Friday Link Feast #4 – Active Recovery Edition

Mornings are brilliant, if you can get past that having to wake up and get out of your scratcher thing. Mornings mean you get a fresh start every twenty-four hours.

This is painfully bloody obvious now that I think about it, but nevertheless an opportunity I'd been ignoring. Recently I gawked up the ceiling the morning after a particularly rubbish day and thought, I could do something differently today. Doesn't have to be important or perfect or loud or dazzling, but it could be different. It could be better than yesterday. Why the hell why not?

Anyway. Here are some links to things that have lit up my world lately.

  • Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal
    The title is self-explanatory. It's a journal that you systematically dismantle. Every page has a simple instruction – punch holes in this page, set fire to this page, rub dirt on this page, sew this page, scribble on this page, chop out this page and mail it to a friend, etc etc etc. I bought it back in 2007 but was too scared to mark it; I couldn't decide which pen to use, for goodness' sake! But now the time for mindless destruction. It's great.
  • Jazz Apples.
    Not to be confused with jazz mags. I bought a bagful just for the amusing name but they are sweet and crunchy. Normally I fall asleep halfway through eating an apple because they are so bloody boring, but not so the Jazz Apple.
  • The Black Dog Books
    Kylie May, are you out there? I've been trying to hunt you down to say a huge thanks for sending two wonderful books – I Had A Black Dog and Living With A Black Dog.

    They are both picture books, the first about depression and the latter designed for someone who knows a depressed person. If you struggle with depression and can't put the fuzzy bleakness into words, these are the books to shove into a loved ones arms. They take all of ten minutes to read but are funny, insightful, helpful and full of hope.

  • 8 Steps To Conquer The Beast Within
    This Martha Beck article about tackling your demons was in an Oprah magazine I'd bought for purely the cupcake recipes. But months later I felt compelled to read the non-cupcake pages, as I feel the same guilt for an unread magazine that I do for a shriveled carrot in the bottom of the fridge – the object has not fulfilled its destiny because of my laziness and neglect. Turns out every article resonated, and this Beck one mega useful, particularly the Lifeline Graph exercise.
  • My Tiny Plot
    It's been eight whole days and my brand new herb garden is not yet dead! I'm devouring all things gardening and Gillian's blog about her Bath garden is the dogs' bollocks. That's Bath as in the City Of, by the way; not a garden full of bath tubs. Although that could look very cool.

Note: I didn't end up finishing this until Monday, but let's not spoil the alliteration!

17 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #4 – Active Recovery Edition

  1. Hello, I found you via Maggie Wang’s site. I’ve been looking for more fitness blogs you read, and here you are sending out links. That’s cool!

    I also did recognize you from one of the green tea ads! I always wondered how these internet spammer ads kept finding people with before/after pictures when their product sounded like snake oil, and lo and behold, it never ocurred to me that they were just stealing them from people who actually put work into their diets. Fascinating!

  2. Thanks for all the great links Shauna! I love Jazz apples and I think another you might like is HoneyCrisp if you can find it. I know you can order them in the fall from Diamond Organics online. I’ll have to check out Martha Beck as well. Sounds interesting. Have a good week!

  3. In the midwest of the US – we have clay (earth/dirt). And we have what is called the swimming pool effect. (your ‘bath’ made me think of this).

    My mom has used this totally to her advantage. She had two very strong guys come in and dig out her whole small garden – about 12-18 deep. It was then refilled with good/clean dirt. So the clay holds the water naturally with the rain. if the hole had been dug too deep – or she did not have enough plants in there to drink it steadily – it would be a soupy/stinky mess. But for her – the balance is just right and she never has to water.

  4. You sound like me – I manage not to kill some herbs and suddenly I’m Alan Titchmarsh! Or maybe Charlie Dimmock although if I’m Charlie Dimmock I am definitely Charlie Dimmock in a bra because….well, just because. And my garlic is growing like a…a…big green growing thing! I can’t believe you can poke garlic cloves into the ground and garlic grows. It’s a miracle! R

  5. I adore Martha Beck! She is my absolute favourite self-development author. I didn’t realise she had a regular thing on that website, thanks for the heads-up.

  6. You know what they say – gardening is good for the soul. And homegrown herbs are very rewarding indeed – nice one! πŸ™‚

  7. High five for growin your own!! woot!! I hope your little garden flourishes and makes many tasty things for you to eat!! Jazz apples are my fave, i only bought the first bunch because my cat’s name is Jazz but they turned out to be my fave! go jazz apples!
    Too much excitement around here!! woo woo!! (caffeine)

  8. what is a scratcher? it sounds like slang for bed from the context but it seems an unlikely word for bed.

  9. Good morning πŸ™‚

    We put in a garden too. Won’t it be nice to have fresh herbs right in the backyard?

  10. I love mornings, too. A little too much. I get up at 5am every morning and those first couple hours of the day are my favorite. The only downside is that I experience the best part of my day at the very start, so I have to really try to keep a chin up as the day progresses. πŸ˜‰

    I love apples. And I love herbs. In a few weeks I’ll finally have a garden to play with when I move house. Consequentially, I’ll be living near Bath so I’m definitely going to bookmark My Tiny Plot for inspiration. Thanks!

  11. Hi

    I bought ‘I had a Black Dog’ for my partner. I don’t think he really looked at it. Just like all the other books I bought him.

    It’s quite hard waiting for someone to help themselves. I tend to jump in and try to help. This has been the wrong thing to do on many occasions.

    Jazz apples are nice but i stl prefer my old kiwi favourites – Braeburns. Galas are good too but I think I ate too many when they were cheap in NZ and now they taste a bit too sweet for me. I like the slight tartness of the Braeburn – and the definite crunchiness. Hmm. Got to buy some apples!

  12. I think you have a good idea for a modern art installation. Do it! Then you can charge people to tour your backyard and stare at your bath tubs and giant pile of manure. Plus they’ll call you a genius.

  13. Jazz apples are 2 bags for Β£2 in tesco!! I got 2 more bags today….can you eat too many apples???
    I bought Wreck this journal, not despatched yet but I an in need of something creative so am looking forward to it. ( I also bought one of the recommended books but cant remember the title now) Thinking about my own journal.
    What do you do when your fat girl pants die on you? I have 3 pairs I cant zip up that would replace the fgp’s but I am scared the fgp’s will die before I can squeeze my arse into the new ones! help! My legs are fat and my calves are probably the same as someones waist measurment πŸ™ Should I eat nothing but veg and Jazz apples?

  14. Thanks for the link to Martha Beck’s article – very interesting, must see what it can do for me.
    And call me stupid, but I never figured that there would be an Oprah website… again, thanks!

  15. Hmm love the idea of the Wrek Journal – did you notice Amazon have a link to “Tell the Publisher I’d like to read this book on Kindle” LOL

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