Recipe Corner: Instant Frozen Yogurt!

Instant raspberry frozen yogurt I was briefly trapped in the greenhouse on Saturday. I always forget that the sliding door has no handle on the inside, so if you close it all the way it's a real bitch to open again. I fruitlessly tried to drag it with my fingers, then with the spout of the watering can.

The greenhouse thermometer read 39Β°C. How did I last 25 Australian summers? I'm totally wilting, man. And home alone too, so there's no point yelling for help. What a stupid place to die! Surrounded by ants and weeds and tiny green tomatoes!

Finally I found freedom by using a tomato stake for leverage.

After all that heat and minor panic I thought, I could totally go an ice cream. We'd flop on the grass together and enjoy the fact that it was 20 degrees cooler than inside that glass box! But alas, there was no ice cream. There's never bloody ice cream. So I watched the Tour de France instead.

That evening I was still thinking about ice cream… when suddenly! I remembered we had ye olde frozen raspberries. This in turn reminded me of a recipe Rasp-recipes chopped out of delicious. magazine a few months ago for… Instant Frozen Yogurt.

There's three ingredients:

1. Natural yogurt (I used Total Greek Yogurt. See note below)

2. Frozen berries

3. Icing sugar (USA = powdered sugar)

Method: Just zap and eat!

It was easy and delicious – all the goodness of ice cream without churning or custards or ice cream machines. And dead healthy, because you only need a slight dod of sugar. One spoonful of frozen yogurt and you'll be thinking of how you'll do it next time. With honey or agave nectar instead of sugar. With alternative frozen goods… blackberries or strawberries or banana or mango or pineapple or peas or fish fingers?

Note: The original recipe simply says "natural yogurt" but I find Greek gives the best results. If you can't find Greek yogurt or if it's expensive in your area, here's how to make your own thick, greek-style yogurt from normal plain yogurt! It works a treat.

Here it is broken down microscopically with photos, Pioneer Woman stylee.

First, the ingredients lounging in the back yard. The light was shoddy inside. This photo doubles as a personal reminder: MOW THE GRASS.

Ingredients: frozen raspberries, greek yogurt   and icing sugar

Frozen raspberries, icing sugar and Total Greek yogurt. Yes that's full fat yogurt. Everybody stay calm! Normally I use 2% but the local supermarket has not stocked it lately. I can't find a single source of 2% in the West Fife area. But if YOU have spotted it… please dial 999 immediately!

Or alternatively post a comment. In the meantime I'll keep carting tubs of 2% back over the bridge whenever I go to Edinburgh.

Now here's the goodies in the food processor. It's 1:1 ratio of fruit and yogurt. The original recipe used 500g of each to serve 6. For two generous serves, I used 150g yogurt, 150g raspberries and a tablespoon of icing sugar.

Raspberries ready to rock

Zap zap. It did not look promising at first. The yogurt would not move and the raspberries looked like the gravelly bits at the bottom of a bag of dog food.


Zap zap again. The machine grunted in protest. It's never been the same since the DIY almond butter. I dumped out half so it had more room to move. You can see it starting to blend.

Halfway there

Zap zap. Just like the almond butter there's a lovely moment when it suddenly pulls together and you're done. Party party!

It was whipped and glossy, like soft gelato. You'll like the texture if you're one of those kids who used to churn your vanilla ice cream in the bowl to a soft-serve consistency.

The original recipe suggests you serve it with almond biscotti but I just I chucked on some fresh raspberries. It was a little tart but in a good way – it tasted of proper fruit. It was deliciously creamy too but would be just as good with the 2% yogurt – and easier to blend since it's less thick. It would probably be fine with 0% if you want to be saintly.

If you like a firmer texture, I found a similar raspberry gelato recipe from Jules of Stonesoup where she freezes the mixture for a few hours. She used cream but reckoned yogurt would be fine too.

This recipe was a revelation for this reformed ice cream addict. Healthy, easy and minimal sugar. A definite keeper.

