I've started a dozen blog entries over the past few days but writing about exercise and cravings and wobbly things feels so bloody ridiculous. It's still difficult to comprehend the scale of the fires in Victoria. Over here in the snow and grey you sometimes forget what a harsh country Australia is; how devastating a changing wind can be. My heart goes out to everyone affected.

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  1. I have been following the news since this started and it’s hard to believe that some one would start this and live with what they have done.

    I hope they find them and make them pay!

  2. Seeing those koala pictures made me think about all the poor creatures who can’t escape. And also about the brave men and women who risk their lives to save them.

  3. I’ve had to switch off for a little while because the news is just so devastating. Everyone I know knows someone affected by the fires – my brother was evactuated (but safe), another friend lost everything, people from work are just “missing” at this point. I’m in tears when I get in to work because it’s all over the radio as well and the stories are just horrendous.

    Every single one of those firefighters deserves a medal for bravery.

  4. I find it absolutely terrifing that these fires have been started deliberatly. Not only have these fires killed so many innocent people, but also so many animals have lost their lives, their homes and their food source.

    My thoughts go out to those that are suffering with the effects of this situation.


  5. When I heard of the fires I thought of you and your family. That is just awful. I am thinking of the people in your homeland and sending good wishes.

  6. I have been thinking about you and your family since the news of this horrible fire first came out. I hope your family and friends are all safe and well. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this.

  7. I have been following the news of the fires as well and am just heartsick over it. I was able to donate to the Australian Red Cross (found the link on another blog) which made me feel that I was helping in a small way. Shauna, maybe you could post the link to them? I am far away in snowy Northern Vermont, USA and wish I could just do something in person to help.

  8. Will do Susannah xx

    My family are in New South Wales, a long way from the fires, they’re all fine.

    My goodness, I only just watched that clip with the audio now. That guys accent. Just feel like crying watching the two of them.

  9. Will do Susannah xx

    My family are in New South Wales, a long way from the fires, they’re all fine.

    My goodness, I only just watched that clip with the audio now. That guys accent. Just feel like crying watching the two of them.

  10. I am sooo glad you posted something. It’s hard to comprehend the devastation. This piece –

    really brings it home to us all (even as we endure the snow). Gary Hughes is a journalist for The Australian and he ended with these words:

    “The thought occurs to me: where do you start when you’ve lost everything, even a way to identify yourself? Then I realise, of course, that it doesn’t matter. We escaped with our lives. Just. So many others didn’t.”

    It’s good to know that we can do something. Thank you for finding the links. xxxxxxxx

  11. Hi DG,

    This is just the worst. We are trying so hard here in Vic to do everything possible to help those affected. The suffering is incomprehensible.

    I am also heartbroken about the many animals who have been injured, made homeless, who have lost their people, or who will die due to lack of food & care. A report today said that it is expected that over one million native animals died in the fires. I have tried to keep a list of how to donate to animal charities here (please excuse the linking):

    as well as donations to the Red Cross/Victorian Government Appeal. Perhaps some of your readers might also like to think about helping helping out one of these groups (and shopping at Coles on Friday! All proceeds go to the Red Cross Appeal to help individuals and communities in suburbs and towns affected by the bushfires).

    Am glad that your family are all safe 🙂

    Cheers, and thanks,

  12. Shauna I’m so glad that your family in Aus is fine. I was freaking out just a little bit about Kek because she is in Melbourne. Luckily she put my mind at ease by only being a little bit in danger…. Luckily the wind was blowing away from her house and all that.;-/

    That Koala vid moved me to tears. That’s a wild animal. I hadn’t thought much about all the animals, but there must be so many in need of assistance.

  13. It’s amazing the amount of Psychos our world has produced… and how people get kicks out of this… same with the US wild-fires.

    I’m grateful we don’t have that many here… and for those poor animals who suffer from mankind.

    I just want to give them a big hug! And a bottle of H20. Do they really call water there h20? Like, “Pass me a bottle of h20, mate!” ?

    Wish there was something from this end I could do…

  14. Times like this must make you feel very far away from Oz DG, I know how I feel seeing big things happening back in Blighty and I just want to be back surrounded by my accent (if that makes sense).

    It is all too horrific to comprehend. The human stories of people dying while on the phone to their loved ones and the emergency services are just starting trickle out. In amongst them though are some truly amazing tales of heroic people who put themselves at risk to save others, not only the firepeople but regular folk too. Even though we could see and smell the smoke in the distance I’m still finding it extremely hard to get my head around what has happened to people just a matter of miles away from where I am now.

    Everyone is doing so much to help now, Melbourne is coming together so amazingly. People are giving over and over and over. It’s not just the big guys, the local small cafes and coffee shops are donating their profits. Employers are matching all staff donations, we’re collecting pet bedding and food, toiletries, baby food, even bras and the blood donation centres are fully booked. People really are being fantastic.

    It’s going to be some time before what’s happened and what people have experienced really sinks in. Reading all the news I manage to keep it together for so long then it’s pictures like that koala that have made me crack again and burst into tears. My heart goes out to all those who’ve been affected.

  15. While we were at the Queen Victoria Market today my friend made a special purchase of pet food and dishes to be donated to the animal victims. I have donated a baby crib, high chair and stroller. Hopefully they will make some parent’s day a bit easier. Could you imagine going from having everything you need and then to have nothing and have to rely on help from strangers?

    People are even donated accommodation. It reminds me of how people in America acted after Katrina.

  16. hello lovely,

    I have just made a large donation and turned the radio off: There seems to be sadness everywhere I look at the moment!

    Thanx for the link…You’re sweet.

  17. thanks for the links.
    I need direction as to where I could shoot the dollars and I think (hope?) Im not alone in that.

  18. Hi dearest

    Ray and I had discussed where our dollars would be donated so we decided to look after the animals. Thanks to your link, it was easy to do through the RSPCA. Bet Bert would be pleased too!

    Have also sent linen and clothes, as have our parents at school, through our local collection point.

    The kids at school are filling a heart shape with gold coins and putting their silver coins around the outside – we now have over $240 in two days – a great effort from 80 students. We are going to give it directly to the three schools that were razed.

    Love you


  19. I’m with Cecilia – we know so many who’ve been affected, and I feel like I can’t stand to read the newspaper or watch the TV/listen to the radio anymore. The only positive has been seeing the whole of Australia unite to help these poor people.

    Last night we watched from our front porch as the south side of the mountain at Kinglake burned – it was the firies backburning, and it was spectacular, but still sad. It’s been one of my favourite places all my life, and even in years to come when the bush regenerates, it will always be a sad, sad place.

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