Green Tea Blues

Still stuck in the phoneless internetless dark ages since British Telecom cocked up our order again. But I had to sneak on elsewhere to thank everyone who emailed regarding the evil "Sandra" and her "weight loss blog" wherein she claims to have zapped 47 pounds by swilling green tea and snorting acai berries, while bearing an uncanny resemblance to yours truly.

Aye those photo stealers are at it again. Is it wrong to be less huffy about the identity theft than the fact they caption my before and after pics with a piddling 47 pound loss? Boo!

I've been trying to get the photos removed since Gordon first informed me last month and despite the kind advice of Twitter pals I've not been successful thus far. Next tactic is a Google Millennium Copyright Thingo. If anyone out there happens to stumble over the offending site, if you could let me know what search term you used that would be really helpful.

Meanwhile, I miss Internetland! What's been happening with you all? How's tricks?

It's rather quiet at Cow Poo Manor without you – just me and Dr G arguing over who should pick up a dog turd off our front lawn. Yes we now have steamy dog poo out front to complement the giant mountain of cow out back. It might even be fox poo, WHO KNOWS – it is a veritable barnyard. It was ME who ended up disposing of it,  for the record, because Dr G is a wuss and also promised to make me a cuppa if I did it.

Which leads us neatly back to the start of this entry – If It's Green Tea, It Ain't Me. The only tea I endorse is Yorkshire Gold, strong and milky!

UPDATE: I got a response from the purveyors of the product who say "Sandra" is an affiliate seller. They ordered her/him/it to take down the photos. And lo, a miraculous transformation! Sandra Williams remains a mother of two with a 47lb weight loss, but she's now a brunette.

34 thoughts on “Green Tea Blues

  1. So good to hear from you again! Too bad about the net though…I’m not sure how long I could go without the interwebs…Anyhow I wanted to thank you for the addition of ‘crabbit’ to my vocab. Although now my guy keeps calling me ‘crabbit’ anytime I get onto him about something. He knows it will make me laugh and therefore he will be off the hook!

  2. Do a quick Whois search on the website… you can contact their host directly, which is sometimes enough to get the site taken down. I’ve also found most of the sites that are stealing content are doing it for the ad revenue. If they’re with Google AdSense, you can go through that avenue to disrupt their earnings. I’ve had luck using those two methods together to get websites shut down that are using my content/impersonating me.

  3. Send the poo to the doodies using your picture!!! Actually, Forget about them using your picture…how dare they say you lost a measly (did I spell that right) 47 pounds…how DARE THEY deny you your due!!!! Bastards!!! LOL – Can’t wait til you get your internet…

  4. Green tea weight loss on google brings up the lovely story of Sandra a Dublin mom of two who bares a stricking resemblence to a particular Australian weight loss blogger.

  5. Silly to say it, as I know we are all so anonymous here, but I’ve missed you! Family went on a week’s vacation, and our computer did, too. It went into the shop and $200 later, came out now multiple virus-free. Ah, dietgirl, gained 4 lbs. whilst out of town, just ate everthing like the old lumpy me.
    Well, at any rate, you have a beautiful backyard, replete with ‘deer-deer’ as my 2 year old calls them. Wow–lovely!
    Glad to read your 2 posts, old cyber-pal.

  6. I don’t like green tea or herbal tea… I like my tea ‘dead milky’ with one sugar πŸ™‚

  7. I like green tea, but if anyone is thinking of using it as an aid to weightloss… I would advise you to think again.

    Who knows? It may help in the same way that drinking lots of water helps, but I don’t think it can possibly do anything more. It does have antioxidants in it, if you feel you could use more of those.

    At least with Yorkshire Tea you get free tea towels if you collect the tokens, or so I’ve been told.

  8. Jennifer, perhaps you could enlighten us further how to disrupt the revenue of these blog/ads. I wonder if they always appear to be country specific? ‘My’ Sandra is from Christchurch, NZ (just like me!) and, Shauna, she is so very like you. You must be related.

    I wrote a quick email to the press to see if they would like to do some investigation and give this scam some negative publicity. Scams like this just piss me off, a lot, probably more than they should.. I can’t let it go, I want to see the scammers caught and publicly humiliated. It brings out my worst side.

    Note: I removed the link to the website. Don’t want to give it any more traffic or google rank! The site has a script so the text changes depending on your IP address, so it always appears that Sandra lives just down the road from you! Thanks for all your support Sara πŸ™‚
    — Shauna

  9. Hey DG, what a pack of frauds pinchin ur stuff like that! FYI I typed in “weight loss” and her “blog” came up as the number 2 sponsored link.

    I gotta say that I just LOVE how it notes at the bottom of the comments area “Comments closed due to spam”. Hmmmm, wonder if that was coz of all ur fans tried to do what I tried to do and write what a bunch of lying cheats they are!!! LOL

  10. Oooh how interesting. And bizarre. And WRONG… People like this should be stopped. I will keep an eye out. And, just as a by the by, the Sandra site mentioned about is now “under construction” πŸ™‚

    Go you poo picker upperer…. LOL

  11. I hate being disconnected from the net for any length of time. When will these Telecom people get their act together? We all pay enough for the service, you would think they could hook people up who want to pay. Hope you get wired up soon.

    I can’t believe your photos got hijacked again. These false advertisers are scum. Only 47 pounds? Pfffft.

    I don’t think a cuppa would get me to pick up poo. Green tea is too weak and tastes like dirt so I mix it with my black tea to get some of the benefits of the green. I can barely taste the dirt.

    Hope your settling in at Cow Poo Manor.

