Midnight Quickie

Greeting comrades!

  • There was going to be a new post today here today, but I spent ten gazillion hours mucking about with my book tour guest post for Refuse To Regain. Sometimes it's bloody hard to find the right words! The post is called After The Happy Ending and is all about my maintenance adventures – how it was great and then it sucked and then it got okay again. 
  • Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com are currently out of DG stock. The publishers are printing some more as we speak and they will be ready to ship on Monday! In the meantime try Powell's or this site helps you find a local independent bookseller. 'Mon the indies!
    UPDATE: 11 January – Barnes & Noble.com now back in stock, woohoo!
  • I'm a guest contributor on Blogs.com today with 10 Blogs To Drool Over When You're On A Diet. Food p0rn ahoy!

21 thoughts on “Midnight Quickie

  1. Congrats on the out of stock status on Amazon and B&N! So glad it’s doing well.

    I enjoyed your post today on Refuse to Regain. I think there’s a lot of consciousness about the struggle of weight loss, but not as much about what it’s like to maintain once you get there…which is why maintenance blogs are so valuable for those of us still on the quest to get there. The quest never really ends, does it?

  2. Well, “out of stock” can be good or bad. If they ordered 10,000 copies, it’s good. If they ordered two, then not so much. πŸ™‚ Hope they ordered LOTS!

  3. Hello and happy new year. Just thought Id tell you that my mum and sister have been here from Scotland for the last month. Anyway Mum spent a lot of her time reading books on our deck and looking out over the river. She ran out of books and asked if I had anything she might enjoy – so I gave her The Amazing Adventures… – she loved it and said this book could be written about me! Shes 76 next week – just goes to show that nothing ever changes! Take care Love Z

  4. @Charlie – Exactly! It might have been a print run of 12, hehe. I have learned to keep my expectations LOW in the world of publishing, so if anything good happens it’s a nice surprise.

    @MissMasala – cheers matey πŸ™‚ I do know about those videos but didn’t say much because I sound like a turkey.

    @LBTEPA – Thanks comrade!

    @Pubsgal – So true… maintenance and weight loss are both bloody hard work. I hope to find more maintainer blogs for inspiration πŸ™‚

    @Zanna – wahey! that’s really cool… tell her I said thanks!

  5. I’ve been enjoying reading your archives because your book is out of stock everywhere…Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc. Great news for you! I’m also enjoying your interviews. Looking forward to tracking it down and digging in.

    Best of the New Year to you and your family!

  6. I read your book last year and have regularly caught up with your blog ever since.
    Like so many of your readers I really related to the experiences that you described throughout your journey as I experienced the so much of the same when I lost 4.5 stone in 2004.
    Your “After the Happy Ending” article has again struck a chord with me. After loving my new body for a couple of years suring 2008 I got very bored of maintenance and dieting that I somehow let all the old habits back in and stopped exercising (not that I did a lot!) Over the holidays after realising that I have gained 1.5 stone I finally came to the realisation that it will be an ongoing battle but that I need to embrace it like I did the first time round.
    …So like many people at this time of year I am back with the healthy eating, reducing the amount of takeaways and “treats”, getting back into some exercise and planning on having fun doing it
    Can’t wait to get back the 1.5 off and enjoy it again πŸ™‚

    Also looking forward to continuing to read your posts to keep me going.

  7. It’s funny how no one ever really talks about what happens after the “after” photo…I suppose we were all raised to believe in “happily ever after!”

    Congrats on the good sales at Barns and Noble and Amazon!


  8. I noticed Amazon was out of my book too. It’s a good time to have written a weight-loss memoir! Great post on RTG and I totally agree about sometimes wanting to burn your own book.

  9. Hey Shauna! I was wondering what happened to the link to What’s Up Pussycat? I love your stories of life in Scotland. πŸ™‚

  10. Honestly, I think two guest blog posts make up for at least one non-post here, so long as you tell us about them πŸ™‚ What it is to be in demand…

    Maintenance IS hard and as a result, I will no longer be maintaining this year. But losing. Ahem. That’s the plan, anyway.

  11. Shauna–LOVED your post over at Refuse to Regain. It struck me way down deep. I lost 115 pounds three years ago and then regained them the next year. I’ve been sitting in a confused mud puddle ever since about what to do now and how to do it. What I so wanted to hear and talk to people about is what they do after the euphoria of losing weight subsides and how they maintain. You dealt with this issue more clearly than anyone else I’ve seen and you’ve maintained your weight loss rather than go right back up the scale. I so appreciated reading your words. I’d love to hear more.

  12. I thought we must be about to get some lowdown inside information on prospective Dietbabies been made in the middle of the night. Food porn will have to suffice!!

  13. K – you took the words right out of my mouth.

    DG, I LOVED your Refuse to Regain post and your interview answers over at Escape from Obesity. There are so many things I can identify with but unlike you, I fell fowl to all the issues you talk about and have regained almost half my 165lb weight loss. I too remember being told what an inspiration I was while inside I was in turmoil Unfortunately I gave in to the turmoil while you remain an inspiration. No kidding maintenance is just as hard work. If the story ended at the slim-euphoria we’d be stranded. I’m so glad you’re still here and talking about maintenance warts n’all. I agree with the comments I’ve seen elsewhere, there’s definitely a second book in it – I’d love to read it.


  14. Congrats on being sold out!! That is absolutely awesome!!

    I absolutely loved your refuse to regain post; it really was motivating to me. I think we go through the diet stage just thinking about losing and we don’t really think about or realize how tough maintenance can be.

  15. ps – woops! just realised the names are below not above…doh! That’d be Eden’s comment I’m talking about not K

  16. Just started reading your book, and I love it! Especially as I have recently gone back to start Weight Watchers again myself!

  17. Came here to congratulate you on selling out…. then realised that that has an unfortunate double meaning.

    But you know what I mean, right?! Congrats.

  18. That’s a fantastic post on maintenance. It never occurred to me that you might feel “like a fraud” when you write about the struggles. I understand it, but rest assured none of us think anything of the sort! That’s why we love your writing so much: you tell the real story, what it’s really like, not a bunch of fairy-tale endings. All of us who have lost weight or are trying to lose weight will probably struggle with it the rest of our lives – that is a much less gloomy outlook knowing we have you around to document and describe the experience with your good humor and excellent turn of phrase (e.g., never ending stinkfest).

  19. A wonderful post on maintenance. You’ve said basically everything I’ve been trying to sort out in my head! Love your work, as always, and thank you for being so honest.

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