Two Fit Chicks and Microphone is a healthy living podcast for the people!

It was born in mid-2009 when Shauna Reid of Dietgirl was mourning the demise of Jillian Michaels' radio show. After searching in vain for substitute she pondered filling the void herself but decided to drag Carla of MizFit along for the ride.

About the podcast
We typically publish a new show on the 1st of each month. With Shauna in Scotland and Carla in Austin, we hook up via Skype to chat about all sorts of health and fitness topics – from running, weight training, food, goal-setting to tutus and chafing.

There's so many fantastic people online kicking butt with their health and fitness goals and never enough time to visit or read them all. In our regular segment Blogger News, we celebrate your successes and that helps inspire others – why not share your news too?

Neither of us claim to be experts – we're just passionate about healthy living and have a lot of personal experience when it comes to making big changes in our lives:

  • Carla lost 40 pounds 17 years ago and has maintained that loss through clean eating and a love of all things weight training.
  • Shauna lost 175 pounds and bumbled her way through three years of maintenance. Then after a long period of depression and 50 pound regain, she's now finding her way back using shrink sessions and mindful eating techniques.

About Carla
Carla Birnberg is an award winning author and fitness expert. A onetime personal trainer, she owned a boutique training studio, Head2Heel, in Chapel Hill, N.C. Carla also competes in both bodybuilding and fitness including a third place finish in the 2001 NPC House of Pain bodybuilding show. Her writing can be seen on Yahoo!Shine, in the Atkins Nutritional monthly newsletter, Experience Life Magazine, Austin Monthly Magazine and as a monthly health column in Good Life Magazine.

About Shauna
Shauna Reid is an Australian writer who lives in Scotland. Her memoir The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, published by Harper Collins, was named one of Marie Claire's Top 10 Diet Books and received a four-star review in People magazine. She has blogged since 2001 at dietgirl.org. Shauna's writing has been featured ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Grazia and The Mail on Sunday (UK). She has appeared on CBS The Early Show and her blogs and book have been featured in O Magazine, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fitness and AOL Health. She is also co-founder and community director of Up & Running, providing kickass online running courses for women.

We sometimes use Amazon.com affiliate links when linking to books mentioned on the podcast. This means we get a small commission from any resulting sales. We use this to offset podcast hosting costs. Thank you kindly for your support!

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