Instant raspberry frozen yogurt

52 thoughts on “Recipe Corner: Instant Frozen Yogurt!

  1. Hi there.

    Love the instant frozen yogurt recipe.

    Sounds like you’ve got a sauna in your backyard.

    You could rent it out to the neighbors (-then again seeing your neighbors in their birthday suits through the greenhouse walls could be a bit traumatic…)


  2. My goodness that looks so good. I have looked everywhere for the Greek Yogurt, but we live in such a small town that is apparently not “sophisticated” enough for it. Sad me! I’m not giving up though.

  3. This is a fantastic idea – so simple. Much healthier than ice cream but you wouldn’t be thinking about that, you’d just be thinking about how tasty it is.

    All we need now is some sunshine!

    p.s my blitzer is also a bit busted after too much almond butter fun. I can’t decide if the problem is blunt blades or the engine itself.

  4. Awesome! πŸ™‚

    I think this has cemented my resolve to one day buy an ice cream maker. Not b/c it looks bad (just add milk and you have what I sometimes drink for breakfast), but because I want to make crazy ices and granitas and whatnot. The old triple bagged ziplock of milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla inside a bigger ziplock of ice and rock salt thrown around will only take you so far.

    (BTW, I really like the new look! Very comic bookish.)

  5. This ice cream looks so good I almost jumped and ran to my kitchen to make it right now, had I not been subjected to sitting with my foot up because I just (30 min ago cut it!) read my upcoming post to hear more on that, lol. Since I just today got Greek Yogurt and Always have frozen fruit this is going to be made ASAP! Tonight?!

  6. This ice cream looks so good I almost jumped and ran to my kitchen to make it right now, had I not been subjected to sitting with my foot up because I just (30 min ago cut it!) read my upcoming post to hear more on that, lol. Since I just today got Greek Yogurt and Always have frozen fruit this is going to be made ASAP! Tonight?!

  7. I’ve made Jules’s version with both yoghurt and light sour cream – both work brilliantly. And isn’t it delicious? Such a creamy texture, for so little work.

    And your greenhouse sounds a bit lethal. Think you might need some sort of emergency get out mechanism?

  8. I have been obsessed with thoughts of frozen yogurt and making my own frozen yogurt and buying an ice cream maker so I could make frozen yogurt, and finally decided that the blender idea worked just as good for single servings, which is definitely all I need. I have to admit that I thought greek yogurt might make it even better, and I haven’t even tried it yet!

  9. I _just_ nicked off with my mom’s 3-in-1 food processor. This looks like the PERFECT way to break it in! Thanks!

  10. Wow, you are totally like Macgiver with your tomato stake!

    I had defrosted frozen raspberries mixed with yoghurt last night! A much less sophisticated version of this.

  11. Awesome! As a struggling ice cream addict, this one is getting book marked!

    (You may have just saved my life!) πŸ˜‰

  12. Wow. I am so going to make this with cherries and honey and vanilla. My grocery store has the 0 fat Fage yogurt…maybe yours can order it specially?

  13. Looks delish – I will definitely have to try it and much easier than the Toblerone ice cream I made in my ice cream maker. And possibly less calorific too!

  14. I didn’t even know you could get 2% total, certainly not seen in my part of Fife. Sounds fab, will try and get some raspberries on the way home tonight and give it a go with 0%.

  15. Oh sweet mother, that looks amazing. I can’t have ice cream in the house. It’s my cryptonite. But I could do that yogurt/fruit thing. Oh yes, yes indeed I could.

    & thanks for popping in to check on me. πŸ™‚

  16. This is another spanky way to do a frozen yorgurty thingmy. Freeze a broken into chunks banana (peel it first – I didn’t understand that first time… not good). Fling it in Bender with Muller low fat flavoured yog of your choice (good with strawberry or toffee)and whizz to destruction. Eat.

    On the greenhouse front…it’s Fife for goodness sake – you can hold out for longer than the 10 minutes of sunshine that Heather the weather confidently predicts. Or smash a window.

