One day in the first weeks of Year Seven, or the Seventh Grade as you say in America, my English teacher said, "Today we're going to start with housekeeping."

I remember slamming down my pen and thinking, WHAT!? I'd finally made it to the big high school and now we were just going to clean the freaking classroom? My mother was a teacher (still is) so I'd spent many afternoons sharpening her pencils, filling up glue pots, tidying cupboards, pinning student drawings to notice boards and other acts of child slavery. I was very annoyed that this sort of shit was to go down at high school too.

But turned out housekeeping just meant administrative minutiae, like telling us when our assignments were due or when parent/teacher night was on. Fair enough then.

This is my lengthy way of saying that it's time for some blog housekeeping!

  • Long time visitors may recall in 2006 I started a food blog in order to procrastinate from book writing. It died in the arse a few months later, but I've now incorporated all those entries into this blog. I like chucking in a recipe now and then without the pressure of having an actual food blog. So check out the Recipes category! Note: Some are not entirely diet friendly.
  • I accidentally deleted a Reader Gallery email! I saw it in my Spam folder and meant to move it right away but got distracted so apologies… if you're out there Gallery Person, could you please resend?
  • I wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write or comment. Again I'm sorry for not always being able to respond in a timely manner. Replying to lovely emails could be a full time job in itself but peskily I already have one of those. However, please know that I devour every message and to help with your questions, I'm adding new bits to the Frequently Asked Questions all the time. I renamed the "Resources" link at the top of the page to the more obvious "Diet & Fitness Resources" as that page cover so many things I'm asked about.
  • Speaking of FAQ, I have more Dietgirl By Request posts in the pipeline for the most frequent of FAQs, including the inevitable How do you stay motivated? I like to be helpful for the question-askers (?!) but it's also helpful for me to ponder these things, like the Cravings entry last week – it reminds me that I have come a long way and if I just listened to my own advice it's really not all entirely hopeless as it has felt lately. If you've got a burning question that's not been covered, feel free to leave it in the FAQ comments.
  • If you fancy a slightly diluted Aussie accent squawking in your ears I was on the Livin' La Vida Low Carb Show last week, which was very kind of Jimmy Moore considering I'm not one to shy away from a loaf of bread. We had a great chat that covered faking a positive attitude, deciding on a goal weight and the joys and pitfalls of baring your soul online.

15 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. newish to your blog, so that interview was a great chance to catch up. you did really well, i really enjoyed it.
    and when i reach my next small weightloss goal, i will be buying myself your book as a reward 🙂 nothing like a little inspiration for further motivation to the next small goal.

  2. Ahhh Spring Cleaning…my blog could use a go…I’ve got rather boring and slothful in my Blogness…proud of your enterprising ways.


  3. Hey DG

    Well done for doing THIS (ie the housekeeping malarkey). Trust you feel a zillion times better for having done it?! Hope the Gallery stuff finds its way back to you, too.

    Sometimes it’s just really good to see how far you have come (which you have) and how you continue to inspire (it’s OK, we know you are human!). Your blog is an amazing thing. Like you!

    Big kiss. Mwah mwah

  4. When you’ve finished your housekeeping, can you come and clean up my blogs too?

    “…it reminds me that I have come a long way and if I just listened to my own advice it’s really not all entirely hopeless as it has felt lately.”

    Huh. I could have written that. Sometimes I just need a smack in the head. Feel free, OK?

  5. It dawned on me when you said, “long time visitors may recall in 2006…” that it has been NINE BLOODY YEARS since I started reading your blog. And where am I??? Still obese!! Although I have yo-yo’d myself up and down a fair bit, getting into the overweight category for short periods. But thankfully, I decided that to lose weight I must first find out WHY I over-eat and my doctor sent me off to a lovely psychologist who tortured me for many weeks. The result is that I have turned the corner and without too much fuss and ado I am losing 1kg per week. Ahhh bliss!

    So my dear DG, I am back reading your inspirational ‘stuff’ and enjoying your many witty posts. Thank you for being there, not just for me but for what appears to be millions of people suffering from this incideous problem.

    Good warrrn maaaate!!

  6. Loved the interview with Jimmy. I did a massive weight loss in 2004-2005 and then gained it all back in 9 months, so this time around I’ve been super worried about maintenance. Listening to you and Jimmy talk about how you are still learning and growing helped me to calm down a bit. There is no such thing as perfection and its okay. I will learn and grow too no matter the blips up or down on the scale. Thanks for keeping it real.

  7. Hello darling daughter

    Just to let you know that the wee kiddies ‘look after their own housekeeping’ in the classroom these days – I guess that’s one of the benefits of teaching the older students (11 and 12 year olds). They organise themselves and love(?) to help out – some of the jobs they do includes putting out the crossing flags (road safety), hoisting the Aussie flag up in the morning and down in the afternoon, sport shed duty etc etc. Like you, my kids are generally reliable. I often tell them it’s training for future employment!

    Have a great day

  8. Love the interview. Love your story, Love your housekeeping, Love that the Mothership comments as the Mothership. Love it all.

  9. Well I think a bit of blog housekeeping is a fabulous idea. It keeps things fresh. And reminds us once again how far you, and some of us, have come. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to meeting you in Oz..

  10. Hiya! Well this is not a comment about this post, although good on ‘ya for the housekeeping. I have read your whole blog and in addition to the wonderful attitude and total humor you exhibit, I am really just wanting to thank you for the Kate Atkinson recommendation. She is awesome! Tearing through her oeuvre! Cheers!

  11. Great interview! Love that you still use the phrase ‘died in the arse’…hehe!

  12. Enjoyed listening to the interview with Jimmy Moore. You sounded so calm and collected, I was very impressed!

  13. Dear Dietgirl,
    I’ve been reading for a couple of years, and I’ve been meaning to thank you, you are wonderful and inspiring and I’m very proud of you.

    I will be in Edinburgh for a couple of days some time this month and then again a couple of weeks later, if you see a woman wearing an “I am Kate Harding” t-shirt, that’s me.
    (Probably. I suppose it might be Kate Harding)
    Say hello!

    I might run a body-positive belly dance workshop somewhere in Edinburgh if I can get my act together to do that. Perhaps you’d like to attend/suggest venue?

    I love reading you!

    I’ll probably be rather chilly in a t-shirt though, wouldn’t I?

    With fondness,

    Me aka Lovely Lentilla aka “Will Freeze Her Tits Off”,
    of Bugsplat, Western Australia

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