Six in Scotland

Six years ago today I left Australia for sunny Scotland!

Leading up to our depature I grumbled, "If one more person tells me how they gained so much weight while living overseas, I will punch them in the face. If I'm to believe what I'm told, it rains pure beer in Edinburgh and the streets are paved with lard."

Well I can now say with certainty that you can lose and gain weight on any side of the world you fancy; lard is not discriminating! I've stacked it on Scotland and taken it back off. I've lost weight in Oz then gained 6 kilos on my three week visit in 2005. You can do it anywhere if you put your mind to it!

For all the horror stories and sterotypes about the Scottish diet and lifestyle, in many ways I'm a healthier person than when I left Oz six years ago. I've not had a car for six years so walking everywhere has boosted my fitness. The weather has made me more adventurous too. I'd never have tried hill walking or canoeing back home since I fry to a crisp at the first hint of sunshine. I used to slather myself with SPF50 just to peg my washing on the line! So I'd never have attempted anything like the Moonwalk marathon walk – I bitched up a storm during the five hour 20-mile training walk on a Scottish spring day so can you imagine the bag of WHINE I would have been in Australia? I'm a wimp with a wan complexion so the Scottish climate suits me well.

The downsides are mostly dietary. I didn't drink tea before I met Gareth. There's nothing wrong with tea in itself – just all the goodies that go with it! Six years ago biscuits (cookies) were barely on my radar but now I know the pleasures of a good custard cream or Digestive and I am in recovery for my HobNob addiction.

I also was not a cheese person back in Oz, then Gareth got me hooked on delicious bitey mature cheddar. I also would have run screaming from a hot bag of shrivelled chips after a boozy night out or the carb-on-carb wickedness of a chip butty but that is normal to me now.

Hmmm. Hopefully the good and bad points balance each other alright πŸ™‚

Right now I'm at the airport about to fly to the grand kingdom of Australia to visit the family after 3.5 long years away, woohoo! I am determined not to stack on the lard like the last visit. Oh dear. My mantra is: Violent Crumble bars are not a breakfast food! By the way, there's no cut and paste on this weird terminal so I can't link to anything in the entry so sorry it's all linkless and a wee bit random!

Better scoot. Hope to update while in Oz. Take care, dear comrades! Hope you are well!

43 thoughts on “Six in Scotland

  1. Have a fantastic time! Ahh, hobnobs… as the slogan goes, ‘one nibble and you’re nobbled’ – unfortunately that has always held true in my case…

  2. I hope you have a lovely time in Oz. You deserve it.

    I know that my own travel has been a mixed bag when it comes to my weight. Sometimes I gained weight while I was gone and other times I lost weight. The latest trip to Denmark in May I lost 10 pounds while I was gone, but I really don’t take any credit for it as we were walking everywhere and not in the car as much. I’m sure that helped.

    Enjoy your break.

  3. Have a blast while your away Shauna, look forward to hearing about Oz when you start blogging Scots stylie again!

  4. Yes indeed, lovely Shauna, have a wonderful time. Your bird post is just fantastic. You write SO WELL. (I like to be original in my comments.) Is it ok if I put it up on the interactive whiteboard to discuss your writing techniques with a class? I do like discussing funny writing from time to time. I’ll tell them to buy the book!

  5. I love your commentaries on Scotland vs. Oz – you make me want to visit both countries!

    Hope you have a wonderful visit back home – can’t wait for an update!

  6. Enjoy your trip back home – days are lovely here in Adelaide – so I hope where ever you are going the weather is kind.

    Have fun and I look forward to your next post

  7. Wait. Violet Crumbles are not a breakfast food? Oh.

    You do realise that Easter is a VERY bad time to be trying to avoid too many VCs, Cherry Ripes and so on? I went shopping for discount plant pots yesterday and ended up in a freaking easter egg factory outlet!! Completely surrounded by Cadbury, Red Tulip, Ernest Hillier, Lindt and so on.

    Came home with ZERO pots and lots of Easter eggs. *sigh*

  8. Enjoy your time down under! I’m just back from holidaying in happy old Glasgow and Hamilton, so I’m waiting until tomorrow to see what the damage of fudge, tablet, and morning rolls is!

    It was weird: I was walking in Glasgow on Wednesday afternoon, and I swore I saw you walking along the street. I didn’t stop the person to ask, however!

