Get Out Of Your Own Way

Recently our kickboxing coach went crazy with Microsoft Word and a laminator and made some Motivational Posters. I used to see bare studio walls as I huffed through the jack jumps and high knee jogging, but now there's a bounty of cheesy inspiration:

  • Pain Is Just Failure Leaving The Body
  • Over Prepare So You Don't Under Perform
  • It's Always Too Soon To Quit
  • Pressure Is A Challenge To Meet Rather Than A Threat of Defeat
  • In Case Of Fire Our Evacuation Meeting Point Is Adjacent To The Bus Station.

This is the one that's plonked in my direct line of vision:


I get in my own way all the bloody time. I should have feet full of holes from all the times I've shot myself there. Some days it doesn't matter how much confidence someone has in my abilities, it's nigh impossible to believe it for myself. If you gave me one reason why I could do something I'd give you nine why I'd be rubbish.

Our coach deserves a knighthood for services to self esteem. The lassies on our team are a rich variety of ages, shapes, abilities and backgrounds. Whether you're a prize fighter or a galumphing amateur, he has utter faith in our ability to achieve. He quietly pushes us out of our comfort zones and sees no reason why we can't kick arse, literally and figuratively. I love observing the determined flush a well-time compliment can bring. You can see the posture straighten and the punches sharpen.

Personally there's been occasions when I've said "I can't do that move" and Mr Coach will say "Yeah you can!" so I do it, albeit clumsily. Then I see that the only real obstacle is my own mind – the insecurities and doubts and self-imposed limitations.

I talked about this stuff with a fellow foot-shooter and we reckoned that an important step towards getting out of your own way is to figure out why the hell you keep doing it in the first place. But it's still exhilarating to recognise when it happens, push the fears aside and go forth regardless. Even if it results in getting punched in the nose!

22 thoughts on “Get Out Of Your Own Way

  1. First!!
    (Sorry I’m such a geek.)

    I love this. Self sabotage is a major issue for so many of us lard-busters, no matter where we are in the journey.

    I have this nutty thing in my head whenever I catch myself shooting myself in the foot… Bob the Builder saying “Can we fix it? YES WE CAN!”…. Ohhhhh the perils of raising a preschooler. But at least it makes me giggle and busts that negative train of thought. Whatever works…. though I’d love to have a mantra that doesn’t make me feel like such a lunatic.

  2. Great motivation tips! Here’s another one that I thought was cool that my spinning instructor brought up in class yesterday… He is a seriously cyclist and said he was feeling down because he was injured. He decided to change all of his log-in passwords he uses everyday – email, phone, computer, and bank log-ins – to “I am a good biker”! No joke! He says it has become a daily reminder and a positive affirmation that has turned his thoughts around.. He says its a little weird when you first change it, but it becomes a daily motivational affirmation! Sometimes we have to really put it in front of our faces to see our true potential!

  3. I would like this one in front of me:

    Seriously though, you’re right – self-imposed mental blocks can kill. I know I suffer from them now, and that’s why I haven’t been to kickboxing in over 2 years. I’m afraid my heart will explode. But if I jumped right in, I bet I’d be fine. Eventually.

    Incidentally, you should do what I’m planning to do – make a workout shirt that says “fierce” backwards so you can read it in the mirrors. πŸ™‚

  4. Fab post, Shauna. Spot on, as always.

    I’m breaking my own internet curfew by hours – bad, bad, bad! I have tried, tried, tried to crack the self-sabotage code but seemingly all efforts in vain. I am sure DG’s readers will come up with some gems, though.

    In the meantime, I am totally fascinated by the “pain is just failure leaving the body” as an inspirational message. It seems so…perverse. Is it appropriate for contact sports only?? Is this why I have NOT understood its true power??

    I am, however, loving the sound of Mr Coach. Perhaps you can get him to guest vlog on here?


  5. I need to go a little crazy on Microsoft Word and make some motivational posters. I’m my own biggest obstacle but need to protect my nose – I already broke it twice πŸ˜‰

  6. Hey Shauna!
    Reading your post was just like an epiphany to me, because i just noticed i so get in the way of myself it’s ridiculous.
    Self-sabotage is no good, and we should all be more confident in our abilities!
    Lovely motivational post, thanks for sharing


  7. Thanks again DG – it’s as though you’re following me around and then write exactly the post I need! ((hugs)) you kickboxing vixen you

  8. When I was struggling with my weight, I would beat myself up mentally for the bad choices I continually made. I was getting in my own way of success.

    When I finally quit thinking about all the reasons I couldn’t lose weight, and focused on all the good reasons to lose weight I had success and lost 150 lbs.

    I’ve never done kickboxing, but think I would enjoy it!

  9. I laughed when I read about your holey foot. Mine could be a matching set. I appreciated your post, especially “why the hell you keep doing it in the first place”. That has been the new road for me. Learning what makes me tick and why I make certain choices has helped my weight loss journey more than anything else. Only when ‘I’ introduced started getting to know ‘ME’ has change happened. ‘ME’ was feeling ignorned, had things she needed to deal with, while ‘myself’ and ‘I’ were doing what we wanted. Now we are united, shredding the past and moving forward.

  10. I love this post because I DO THIS. While I’m working out, I think, “I CAN’T do this!” but really it’s me saying “I don’t WANT to do this!” because I’m out of breath or sweaty or sore or whatever. I just keep saying “I CAN, I just don’t want to” and just that acknowledgment, that I CAN DO IT, keeps me going.

  11. I recently started going to the gym and the biggest obstacle isn’t the difficulty of the exercise, it’s the fear of looking stupid. Sometimes I skip doing the stomach exercises because it means I have to get down on the floor and look like a whale. Anyway, I totally know what you mean.

  12. You know, I think for ALL of us, our fire evacuation point is adjacent to the bus station. It’s so incredibly motivating to realise this!!! (*hehe*)

  13. I so needed this right now. Thank you for posting. I can not seem to hit the 50lb mark in my weight loss. This is actually why..I am in my own way! Thank you. So far I have read 2 books on movitvation weight loss and I love yours the BEST! I read Finally Thin and can not even finish it..not so good. πŸ™‚

  14. WOW! So true. I do find myself getting in my own way all the time. Not believing in myself and allowing myself to get away with cheating all the time. Thanks for sharing this… it’s an inspiration to us all. I love this website by the way.

  15. ‘In Case Of Fire Our Evacuation Meeting Point Is Adjacent To The Bus Station,’ haha i love it!

  16. Snap! This is so, so true … even though I wince at cheesy motivational posters at the best of times! I am my own saboteur. I’ve been wiping away good intentions with the laziest of excuses and it’s been a hard habit to break, particularly since having a baby. But this week I finally got off my arse and signed up to my local gym, a move I’ve been contemplating and delaying for months. I went for the first time yesterday and while I’m sore, I’m now eager to get back.

    Your kickboxing coach sounds tops!

  17. Great post. So true for so many areas of life.

    “Pain Is Just Failure Leaving The Body” This made me laugh my bum off. Want a t-shirt saying this now!

  18. That’s great! So many things in my life I could have succeeded at MUCH sooner if I just stopped telling myself why I couldn’t do it and just gave it a try.

    Thanks for the reminder! πŸ™‚

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