  12. hmmm, with no cyber world at your finger tips – its time to up the stakes from a cuppa tea and challenge Dr G to the POO BOOT CAMP CHALLENGE… I don’t know the rules, or how the game is played, but that is up to your creative side to sus that out..

    Meanwhile, Ive just been called to wipe my 3 year olds butt ….we can’t escape the call of poo in this household either!?!?

  13. LOL ‘my’ Sandra (via green tea weight loss as above) is an Aussie mother of two from Brisbane, where I live! She sure does get around.

    Shauna, the website is a ‘sponsored link’ on Google, it comes up highlighted at the top. You could get that to stop fairly quickly by contacting Google I should think.

  14. That’s about the rudest thing ever, stealing pictures and content. I just looked at one of these sites (it wasn’t your picture), but they spammed my blog. I can always tell, because it’s always a generic commet that’s not relevant to the post, usually linking to someone who claims to have lost 30 pounds in 30 days eating acai berries and no exercise, or something equally unbelievable. I lost 30 pounds in 9 months, and I worked damn hard for it. Why would I let their spam through?

  15. Hi folks, I’ve got in touch with the company that sells the offending goods, apparently Sandra is an affiliate seller and they have contacted “her” to get the pics taken down. They were most apologetic but i do recall one of you guys telling me before there was a pic on the company’s site at one point. Hopefully that’ll be the end of it! Thanks for your help again πŸ™‚

  16. My goodness, the price of fame! At least it was related to WL, and not something nefarious. Imagine being the unwilling poster girl for Tucks…

    Acai berries. That’s the stuff on your front lawn, right?

  17. Phew, just finished going through your archives from the start, thanks for the entertainment and inspiration for the past few months I spent reading them.
    Ive come to the conclusion I need a plan, to make specific plans and start recording which is where I was going wrong before. Your way of taking it bit by bit and accepting that recovery from wagon fall offs rather than the falling off itself is the key to this journey, to life itself I suppose.
    Ill try not to sound like a guest on Oprah if I make any more comments, thanks again and keep it up, I cant wait to get your book.

  18. I noticed that “Sandra” has taken your photos down and replaced them with before/after shots of someone else and put giant “property of Sandra …” watermarks on them.

  19. I hate when that happens – both when the phone company sucks and stupid people use our images/names for acai berry/tea swilling weight loss. ugh. I’m tied to some stupid site called Helen’s Diet or some such thing and I had to put up a warning on my other site telling people I don’t endorse their product. Another time, someone cut off my head and used my body for a “flat abs” ad. *eyeroll* Off with THEIR heads, I say!!

    I hope you’re back to Internetland soon, that the dog doo magically disappears and you get your image removed from that nasty site.

  20. Glad to see you’re back online-been missing ya!
    So thrilled that the green tea losers have agreed to cease and desist with your photos-they suck.
    When there’s a nasty deed to be done at my house (e.g., pick up dog poop)we play Rock-Paper-Scissors.

  21. The balls of whoever used your picture! Throw some fox poo at ’em. Oh well, look at the bright side…no such thing as bad press, right? Although I use the term “press” loosely… πŸ™‚

  22. you should sue them!
    and what do you think of white picket fences around the yard? would look cute and send the offending poo-makers away! lol

  23. I had a look at the site this morning, before I came here, and also saw the new look “Sandra”. I think if ever we needed rock solid proof that all these gimmicks are nothing but that – and real weight loss does not happen by taking a ‘miracle cure’ – then that should do it. That site is nothing but a money making tool with no facts or proof to back it up. All the words are as fake as the pictures of her were (and probably still are).

    Good on you for tracking this down. I also sent a mesage to the local on-line paper for good measure as it was a sponsored site on their page too.

    Weight loss is hard enough without having some fake miracle shoved down our throats every 5 minutes.

    But, other than that, hope you have a smashing weekend πŸ™‚

  24. Shauna I love that you named your new pad Cow Poo Manor! That is so funny. I have been trying to think of a name for my house for about a year! I need something catchy… I have to work on it…

  25. Gah! how infuriating that must be to see your long, hard-earned loss being stolen and belittled to nothing more than a few cups of tea and a measly 47lbs!

    Good luck putting them back in their place. At least we know the truth behind your triumphant before & after pics.

  26. Just so you know – I am not the evil Sandra.

    Good for you. Glad you had a victory of sorts. I saw it some time ago as an ad on Facebook and I thought I emailed you about it but I may have just thought I did. I do that quite a bit…

  27. Hi Diet Girl,

    I just found this blog and I think it’s awesome. I very much agree that the only thing that works is living a healthy lifestyle. I started living mine last Feburary and it’s had amazing benefits. It’s started with me jumping on the Zone, I quickly saw pounds shed and performance increase, so I adopted it as a lifestyle and now I adhere to a paleolithic diet. Congrats on all your success and this great blog!

  28. You know the girl from the Acai Berry pills is also a photo theif victim. The person they show is actually a German Model. I have no idea how the heck these people get away w/it. They should have to pay all the money they’ve gotten off of useing your imagine. Those Jerks!

  29. What!? They used your images for an ad!?? Dodgy as all hell. Glad you’re able to get it stopped. Going down the legal path is never fun and working as a photo co-ordinator, I only now too well. Bah. Jumping on the back of another’s success is just sad.

  30. I ‘ve got two guys to send over to help you with the poo problem. Let me know when your ready although you will have to drive to Heathrow to fetch them!

    Just finished the book – LOVED IT! You are the best Shannon!

  31. hi, i think iv just been on that website and i think i found it by googling fastest way to lose weight

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