Spin and Surrender

Cycling damsel. Photo from LIFE archive Spinning class was about to start. I was making my usual frenzied adjustments to the bike. Why can't they invent a "Remember Settings" button, so the seat and handlebars automatically ping and zip into place? It takes me at least ten minutes of wrestling and I never get it the same from one week to the next.

It's the same breed of panic as when you're at the supermarket checkout doing the juggle of debit card and shopping bags and purse and soup tins, trying to get your shit organised before the chick starts flinging the next person's groceries at you. I haaaate the thought of being left behind at Spinning, still frowning on the floor when everyone else has pedalled off to nowhere.

Finally I was satisfied with the seat height and was just about to climb aboard when a girl with a swishy ponytail appeared beside me.

"Ohhh…" she sighed, "You're using this bike?"

"Yes." I swished my hand to indicate my padded seat cover, my water bottle nestled in the cage; my custom handlebar configuration.

"Ohhh… really? That's my favourite bike. I always use that bike."

This is where any reasonable person would have said, "Ohhh… really? Well that's my favourite bike TOO and I got here first. So rack off."

But noooo. What did I say?

"Very sorry," with only minimal sarcasm. Then I removed my seat cover and water bottle and shuffled off obediently to another bike!

Why did I DO that?
What kind of spineless gimp am I?

Honestly, this happened a month ago and I am still kicking myself in that futile George Costanza kind of way.

Maybe I didn't want to make a fuss because there's only six people in the class, so starting a bike turf war would make the atmosphere awkward. Or maybe my inner high-school-student-with-inferiority-complex automatically surrendered to the whims of the ponytailed popular girl?

Either way I seethed throughout the class, even during the evil interval track, when the seething was near audible as it merged with sweat. It would have been something like: Sssssssszzzziiiffcaarrrrgh!

One thing you could hear was the squeaky wheels of my second-choice bike, the crappiest bike in the room, going EEE EEE EEE EEE in time with my furious cadence.

75 thoughts on “Spin and Surrender

  1. You should have told her to bugger off! Though I probably would have done the same thing…I’m not big on confrontation….

  2. I’m shaking my head in despair but only because I know I would have done the same thing. But who *are* these people who out us in that kind of position in the first place? You can bet she’s not been mulling it over since it happened- I think that’s what kills me the most.

  3. @Kimmi – that was exactly the ame response as my gym buddies… hehe!

    @Stella – as the old ladies on my bus would say, “aye, exactly!” πŸ™‚

  4. Ha, you chump* – but I think most people would do the same. You probably worked harder than ever, with fury driving your legs faster and faster. It’s the bizarre cheek of it, and your surprise, that let her ‘win’. What a weirdo. You do get weirdos in Spinning πŸ™‚

    *I mean this in the nicest possible rude-Scottish-person way, before I upset anyone

    Oh, and I just remembered my own weirdo-spinning-story: a guy in my class, a regular, always turned up at the last minute. If you’re late, they give the space to a ‘shortlist’ person. But this guy turned up too late one week and started yelling, and – I still can’t believe this – made some poor girl get off and leave. I imagine she’s still stamping her foot at the memory too. The teacher’s at fault – she should have told him to bugger off. And where was your teacher, Shauna?

  5. Yowza. Where do people like that get the confidence to say things like, “that’s my favourite bike”? Such a sense of entitlement. It’s so hard not to cave in the face of it.

  6. I immediately wondered if there was a LEAST favorite bike that no one ever used – and that would stay set the way you like it. Like one with a ripped seat (your cover would go over it any way). Not suggesting that you pee on it to mark your territory – but maybe something just short of that. . .

  7. You could always pretend to not speak English. Or you could just glower at her wordlessly.

    Or a well-timed, “I’m busy thinking about how we’re going to solve world hunger and I honestly don’t have any mental capacity left to contemplate the morality of whether or not I’m on your favorite bike.”

    Or “How about we wrestle for it?”

    Or “Really? Does the seat have a built-in vibrator?”

    I suppose if I were you, my goal would be to make it so no one ever talks to me ever again, but then I’m hella antisocial at the gym.

