Radio sucks without Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels To quote the great Hall and Oates, baby come back!

Jillian Michaels has abruptly disappeared from the radio waves and I'm bereft. On Sunday 21th July she gave no indication that the show was to be her last. If I'd known I'd have listened solemnly by candlelight while doing crunches and/or eating her favourite organic peanut butter cups… but nothing! She didn't even say goodbye!

Her final message on the KFI AM 640 website says, "I'm going to be taking a break from radio" which I naively thought meant a summer break. But Jen reports that the guy taking over her time slot said she was too busy to do the show. According to her official website the radio show is "on hiatus". Wah!

I always found it was amazing that Jillian found time for a radio show amidst all her filming and books and DVDs and Wii Fit thingies. It must take a lot of work to prepare for two hours of radio every week. Maybe she finally got in trouble for slagging off The Biggest Loser? Or maybe she got tired of answering the same questions every bloody week… how many times did she have to tell people how to lose the vanity pounds?

But I miss her. Jillian seems to be a love/hate figure but as I've not really seen her in action on The Biggest Loser I only know her through the radio show and one brief magical meeting at BlogHer 2007. She was funny, compassionate, honest, imperfect and completely lacking in bullshit. That's the charm of radio – you can show more dimensions to your character that a heavily edited and scripted television show would never allow.

And what of the lovely Janice, the show's producer? Does she still have a job or did she get sent back to Canada?

It's a sad day. Jillian will still be on the telly for you Americans but I know of fans in Britain, Australia, Finland and beyond who rely on the radio for their fix. I should start a petition. I haven't been compelled to protest since 2002 when I campaigned to get Everybody Loves Raymond taken off the air (91 signatures thank you very much) but this seems like an equally serious political cause to get behind!

We the undersigned hereby kindly request that Ms Jillian Michaels please get thee back on the radio…

62 thoughts on “Radio sucks without Jillian Michaels

  1. Oh nooooo! I’m a few weeks behind on her radio show, so I had no idea that she was gone. Maybe she’ll come back once she’s farther along in the current season of The Biggest Loser.

  2. I had just downloaded a half year’s worth of podcasts of her show on iTunes and wondered why there weren’t any new ones these past few weeks. I’m so disappointed!

    Jillian, come back to us!

  3. I know!!! I made this sad discovery myself last week after Jillian’s show failed to show up in itunes for 2 weeks in a row. Boo! Jillian was one of my favorite podcasts to listen to while working out or walking to work. I can’t believe she just left without any goodbye. There MUST have been some sort of dispute or messiness. Otherwise, why would the show be gone so abruptly?

    I wish someone would post the archives of her show back to 2006. I just recently discovered it and rapidly listened all the way back to November 2008, which is as far back as itunes went.

    Again, I say, Boo!

  4. Aww…that makes me so sad! I love Jillian….guess I will just have to settle for her DVDs and books…though it won’t be the same….

  5. I’m in complete support of bringing her back. Even when I thought I couldn’t listen to her explain one more time what a trans fat was, I found listening to her podcasts motivating while I struggled to finish a run.

  6. I was inspired by that July 21 podcast. She totally kicked ass. I still have it on my ipod cuz I want it in my back pocket for when I need a boost. Jillian says “Stop living small!” I sure hope she returns to KFI when her life is less crazy. She’s book touring and doing some stuff with PBS in addition to BL.

  7. I am SO SAD she is gone. I looked forward to her podcasts every single week. Sigh. Maybe she will google herself and see how much we all miss her and come back?

  8. That sucks! Bring Jillian back! This is just like the time Penn Jillette’s radio show went off the air. It happened suddenly with no warning and then they were off the air! Don’t these people have contracts?

  9. @Kelly – I think you can go back further than 2008 on the KFI website –

    @Jen – Trans fats, YES! You could totally have a Jillian drinking game. Every time she answers a question about trans fats, the last ten pounds, when’s the best time to work out, loose skin… etc etc

    @Lee – We live in hope but you’re right… busy lady with the PBS and the book and all. Le sigh!

    @Jeni – maybe she will! then again a few weeks ago she said how you should NEVER google yourself coz it’s always bad. wonder if she’s still sworn off it? hehe.

