I'm here in Oz enjoying long lost friends and watching long lost freckles reappear on my nose. I'll be back in a wee while; feel free to talk amongst yerselves 🙂

23 thoughts on “Freckles

  1. Ah, the sun…..the blessed sun. :o)

    At least when you go home, you’ll be heading back into summer.

  2. And I thought from the title of your post, you were talking about chocolate!

  3. It must be hard to only visit your homeland. Here in Texas it is grey and cold, but I have to admit, I love that type of weather.

  4. Hope you’re having fun getting those freckles! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures upon your return.

  5. I thought you were talking about the chocolate freckles too! I have a large Darrell Lea freckle egg to give to my mum for Easter. It looks like it will be very messy to eat, not like the dainty originals! Have fun on your visit…

  6. I`ve just read your book,translated to norwegian. Amazing what you have achieved. My experience is that it`s one thing to reach the goal, far another to stay there and not get into the bad habits again. I will follow your blog to get inspiration. Enjoy the sun. Here, near the northpole it`s still cold,but the spring is near and it`s easter, with a lot of challenges in foodway.

  7. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it. The posts are interesting and I can definitely relate. 🙂 I purchased your Dietgirl book from Amazon and look forward to reading it! (I’ve added your link to my blog’s sidebar.)

  8. Hi Shauna, hope you are having a lovely time! Had my article published in Fabulous on Sunday and was rather proud of myself – great photoshoot picture!! There is a lin kon my blog if you fancy a look when you get time. I’ve also got the book out of the library about publishing and think I’m seriously going to look into it :o)

    Thanks for all of your inspiration and support!

  9. And are your freckles singing the siren’s song? Haigh’s, Haigh’s, Easter, Haigh’s!

    Happy hols!

  10. Hope you guys are having a great trip. Gotta love the freckles – a ginger haired person without a few freckles just isn’t quite right! (speaking from personal experience here). It’s the only way that I can “appear” to have a bit of a tan!

  11. Please bring the sun my way…I am missing the sun-does anyone have a funny joke or video to share with me?

  12. I know you need your fun time and rest, but I already want you to come back and blog… Dieting is dreary without you!

  13. Hello folks, I’m back so will update soon 🙂

    Donna – I never had hayfever in Australia, but I do get it here in Scotland!

    Bryher – Well done you 🙂

    Lou – Hiya there. I hear ya, it’s hard… hope you’re hanging in there!

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