  8. Oooh, I hate situations like that one! It’s totally lose-lose because you either move and feel resentful and bitter (as you did), or you stay and feel uncomfortable because you feel like a jerk and because you can feel the anger emanating from the person who wanted your seat. Although I have to agree, what kind of person would ask you to give up your spot in the first place?!? I ride the bus to work daily and I cannot imagine saying to someone, “Oh, excuse me, that’s my favorite seat, can you move please?” (And I do have a favorite seat and I feel pissy when someone else sits there, but I would never suggest that someone move out of it!).

  9. Yep, I have a favorite seat at the lunch table at work, but I’ve realized after trying it out a few times in my head that I CAN’T say to someone I don’t know, “Sorry but you’re sitting in my favorite seat without sounding like a lunatic and jerk.”

    I think a good response would have been, “Well, I’ll bear that in mind for next time.” Acknowledges that she’s laid claim but doesn’t quite say that you’re going to do anything about it.

    I hate when something like that happens to interfere with your exercise mojo. For me, it’s when someone in class is dancing in my personal space.

  10. The gall of Miss Ponytail is quite amazing. I wish I had a snappy comeback like “M” above, but alas, I will think of one later, when it’s useless, just like I would have in your shoes in spinning class…sigh…

  11. I’d say “mine too” with no explanation attached and get on the bike. She can go channel her inner middle-schooler elsewhere. Somehow I doubt she’d try that nonsense if you were a guy.

    Please tell us that you have not been using the crappiest bike at all spinning classes since.

  12. Shauna, I have read your book and your blogs and I want to say that you are an inspiration. I loved the book. From everything I have read I feel confident in saying that you are a very nice, sweet person. Far too nice for your own good. I wish I could be more like you. That being said …. Don’t be so nice!! I can not believe the nerve of that girl. Is she kidding me? I probably would have said, “That’s nice” and gotten on the bike and forgotten about her. Or, I might have said, “Mine too!”, gotten on the bike and forgotten about her. And if I was having a particularly bad day, I would have said, “And that affects me how?” and (you guessed it) gotten on the bike and forgotten about her. I hope you see that girl again, and that you are on “her” bike, and that when she says something about it being her favorite bike you just have a great witty retort ready for her.

  13. The gall of some people! I have my favorite treadmill/arc trainer at the gym but hell if I ask someone to move, that’s just… crazy.

    I hope I would have cheerily said, “Mine too, that’s why I got here early”. But I would probably have been so stunned I would have done the same thing you did.

  14. Damn her and her swishy tail. I like my favorite spot in class too, but I could never imagine having the b@lls to ask someone to move. I hope the EEE EEE EEEing drove her nuts. If it is any consolation, I would have done the same as you. I am sure you were virtual miles ahead of her anyways.
    *HUGS* ~andrea

  15. Like Sandra, I think it’s not a sign that you’re a spineless gimp at all … it’s because you’re such a nice and generous person!

    Don’t give yourself a hard time over it. Perhaps it meant nothing to Ponytail, but perhaps she’d had a frustrating day (so was being unnecessarily whiny about having her favourite bike) and your generosity in putting yourself out for her was enough to turn the day around for her.

  16. Ugh. I hate when something so silly gets blown up in your mind and you waste days or weeks stewing over it.

    She was a twat. You’re not.

  17. The best part of this kind of situation at the gym is that you’re about to work out, and as such, about to subject yourself to 30-90 minutes of not-talking, which gives you 30-90 minutes to obsess inwardly and build resentment. I swim laps, and sometimes encounter people who give me attitude–or outright refuse–when I ask to share a lane. Moments later, in sync with my swimming, I’ll hear my brain chanting such gems as “I hope you DROWN you snotty ASS-CLOWN.”

  18. Yer all so hilarious and brilliant… cheers for the comments!

    I don’t think I’m too nice, just so shellshocked at the request and didn’t think quick enough… hang on, WTF?!

  19. ooohh…you HAVE to start using Favorite Bike at every class now! And maybe she’ll show up and you can have a do-over!
    I mean, I would have done the same as you only I probably would have cried. Hopefully after class and not during!
    Some swishy-tail girls are just like that. I remember being the the grocery once and trying to make a decision over salad dressing and one of those types of girls comes and stands right freakin next to me! All up in my personal space! When there was no one else in the aisle! And starts grabbing at all the bottles in front of me! Argh!