  10. Oh no! Maybe that’s the “big announcement” she was talking about a month or so ago? I remember her saying she’d made some big decision about her career that she wasn’t ready to talk about on air …


    I like to download her shows from iTunes and keep them on my iPod, so when I’m working out or sitting in traffic, I can get a little boost. Glad I read your post before I deleted them!

  11. You can find all available podcasts of Jillian’s on

    I also have all of them so if you are interested, you can send a 4g thumb drive and I will fill it up:-)

    Email if interested.

    I miss the show too πŸ™

  12. I emailed KFI about it and this was their reply:

    Hello Gretchen,

    We love Jillian too, she just is too busy right now with all of her other endeavors (TV, books, DVDs, to have the time to do a radio show as well. we appreciate all your support. Congratulations on all of your weight loss!

    Thank you for listening and taking the time to write.

    KFI Programming

    It was weird how she didn’t mention *anything* on the last show though… : (

  13. No more Jillian?? NOOOOOoooo

    I’m a bit behind, but I love her show, it has helped me work through some of my issues.

    She is an awesome woman, an inspiration to so many. I’ll miss her πŸ™

  14. I’m killing myself laughing about your desire to remove “Raymond” from the air. I had no idea you had a hand in that-from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

    Sorry to hear you won’t be able to get your Jillian fix πŸ™

  15. I’m killing myself laughing about your desire to remove “Raymond” from the air. I had no idea you had a hand in that-from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

    Sorry to hear you won’t be able to get your Jillian fix πŸ™

  16. I am just as sad as you are! I find it so strange that she didn’t say ANYTHING about leaving, which makes me think she was forced to leave because of something she said on the show. I hope that’s not the case. I wish she would come back! I looked forward to her podcast every week.

  17. I totally realize that you are not IN Australia now – but isn’t The Biggest Loser (with Jillian and Bob) on there??? They showed a visit to the set there in Australia (with the American Players) a few seasons ago – ? Jillian and Bob talked about taping the show there and how attached they were to those contestants. I was trying to figure out how many weeks a year they worked in keeping seasons going in two different countries.

  18. We want Jillian! We want Jillian! We want Jillian!

    And I want Raymond too. Sorry, I loved the Barone brothers. πŸ™‚

  19. Dude. I’ve been lurking for years, reading your archives, rooting for you, laughing and sniffling and hoping I could achieve some of what you have — but this is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to comment.

    I HATE Raymond. I thought I was alone. This connection-through-blogging lark really means something after all. Oh bless you [sobbing into lace-edged handkerchief]

  20. I was so sad when I saw she was gone. Now what do I listen to at work on Tuesdays?? I need her to help keep me motivated through the week. ACK!!!

  21. I know it totally sucks that Jillian is no longer on KFI – It was my Tuesday treat too!!! Although you are right about repetition and the vanity pounds – Oh god how I’d long to only have vanity pounds to lose!!

    I’m in Canada so I can’t get her podcasts on iTunes Canada (sucks) but I did find them on a site called Media Fly – I think they go back to 2006 or so. I’ve downloaded a bunch but haven’t listened to any yet – I’m rationing in case she does not come back to radio. Meanwhile I’ve set my PVR to record her on PBS.

    I wonder if she’s going to be on season 9 of Biggest Loser? I know they’re filming season 8 right now.

  22. @vickie – I think Bob & Jillian did one or two seasons in Australia but they have their own Bob & Jillians now… vastly inferior from the handful of episodes I saw in Oz back in April πŸ˜›

    @Jenny – A kindered spirit! Indeed you are not alone!

    @Kim – thanks for the info πŸ™‚

    @Gretchen – thanks for posting your email… so she’s really gone. Sniff sniff.

  23. Huh? Who is she? What am I missing out on? I thought she did very US stylee exercise DVDs and was the Jane Fonda for the noughties – but you guys make her sound like some kind of weight loss deity…..

