Communication Breakdown

The internet is BROKE! Our ISP insists it's not their problem but we can't figure out what's wrong; we even bought a new modem router thingo in case that was it but nooo. We're moving house in just over a week so there's little point in Getting A Man In since we have to switch over all the utilities anyway. Which took ages last time we moved, so we're looking at a month or so without the world at our fingertips. Nooooo!

Dr G works from home, so this is almost as inconvenient for him as it is for me not being able to catch up on missed episodes of The Don Draper Hour on BBC iPlayer. So the poor Doctor is having to commute to his folks place to use their connection. The evil part of me says, "Ha ha, SUCKA, welcome to the REAL WORLD" coz I've had five years of him still curled up in his scratcher as I rush out the door to office-based slavery. I'm sure he'll survive – his Mum bought him a fresh donut from the bakery yesterday. Next thing he'll be dictating memos to her.

Anyway, apologies in advance for shoddy communication. Hope to sneak online here and there and keep the drivel coming. There's a new episode of Friday Link Feast below. Bon weekend, comrades!

9 thoughts on “Communication Breakdown

  1. Just wanted to wish you a very special Anzac day celebration there across the pond. I vividly remember my pilgrimage across to Gallipoli for Anzac day 2002… Although it sometimes feels like a lifetime ago – I will never forget.

  2. Good luck with your move Shauna! I hope you don’t have to do it again for awhile. Will miss you, so tweet often!

  3. oh wow! that is really awful about the internet, i know exactly how you feel. when my computer crashed, i rushed out that same night and opened a new store credit credit card so i could buy a new laptop computer. best of luck!!! yeah, welcome to the real world dr. g!!

    p.s. i was at the store earlier and i couldn’t find that green and blacks you’ve been raving about…so i settled for ben and jerry’s cherry garcia ice cream…actually the frozen yogurt to try to be good!!

  4. I’ve had probs too but entirely my fault. Downgraded because kids have left but forgot I am now an internet fiend and Mark uses it from home so he can work 24 hours a day. Back up and running but nearly caused a divorce. Lucky I am sick and get some sympathy!

  5. Good luck with the move and hope to read you soon. I’ve been attempting weight loss for years but due to my PCOS have struggled. I stumbled upon your book last weekend and have been inspired since. Finally a lard buster with a sense of humor. Now that I can relate to! Thanks so much for sharing your journey.

  6. Oh nooooooo indeed. GOOD LUCK with the move. Again. After Oz, you must feel a bit like a nomad so wishing you a speedy settling in period.

    I hope you manage to catch up, somehow, with the utterly divine Mr D of Madison Avenue. OMG, how fabulous is that show?!

    Thinking of you and sending you helpful transit vibes across the net!

    Big kiss.


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