Early Show Update Update

This is getting a wee bit silly now… I've been postponed again. Should be Thursday morning now! Fingers crossed.

At the very least I have had a grand old time in this city. Today I soaked up the inauguration atmosphere in Times Square then guzzled orange juice and cold tablets in the hope of downgrading my nose from Rudolph Red by Thursday.

Now I just have to grovel to my boss again then go out and buy some more knickers!

10 thoughts on “Early Show Update Update

  1. I wondered about that – didn’t really think they’d have time for you on the day after the inauguration! And a good thing, because I forgot to set my VCR. I’m going to do it right now.

  2. In a way I am glad too because I thought I had missed it. But you do deserve a spot so I hope it doesn’t happen again!

  3. I actually WATCHED (live time) this morning so that you would get my good vibes as you trembled in your shoes – (only recorded while I hurried and ran the high schoolers carpool and then dashed back to see you). With a 1/2 hour left to go – I realized that you had been cut (and that it was silly for them to think they were going to get anything but highlights from Tuesday’s big event). If you had gone to one of the balls in a smashingly wonderful dress – you might have gotten on . . .looking forward to seeing you tomorrow (but it will be back to the DVR as I have carpool and then free weights – I’ll be with you in spirit)!

    PS – did they leave you in the green room thinking you were going on at any minute – or did they let you sleep?

  4. I can not beleive you are in New York, I almost done with diet girl, I purchased this book for my 28 year old daughter she is over 300 pounds I started reading the book and have not been able to put it down (the last time I read a book I was on jury duty six years ago) I am a Weight Watcher leader and could not beleive how much my daughter has in common with the former you. I only wish we could meet you are dioing any book signings in NY Thats where we live

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