  24. Hmmmmmmmmm……”funny, compassionate, honest, imperfect and completely lacking in bullshit” is precisely how I would describe you Shauna!love Liz xxx


    Im not a huge Jillian fan.

    is it because Ive studiously avoided her? she seems….not my cup of WORKING OUT FOR HOURS A DAY tea.

    please to enlighten…

  26. @bigfatpie – oh thanks πŸ™‚ i wish i could be on the radio. would be heaps of fun.

    @Peridot – her radio show was good… very entertaining and motivating!

    @Miz – she makes a distinction between the ‘working out for hours a day’ on The Biggest Loser and what real people do. on the radio she seems to be all about the getting the biggest bang for your back, time efficient workouts.

  27. Oh, I miss her too! After her show didn’t update in iTunes for the second week, I went to the KFI website and saw her message about taking a break.

    Who will I listen to on my Sunday long runs? I’m heartbroken. It was because of her and her advice that I finally broke down and started calorie counting to get off the last few pounds. What do you know, it worked! I’m halfway there, but now no weekly Jillian fix to get me to the finish line.

  28. Shauna, it looks like you can go back past late last year on the show’s blog, but when you click on the link to download it just takes you to the regular KFI podcast page and that one only goes back to 12/7/08. I was so hopeful there for a minute! Sad.

  29. And now I just read Kim’s comments and I’m hopeful again! I should really read all the comments before I add one of my own. πŸ™‚

  30. I didn’t know she wasn’t doing radio anymore, just noticed that my itunes didn’t get an update. Yes, please start a petition, I will gladly sign it. I liked the radio show because you saw a lot more of her intelligence and insight shine through than the BL was able to.

  31. Hi I totally agree. .. I just discovered Jillian and was working my way through watching biggest loser Aus on You tube (its all there πŸ˜‰ ) and listening via the radio show!

    I must admit, although she is amazing, she likes to ramble on sometimes! Will be checking out the older podcasts.

  32. I love Jillian and Raymond!! We are on reruns here, the kids love that show!!

    Loved your last post about the WW cards, I can look back at mine too and say, that’s when I had a meltdown and ate a whole pack of shortbread, that’s when I biked 50kms that week, that’s when I was sick, that’s when I turned 30 and had an epiphany……

  33. I loved Jillian when she was on the early series of The Biggest Loser (Australia), but haven’t had the pleasure of her radio show, will have to check out the podcast links above!

  34. OMG I know, isn’t it horrendous that she’s taking a break? I had just gotten used to listening to a bit of her show every morning while I got ready for work. πŸ™ Alas, NPR it is, until she comes back, anyway.

    Jillian, please come back!

  35. I too am mourning the loss of Jillian’s Radioshow. I can understand why she stopped doing it – 2 hours a week is a fairly significant commitment – but I am so going to miss it.

    Luckily, they’re showing an old season of The Biggest Loser (USA) on Sunday nights here, so I’m getting my Jillian fix on that. And thanks for pointing out mediafly Kim. Totally made my day.

  36. Noooooooooooo! I love listening to Jillian’s podcasts. Even though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, I feel like she is a part of my life doing the 30 day shred and cardio kickbox regularly. I will miss her no BS radio show. Come back soon Jillian!

  37. Hey Shauna,

    I’ve followed your dietgirl blog for a while and read your book at least three times yet this is the first time I have felt compelled enough to comment.
    Thank you, for bringing Jillian Michaels to my attention, she is incredibly motivational and right now I need all the help I can get!

    I am sad she isn’t broadcasting at the minute but I downloaded 36 of her podcasts yesterday so that’ll keep me motivated for now!

    Much love to you though Shauna and like someone else said earlier ……”funny, compassionate, honest, imperfect and completely lacking in bullshit” is you!

  38. Shauna, so glad to see someone else is suffering from Jillian withdrawal. The other health podcast I listen to is These guys advocate healthy eating and exercise and have some really great info. It might help fill the void.

  39. Maybe once JM is done with the Biggest Loser (it has to end sometime), she will have more freedom to speak her mind and will be back on the radio. But for now I am consoling myself with old podcasts. I also like “Speaking of Faith,” and “Radio Lab.” Totally different topics but still good for listening to on the long runs. I am not sure any other fitness show could hold my attention. I don’t care so much about the fitness tips as the sort of edgy, real, fun persona that JM provided. Most fitness experts are such boring health robots.

