Teach Yer Children Well

Teach! Your Children Well!The Annual BlogHer Conference kicks off in Chicago this weekend and I'm spewingly jealous that I won't get to see some truly brilliant bloggers host a panel called Blogs & Body Image: What are we teaching our kids?

In a society where more young girls fear becoming fat than they fear cancer, nuclear war, or losing their parents, some bloggers are taking a stand against teaching their children learned behaviors that affect their body image.

The panel stars MizFit, Roni, Kate Harding, Claire Mysko and Heather from MAMAvision and takes place during the Friday afternoon session. They are asking the question: How can your blogs be a conduit to transformation?

Join this session to discuss how your writing can impact kids, whether you should think twice before publishing that self-deprecating post, and how you have the power to influence positive change.

I love the sound of this and I love that the panelists represent a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints but have banded together for the positve body image/self esteem cause. If you're going along to BlogHer why not check it out? And get all their autographs for me?

Watrdbling Update: The ladies are just about to launch their new blog We are the REAL deal and already there's some fantastic posts up. They are also have a Pledge that you can sign:

"… Committing to an actual pledge, posted online for all to see, is meant to provoke an immediate change in thinking and a keen awareness of how often thoughts of negative body image thoughts impact your life.

We hope this will serve as a reminder to stay with the life changing principles described, and it will work as a motivational tool to help you you stick with us on this journey."

Pop along to find out more!

8 thoughts on “Teach Yer Children Well

  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout to our panel.
    Im honored that Ill be seated next to these amazing women and cant wait to get the *dialogue* started.

    Wish you could be there DG!

  2. Ohhh I’d kill to be there too.
    Some of those gals are like blog royalty to me!!

    When I write a post I try to imagine what my now-4year old daughter would think about what I have to say, if she stumbled on it in 10 years’ time… That doesn’t always stop the “Waaaaaahhhhh” posts coming out but it helps. (And I can always go back and tick ‘Private’ on the ones that are better kept to myself!)

    This topic fascinates me…. I hope there’s going to be a transcript or webcast after the fact! πŸ™‚

  3. Someday I hope to make it to BlogHer but unfortunately not this year so no autographs for either of us.

    This sounds like a great panel of amazing women. The skinny standard is even worse now than when we were growing up. I can’t imagine the pressure on young girls today.

  4. I am spewingly impressed by your use of “spew” as an intensifier, what a wonderful & creative use of language.

  5. ok
    Im back πŸ™‚
    and feel free to DELETE THIS COMMENT and add the link to your post should you want.

    here’s the pledge.
    Im in.
    Others are joining in.
    Would you read it and, should you agree, sign pass along and let em know I sent ya?

    it’s time to love our bodies and teach the children well πŸ™‚


  6. I realize this will probably be an unpopular opinion given the audience, but dosen’t it make sense for young girls (or anyone) to be more afraid of getting fat than “cancer, nuclear war, or losing their parents”? Two thirds of the United States is overweight. It’s a far more likely scenerio that my kid (not that I have one) will get fat then a nuclear war occuring. It’s kind of like when people claim that public speaking is their biggest fear. It’s not that people will choose death over public speaking, but public speaking is a scenerio that is likely to occur far more often then a life and death situation.

  7. I think you should start a “send Shauna to BlogHer 2010” campaign. We would so enjoy your posts from the event! You are a wonderful writer/human being and have given so much to your loyal readers. I’d love to give back.

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