    Ah well.

  9. Welcome back home Shauna. Or should I say, ‘gidday’.

    I’m in the middle of re-reading your book after one of your other readers posted that she had enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time around. I must say, I am also enjoying it again. It truly is a great read. And very inspirational.

    I am up to the point where you become lighter than me. I remember when that REALLY happened. It’s still not easy to understand why I am still in the obese range, but I seem to have a better frame of mind this time. I now believe that it’s not all about the food. I now have more of an understanding of why I reach for food when life gets tough and I am able to deal with it in a non foody way.

    Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy your time with your family. xxx

  10. Thanks for the reminder that calories are not Northern or Southern Hempishere exempt!!

    Enjoy your trip and take care.

    M *hugs*

  11. Did you know that HobNobs were originally supposed to be a healthy biscuit? But for the Scottish market they had to add extra sugar and slather them in chocolate or they wouldn’t have sold! True story.

  12. Violent Crumbles sound positively dangerous. Cherry Ripes, on the other hand, surely count as a fruit portion.
    Hope you have a fabulous trip!

  13. Hi Shauna! I just finished reading your book and it is one of the best books I have ever read. It is like reading my own life story in a way. Thanks so much for sharing your life and stories and have a great trip back to Australia, I have yet to travel down under but it is own my list of things to do. Thanks again, SuperRawGirl.

  14. When I read this post, all I could think was “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” Hope you have a fantastic trip πŸ™‚

  15. Having recently read your book and having read your story of traveling to Scotland, it’s amazing to realize that you’ve been there for six years!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip home! (I only live a state away, and I gain five pounds every time I go for a visit… it’s inevitable!)

  16. Today I had homemade cheese biscuits with my tea. Tasty! Love walking everywhere, it feels so good and happy.

    Have a wonderful trip to Australia and a safe flight.

  17. Welcome home Shauny. I hope the weather gods are good and it seems like its going to be milder with a bit of rain… just like your other home eh!

    If you are ever in Sydney town let me know… would love you to meet Fergus.

  18. Have a wonderful trip & visit with your family! Wish I could go with — I always LOSE weight when I go on vacation. (After airfare & hotel, who can afford to eat?)

  19. Enjoy your time back ‘home’ – it always seems odd to me how desirable junk food becomes when travelling or going home – I used to eat snickers in every country I visited to see if they tasted the same and yet it wasn’t everyday food at home!

  20. Have a great trip Shauna. I always make way too many food based plans for holidays but usually save myself by walking almost non stop as well (though not while eating, or at least not often). Eat a Violet Crumble for me!

  21. Have a wonderful time back home! And give the Mothership a lot of ribbing from us all, the shameless hussy!

  22. Ah…VIOLET crumbles not VIOLENT crumbles…shame I had a wee Harry Hill moment of wondering who would win the fight!!! Safe journey DG xx

  23. Have an absolutely amazingly fabulous time! Hope the flight was OK – couldn’t remember whether you opted for the upgrade!

    Happy travelling. xxxxxxxx

  24. Hi Shauna – I just thought of you because I discovered there is a town in Washington state called Humptulips. For some reason the first thing that came to mind at that revelation was when you said you were so happy to be in Scotland when you first moved there that you could “hump the heather-clad hills in ecstasy.” Or something like that. Clearly someone had a similar notion when founding Humptulips.

    Still enjoying your blog. Hope your trip home is wonderful!

  25. You must be there by now Shauna and I hope you’re having an excellent time! You could always stuff some Ozzie food in your suitcase so you don’t feel to have to make the most of it while you’re there!

  26. Have an awesome visit back here in Aus! Sorry we couldn’t put on better weather for you, but I’m sure you’ll have a great time with family and friends in spite of it!


  27. have a great time in OZ, if you fancy a trip to Christchurch, there’ll be a bed for you here!!!

    Cheers and happy travels

  28. Hobnobs…yum.

    After 6 mo in London, I became addicted to Hobnobs, I brought a suitcase full of them home.

    I used to eat them while drinking SlimFast. It didn’t work. πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your visit home!

  29. You totally rawk! Thank you for sharing your story and journey; Today I managed to cry and laugh during my read. Enjoy yourself surrounded with fam and friends!

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