Dietgirl Virtual Book Tour is GO!

Dg-virtual-book-tour If I was John Grisham or JK Rowling you can bet my private jet would be swooping into your town on a grand book tour, with an entourage of slaves to hold the hardbacks open and massage my signing hand. But alas, I've got to go to work and these are credit crunch times, so the book tour is all virtual!

Would you get a load of the Official Book Tour Logo? I was trying to learn from my incompetence during the UK release and be a sleek and organised machine for Dietgirl USA. I had a grand brand vision of the book with aeroplane wings, travelling round the world, but of course I've left it til 11 o'clock the night before the tour. All I can find on Google Images is stupid angel wings, so it looks like the book is DEAD and chuffing on up to heaven. I hope that's not an omen.

Over the next two weeks the tour will visit eleven kindly bloggers. There'll be interviews, guest posts, audio, video and giveaways. Here's the schedule in full – I'll update each stop with a direct link and more info as they go live:

Monday 5 Jan – MizFit* (video review – featuring party hat!)
Tuesday 6 Jan – PastaQueen* (interview - going from blog to book)
Wednesday 7 Jan – Refuse to Regain (guest post – After the Happy Ending)
Thursday 8 Jan – Escape from Obesity* (interview – bingeing, body image and missing your fat)
Friday 9 Jan – Back In Skinny Jeans (podcast – book deals, blogging community & find your purpose)

Monday 12 Jan – Cranky Fitness* (interview – Dietgirl the Movie, hot Scots and good lovin')
Tuesday 13 Jan – The ELFF Diet* (a bloody fantastic review)
Wednesday 14 Jan – Lynn's Weigh (interview – blogging trends, body discoveries and Moronic Cores)
Thursday 15 Jan – Roni's Weigh (reader Q&A session)
Friday 16 Jan – DietBlog (interview)

Monday 19 Jan: jen larsen dot net (interview)

* Win a copy of the book at these stops!

Hope you enjoy the tour. Thank you again to all the participants, you're true legends!

16 thoughts on “Dietgirl Virtual Book Tour is GO!

  1. ooooh now Im so excited.
    and glad I went first so I dont spend all week(s) in AWE and growing nervous 🙂

    here’s to your tour!

    *tosses confetti shaped like miniDietGirls**

  2. I noticed the little shrinking Dietgirl graphic in the corners of the pages of the online teaser chapter! Does it work like a flip book? That’d be brilliantly entertaining! Guess I’ll have to get my own copy to investigate.

  3. The nice part about a virtual tour is the virtual jet lag. Looking forward to your visit to Cranky Fitness Headquarters!

  4. Now this is inspired! I do not think your book graphic looks dead. I thought it was angelically light and fluffy!

    I’m here from Mizfit, and am looking forward to browsing your blog and reading your book!

    Marianne : )

  5. Thank you for answering my question on MizFit’s blog… I would of asked here but honestly I didn’t think you’d answer… now that you did, I feel it’s a must to read the book weather I win it or buy it 🙂

  6. Hi Dietgirl! Just wanted to say I LURVED your book and I was so excited about it I actually couldn’t wait until the U.S. release and I bought it from Amazon UK a while back. I’m looking forward to checking out the reviews/guest posts/fanfare at these websites :).

  7. Break a leg for all these interviews! When I saw Ontario, I got excited, because I was going to tune in, but sadly, Ontario is a huge province, and both are far far away from me. I’m so happy for your success. The book was fantastic, and I’ve recommended it to many. Continued success DG!

  8. It wasn’t stocked in the Borders Books in Boston, Massachusetts. But they take in store orders – should get it in a week.

  9. Just listened to your podcast and was startled to hear the Oz accent – even though I knew you came from Australia, I always read you with a Scottish accent in my head. How bizarre is that! Great to hear you tho, and well done with the tour! x

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