Crumbs I can't wait to tell my sister Rhiannon that there's a chain of bakeries over here called Crumbs. Back when we were kids we used to play Barbies, as you do. The Barbies lived in a dinky dollhouse with doors that only came up to their waists.

But the fact that the Barbies had to crawl around their own house did not stop them pursuing their dreams. They didn't just lie in bed tangled up with Ken all day; these dames were entrepreneurs. They turned the kitchen into a restaurant and it was called Crumbs.

It was a fine establishment. It even had an elevator made out of string and an Avon perfume box. I lived vicariously through the whole operation – the Barbies could cook and eat whatever they wanted. If they whined about being hungry, nobody rolled their eyes and said, "Just have an apple!"

Rhi and I had big plans for Crumbs and the Barbies. They were going to expand overseas, Crumbs International. They would move from the tiny dollhouse to a swanky skyscraper. But that was 1985 and now some bastards have beat us to it!

I bought one of their red velvet cupcakes today. It wasn't a cup so much as a behemoth pint glass of a cake. I've gotta hand it to Crumbs – they may not have flowing blonde tresses and plastic legs up to their armpits, but they make a tasty cupcake!

It looked really pretty too, until I squashed it my bag.

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  1. How crazy! I just read your book while flying to NYC from Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your journey because I am on the Lard busting mission myself. I am down 40 so far of the 100 pounds I want to lose. Wish I could have bumped into you in Time Square how cool is that. If Dietgirl can do it so can I. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Ooh you found the best place. Remember when cupcakes were just chocolate and vanilla. Hope your enjoying NYC. I’ve live here for 5 years and I am never leaving. Try to stop by Central Park, the snow is still on the ground and it’s glorious.

  3. My Barbie was a fashion designer! Most of her designs were based on the odd sock pile.

    I dunno about these new flashy cupcakes. The local bakery does plain vanilla with icing and sprinkles – best ever.

  4. Oh I LOVED this post. I wondered if you were still Stateside…and you are! Did it feel amazing yesterday in Times Square? It felt very exciting from here in dear old Blightly!

    Anyway, back to the important matter of cupcakes. I guess you tried the Magnolia Bakery yonks ago? I was disappointed by their Red Velvet and didn’t ever venture into Burgers and Cupcakes (what a concept!) in NYC. I can’t vouch for their baked goods, even though I took a lot of photos from the outside.

    Good luck with the show – you’ll be fabulous! You really will. Just breathe! I have such massive NYC envy at the moment so I hope you are having a good (and nostalgic!) time.

    Mwah Mwah

  5. You brought back some memories there.My Barbies were actually Sindys (much more life like believe me) and they were doctors in the main. Don’t know why as I’ve never wanted to be one.

    My mum rang me years later when I was saying she had found one of my old dolls (not a Sindy) stuck under some furniture or something and it was covered in dusty but still correctly applied “plaster cast”. Our Sindy doctors used to run a “hospital” and would bandage everyone (dolls, teddys, my brother’s action men (they liked them!)) up in plaster cast made of damp kitchen roll and flour!! I seem to recall making crutches for them too….

    Thanks for the memories and enjoy NYC!

    Lesley x

  6. The “cupcakes take the cake” blog also did a post about Crumbs today, as they showed photos of the special Obama cupcakes that Crumbs did.
    They were “Cupcakes to keep you company while watching the inauguration coverage”.
    Cute about your Barbie house though.

    I didn’t take Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl with me to Portugal, as I only had 2 chapters left but I am looking forward to reading it when I go back tomorrow.

  7. My barbie was a total slutbag – I’m not kidding.

    I would gleefully stuff that whole cupcake in my gob in one go. To paraphrase Shaq ‘um um um’.

  8. OMG…I totally forgot I was going to take you to Chickalicious last time you were here…it’s one of those places that just does desert…that’s it…a desert bar! Somebody had a fabu idea!

  9. Mmmm….Crumbs….One of the things us New Yorkers do well is tasty foods.

    I remember making Barbie doll houses out of shoe boxes taped together with doors cut out of them ^_^ I think that despite the negative body image problems, Barbies were amazing toys because they made you use your imagination. It’s so cute that you guys came up with a whole business for them!


  10. My barbies were tortured by the local boys…

    years later you can still find pieces of them hanging from the trees in the bush, all in various stages of destruction…
    I think Ken ended up headless with his legs melted into stumps by a magnifying glass!
    Poor barbie, she was just never the same after!
    Those were the days!

  11. (giggling that you mentioned barbie today as I have a guest poster who used barbie and ken in a video)

    is it odd that I like to think of your sister as my sister too? Methinks Ive read your book a few too many times 🙂

    Im totally not a stalker.


  12. lol.
    I’m re reading your book, and all I can think of is mint slices now! I think I remember this happening the first time I read it.

    Hope you are having a fab time, you should come to NZ for a visit!

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