The Bat Segundo Show

The Bat Segundo Show  While I was in New York I had the pleasure of chatting with Edward Champion for The Bat Segundo Show.

I've been following Ed's writing on the websince 2001 and I'm a huge fan of the Show. Check out the incredible archives, going strong with over 250 episodes – Kate Atkinson, David Lynch, Christopher Plummer, Jennifer Weiner, Martin Amis, Mike Leigh and freakin Bonnie Tyler!

I have to admit I felt rather intimidated joining such a lofty list and I did stumble over many of Ed's thoughtful and thorough questions. I wish I could blame it all on the jetlag 🙂 But I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and as always was inspired and awed by Ed's style and classy questions. None of this, "got any weight loss tips" stuff.

If you love books be sure to check out the Show.

» Listen to my interview on The Bat Segundo Show

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