  40. Oh crap! I only discovered her radio show about a month ago through one of your blog posts. I downloaded them all at the time and have loved listening to them in the car. Fortunately we are getting season 5 (I think) of US Biggest Loser in Australia late on Sunday nights at the moment, so I can still get my fix, for a few more weeks anyway.

    I hereby sign your petition!

  41. I used to religiously listen Jillian’s podcast on my ipod while (power) walking my dog. Last month I left for a three week vacation, and was looking forward to come home and dowload all the episodes I missed so this time I would have multiple episodes for one week. What happened???? And my dog suffers too, as my walks are not that long anymore…

  42. Why don’t YOU start a radio show???? Nowadays you can just record it in your bedroom and podcast it. You already have a huge following….
    (it is actually a very good idea….)

  43. I contacted KFi to find out what the deal was and they said that she’s busy with books, The Biggest Loser, etc etc and there are no plans for her to return to KFi. THIS TOTALLY SUCKS!! Check out for all her podcasts. x

  44. How do we get her back? I’m bereft. Just discovered the podcast and love it. Come back Jillian.

  45. Join the radio show group on facebook and let jillian know you love her on the air πŸ™‚ (*I do not know if she has ever visited the group, she has nothing to do with it, it is just a group of fans:)

    Just search Jillian Michaels Radio Show!

    ps: I am still putting podcasts on thumbdrives so if you want all of her shows, send a 4g or larger to: PO Box 2962, Basalt CO 81621
    or go to

  46. I miss the show sooooo much! I am a die hard kfi listener but her replacement for the slot is a terrible host. I mean, terrible. It’s not easy to do radio, and I thought Jillian did it beautifully. It made my day every Sunday. The Biggest Loser sucks, I can’t even stand to watch it. I just want the show back! Come baaaaack Jillian!

  47. She is the TRUTH!!!!! She was the only reason I ever listened to KFI!

  48. I’m from Canada and listened to her podcast from all the way here,it was devastating when I found out she was no longer working with kfi. She does say that she hopes to do radio again in the future(Twitter) which I hope is near.

  49. Am so sad that Jillian left when she did. I lived in China at the time and listened to her all summer. Took her KFI show with me when I started jogging for the first time. I had never dared to do anything like that–and especially not in CHINA!–but considering I’m not bigger than any of the BL contestants? She inspired me! Then I had to go on a trip for a month. Went to download a few more shows to help keep me motivated. And she was gone. And I stopped running. And it’s been a downhill slope from there.

    Come back Jillian! Or at least help me find those podcasts from KFI. πŸ™ Sigh.

  50. Oh know…I just, discovered her podcasts….I started at the first one available…and have been powerwalkng with them…i still have a bunch left. I am actually up to May, 2008.

    But darnit….I was looking forward to more!

  51. I am still sending out ALL available podcasts:
    Kim Pardi
    PO Box 2962
    Basalt CO 81621

    Send a 4g or larger thumb drive in its original packaging if possible. No worries about return envelopes or postage… I am just paying it forward and spreading the health.

    (Sorry but Dave does NOT have all shows.)

  52. Jillian is the best trainer out there. I was looking for her radio show and found this blog entry. Not on the air anymore, how sad! And here I was thinking hotdamn now I can get my Jillian fix on my headphones instead of on my butt on the couch LOL. Anyways, thanks for the info, and I’ll consider getting the podscasts.



  53. If you haven’t heard, Jillian will be back on the radiowaves this coming January 2011!! πŸ™‚ She herself made the announcement on Twitter and the group on Facebook also confirmed her return. I’m so excited! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to listen to her again. πŸ™‚

  54. FYI everyone…This was on Jillians Facebook the other day…sounds like she’s coming back.

    Jillian Michaels: I see I opened a lot of questions on Thyroid w/ my post below. I’m going to have Dr Van Herle (my endocrinologist) as a guest on my radio show. We’re taping on the 22nd & I will make her available to take your calls & questions. I’ll put a call in number up ahead of time. Rules of thumb on thyroid – no soy. No raw cr…uciferous vegetables. No peanuts. Take a daily multi & pro biotic.

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