula Abdul, with Color Me Badd as the opening act. Woo hoo!)

    With all the crappiness out in the world, I depend on regular hits of enjoyment from my favourite blogs-including this one-so please keep posting and bringing joy to us readers!!

  13. OMG LMAO at Marla’s jail comment. Maybe that’s what I need. Some jail time!

    Aren’t you fab for going to the gym to work out your issues, rather than feeding your face?

    LOVE the bus story. Too funny.

    Hope you are settling in to your new digs!

  14. OH NOOOOOOO! I have had Livin’ on a Prayer stuck in my head for MONTHS – since at least August – and it’s driving me mad. I wish I were kidding. Sometimes it goes away briefly, but then I wake up the next morning morning and have to shower to the strains of my brain going “who-oa, we’re halfway there…” It is horrible. And I’m afraid your post has now doomed me to another afternoon of it

  15. Ah yes. Bon Jovi. My first concert – 1989. College (I had ultra conservative parents. Donnie and Marie were considered “edgy”.) I didn’t have the 5 hour charter bus. But I did camp out overnight for the tickets… in Salt Lake City, UT… in January. Oh how we suffered to see all that Aquanet wear spandex! Totally worth it. By the by, my last concert was in April of this year… dah dah – BON JOVI! The man has aged well… VERY WELL!! Still glad I didn’t have to campout for the tix. But totally would have!

    Have A Nice Day! πŸ˜‰

  16. Forgive me, please, I’ve been stalking my way through your archives, so I get the whole picture, y’know? I’ve been waiting until things got more recent before I started carrying on as though you were writing and I was reading in real time (and believe me, you just lost 175lb in a week. It’s amazing!)…

    And what do I choose to comment on? Bon Jovi. I remember that tour – they came out to play the Adelaide Grand Prix, the last one, which also happened to be the one where I was living less than 300m from the track. *whimper* Anyway, I heard the concert, because we couldn’t shut it out of the house, they were that close. And yes, shite. Ah well.

    I will talk more, now I’m almost up to Present Times! And you will likely think to yourself “who is this crazy stalker woman?!” Again, sorry for the weird bloogy stalker stuff. It’s hard not to want to go back and understand it all.

  17. Music really can do wonders. I went to a kickboxing (cardio, not actual arse-kicking) class once, and I was dog-tired. I guess I hadn’t gone to bed early enough or something. Anyway, I wasn’t feelin’ the class, but I went anyway, and I sat there like a lump on the floor until the instructor arrived. I was desperately trying not to fall asleep, and even her peppy greeting didn’t wake me up. She announced that she had a new CD that night, and if we didn’t like it, to just tell her and she would change it. Someone asked what kind of music it was, and she said, “Hard rock!” I tell you, you’ve never seen someone raise up so fast from such utter fatigue! I immediately made the rock hand and growled, “YYYYEAAAHHHHH!!!” The first song out of the gate was “Nothin’ But A Good Time,” followed by “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” which prompted me to stop punching long enough to do the Axl Rose skate. I made it through the class because of that CD. Good times!

    And since we’re sharing, my first concert was New Kids on the Block. But I wanted to see Bon Jovi on the Slippery When Wet tour in ’86! Mom said I was too young to go, but my brother got to go, and he was 14, the bastard.

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