No Year’s Resolutions Update #1

It's March 1 – do you know where your New Years Resolution is? How's that for crappy grammar?

One sixth of 2009 is gone already so it's high time I checked in with my new year's goals, a.k.a. the 2009 Minimum Standards Agreement.

1. Write down what I eat
I wrote like a demon all through January with precision and honesty, even while stranded on Temptation Island, USA. Once again I learned the obvious lessons – the more I write down what I eat, the more I stay conscious of my choices and think about my hunger levels and whether I really want to commit three HobNobs to the page.

January 16, NYC, WTF.
Stomach unsure what time zone it's in.

There was a slack period in early February. No excuses; just a severe case of the blahs and feeling resentful and rebellious. But then I noticed how stopping the little diary Agreement spilled over into the other two Agreements and also things like keeping up with meal planning and laundry and other domestic bollocks. And then I started getting apathetic and cranky at work. You know the general snowball effect of not keeping on top of the little things, resulting in an overall overwhelmed feeling? Or is that simply the miserable bastard that is FEBRUARY in the Northern Hemisphere?

2. Exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes
I missed heaps of kickboxing classes in January due to book promo stuff but made sure to do something, even if it was body weight exercises in the hotel room or a quick walk. February was a kickboxing frenzy so the minimum standard was easy to keep up.

This month I want to add some more variety and get outside. Today I went for a walk with Dr G in this skanky bit of forest. It was totally muddy and miserable but ace! At one point our path was blocked by a burn (that's Scottish for creek) and the only way across was a slippery fallen tree. We stood there for a few minutes daring each other do it. I was going to walk through the water coz I was sure I'd overbalance but when Dr G started to tentatively shuffle across the log I thought DAMMIT I'm going to have to go now! And I did! Bloody brilliant.

3. 10.30 PM Internet curfew
I'm 75% good on this one. I'm more careful with my online habits, I'm sleeping better and have read some brilliant books. The curfew's made me look hard at my overall productivity and priorities. The next project is to get out of bed earlier for either writing or exercise. I'm still getting up just 20-30 minutes before I need to leave the house then wondering why I've not blogged for a week or my yoga DVDs are dusty. Hmmmmm.

Next MSA Update will be at the end of April once I'm back from visiting the folks in Oz. Public declaration of intent – I will not bring back an extra five kilos back to Scotland like I did last time!

If you have resolutions/goals, hope they're going great guns!

15 thoughts on “No Year’s Resolutions Update #1

  1. I read the first two lines of this post and loved it. I have feeling I’ll be coming back again and again and again……..

    Keep it up!!

  2. Can I count reading through ALL the dietgirl archives as my New Year’s Resolution, even though I didn’t know it at the time? If so, then SUCCESS!

    Good on you for deciding to get up earlier. I tried that last week and it made the days much more pleasant, so I’m going to keep at it.

  3. Whoops, I put the wrong URL in the previous comment. I’m not trying to pimp myself, just don’t want anyone clicking on the link and getting an error message.

    Since I’m posting again, I’ll just add to the previous message and say that reading through the archives was not a matter of willpower like other resolutions, but sheer enjoyment.

  4. Whatever happened to the 100 push up challenge, eh?

    I’m up from 0 to 2. Hmmm, not a New Year’s resolution but I never heard whether you could drop and give em 20. Or 2? 🙂

  5. Congratulations on keeping your New Year’s Resolutions most of the time and especially not giving up when things got rough!
    I am taking up kickboxing next week and really looking forward to the challenge. Hopefully I won’t make a fool of myself.

  6. Glad you clarified the time zone thing…I mean: 6 grapes and a cheese cube for dinner? I was about to rush over and take your temperature (sorry, it must be the mother in me).

  7. Couldn’t agree more about February in the Northern Hemisphere – it sucks, so thank God it’s the shortest month of the year!!

    You sound like you’re making great progress regardless – I’ve been the same this year, have had no resolutions has such, but things to work towards and plans to keep me from getting too overwhelmed/snowed under.

    Hope the Mothership’s wedding was wonderful!


  8. Forthright – That is a feat of endurance, well done 😉

    Riayn – making a fool of yourself is half the fun! ooh hope you enjoy it 🙂

    Rebecca – I have been meaning to write about that! I had to abandon that because we do heaps of push ups in my kickboxing classes too and i couldn’t muster the muscle to do the challenge as well! the challenge was frying my upper body which meant i was pissweak in kickboxing class which wasn’t good at all! i do most of the pushups at KB on my toes, except for the tricep ones and clap-your-hands ones!

  9. After reading about your internet curfew new years resolution in January I decided to give it a go too. (Although, I added a condition that it would be only on the nights I spent at home. )

    It’s been working really well so far. I’ve been reading lots more and feel more rested of a morning. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. If you can keep to your resolutions 75% of the time, I think you’re doing really, really well – you’re an inspiration!

  11. Just finished your book…… motivating! I first read “Half-Assed” and it started me on my weightloss journey. I started WW on 12/31/08 and am still going strong after 2 months, which is a record for me. Thanks so much for your book, it got me through the past several weeks! Go DietGirl!

  12. I decided not to do resolutions this year but rather to have a theme. And I am doing rather good on my theme year. I have read more, and crafted more. This meets my theme.


  13. Shauna, you’ve rescued me yet again! My husband was trying to help me out of an ‘I’m so miserable, can’t stop eating’ slump this PM and ending up by saying ‘What does Dietgirl say about stuff like this’ (he knows when he’s out of his depth)! WWDGD?!

  14. Looks like you’re doing great! I say still making progress on resolutions, even with some hiccups means you’re succeeding! 🙂

  15. I’m with you on the internet curfew.. 75% is of the time. I used to snarl at my partner when I was dragged kicking and screaming off the computer.. but now.. well, less snarling, and more shutting down. Stopping the little agreements of writing stuff down – then you end up trying to keep it all in your head, and you don’t get that cathartic “emptying ones head” experience.

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