  17. Oh my goodness. This sounds so amazing. I’m going to get me a big tub of greek yogurt and make some. Wish it wasn’t so expensive, but that’s the price you pay for all that delicious protein I guess…

  18. Thanks for the comments folks! Let us know if you try it…

    @Quix – it sucks that it can be so pricey but straining plain yogurt works well and much more affordable πŸ™‚

  19. Thanks for the comments folks! Let us know if you try it…

    @Quix – it sucks that it can be so pricey but straining plain yogurt works well and much more affordable πŸ™‚

  20. Beware – I had a serious blended frozen raspberry habit and it will bork your blender in the long run. Especially if you have a little weedy one like we do. Or rather, did. So now I defrost them part of the way first, add milk, and have smoothies instead.

  21. Oh my god, that is my idea of hell being stuck in a greenhouse! I would have had a total freakout and smashed a window! πŸ™‚

    Faux Frogurt looks amazing, I am totally gonna make some of that :0) Wonder if it would work with splender?

  22. ah finally you have assimilated (god knows how to spell that word!!) into our world…am loving the use of the word “dod”…you are one of us now..welcome!!

  23. This recipe looks fabulous! I can’t wait to try it. I love, love, love Greek yogurt – even plain with a teaspoon of honey drizzled on the top! Thanks for sharing

  24. Very yum.

    I’ve just misread the notice in your gym as “The First Step to Success is Getting Your Own Way”. Makes sense to me.

  25. Yum. When I was doing Slimming World eons ago, I used to have a 0% greek yoghurt and fresh berries breakfast. I found the berries were sweet enough on their own. I used to combine it so that it was swirls rather than fully pink like your example but that looks pretty good too. Scottish blackberries are my favourite berry to go with greek yoghurt and raspberries are a close second.

  26. Maybe it’s worth asking a smaller shop in your area if they can stock the 2% yoghurt? My parents own a shop in a small town, and they’ll always get something in if someone asks for it – if it sells, they’ll keep getting it. Can’t hurt to ask!!

  27. this would challenge my food processor but come summer the challenge will be one – I am not an ice-cream fan but I love berries and yoghurt so this looks perfect for hot weather – and I mean that in the australian sense of hot

  28. I do an alternative version of this which is even healthier. Just blend frozen berries (or other fruit, chopped up small) in a food processor with a little bit of icing sugar or raspberry jam and a couple of drizzles of buttermilk. Tastes fantastic, though you do have to eat it right away, which isn’t usually a problem for me. It doesn’t keep at all.

  29. I will be trying this recipe for sure. Yet another thing to do with Greek yogurt. It is magical stuff!! Kudos for the lovely pics too!

  30. OMG that looks like a simple and yummy recipe. Definitely going to try this out this weekend. I honestly didn’t think it was THAT easy to make frozen yogurt.

    PS This is my first time here and I <3 your blog! πŸ™‚

  31. Yummers. Made some for dessert tonight with 0% greek yogurt — all the store had was the Vanilla-flavored one, but it was terrific. Looking forward to trying the banana one a commenter mentioned. Thinking about throwing in some chocolate chips too!

  32. Because of this post of yours, I bought myself a hand blender five days ago (with my mouth already watering when thinking about the pictures here), and I am proud to report that raspberries + yoghurt = bliss. So thank you! I am having so much fun with it. I’m looking forward to puree EVERYthing. Well, almost… After all, all “spoonable” food is The Best Food There Is (TM). And it’s even better when it’s made myself! And has less calories! Yay!

  33. woah! This looks amazing!! will have to make! I recently moved back to Edinburgh myself and have the hardest time finding fro-yo!!

  34. FINALLY got round to making this tonight. It is incredibly easy and gets a big thumbs up from me and the Boy for being utterly delicious.

  35. This is FANTASTIC. I have made 2 lots in 2 days. Much better than any frozen yoghurt I have bought. It’s my new addiction.

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