    Please have a do-over, Shauna! Or at least leave an inconspicuous bit of melty chocolate on her bike seat before next class.

  20. Almost on topic: I shared a flat with an ex-pro cyclist in Germany and when he and his buddies went spinning they went in extra early to remove the saddle to put on their own, and remove the pedals to put on the ones that fit onto the shoe-cleats. This, apparently, helps the spinning tremendously. But it occurs to me that next time lassie tries that when one uses this approach you are able to reply ‘oh, I would love to comply with your request, but not only have I set up the bike USING SPANNERS I BROUGHT WITH ME, but on account of these weirdy pedals that I am using my feet are, alas, as near as damn SEWN onto the bike’. I cannot see how anyone could argue with this. Also, changing the saddle and pedals makes you hard core and people will not ask you on the assumption that the steroid use would make you lash out and bite.

  21. You’re a much nicer more tolerant person than me! I’d have just shrugged and got on anyway …. but then I’m evil … I’ve been known to rock up to my spin class late (by accident – my watch had slipped back by 5 mins) and then boot out some poor unfortunate who’d been given my space! Eeeeevil, I tells ya, when people come between me and my spin! lol

  22. That girl’s got a lot of nerve, that’s for sure. I would have done the exact same thing as you, right down to kicking myself for it, still, a month later, LOL.

  23. I cannot believe the nerve of the lady.. favorite bike… oh okay. You are a much nicer person than I am.. When the kids go back to school would like to take a spinning class to lose weight… I hate exercising…

  24. I think the best reaction is to laugh and pretend you think they are joking. Trouble is, I only think of doing that when it’s too late.

  25. i would have either: 1. pretended not to hear her; or 2. just looked at her and said “so?”. i have my favourite bike for spinning too but wouldn’t ask someone to get off it, FFS.

  26. C’mon, grow a pair! πŸ˜‰

    Although I might also wimp out in the same situation…

    Have you figured out what you’ll say if it happens again? πŸ™‚

  27. I would have said “And if I hadn’t just spent a whole lotta time adjusting it to suit myself I would give it to you … but you are SOL dear”.

  28. Y’know, I would’ve done the same thing.
    Well, unless I were having a really bad day, the kind of day that starts out with PMS and ends with someone running over your cat and then stealing your cell phone and credit card to go out and party while sending you not only the bill but also a lot of photos of the great time they were having while you were wrestling with credit card customer service automated systems trying to cancel the card.

    If I were having /that/ kind of day, I would give the swishy woman a bright smile and say “/Really/?” (With enthusiasm, as if I’d just found an equally shallow kindred spirit) “Wow! It’s my favorite too!” Then climbed on the bike without further ado or todo toward YouKnowWho.

  29. I think a lot of people would have done the same thing. When somebody has the gall to ask, most people are shocked enough to acquiecse. I heard there was some guy–a sociologist or something–who went around to restaurants and asked people he didn’t know if he could try something on their plate. Over half of them said yes.

    What you really ought to do is get there after she does next time and ask her to get off the bike. πŸ™‚

  30. Oh no! I was almost that person! I have a favourite bike in my gym in Canberra but when I arrived with 1 minute to spare the other day it was taken, well, that is, “claimed” by someone who had marked it with a towel. I considered moving the towel to a different bike but felt that would be too obvious. Considered asking the person to move. Of course in the end I did neither as after all, I was late so serves me right. What right do I have to a bike anyway? I then ended up with just any bike(as I didn’t have time left to test drive them) and it was the crappiest bike ever! The gears were all out (this is RPM not spinning) by at least 2 or 3, so when you normally race in gear 9, I now hovered between 6 and 7 and 10 was already a seated climb, what the!? It was very hard and incredibly demotivating as of course I hardly clocked up any burned calories as the stupid machine thought I was slacking so lesson for next time: rock up in time and claim fav bike and NEVER give it to someone else. It’s not worth it!


    I died a little for you upon reading this – whenever someone takes my bike (especially when I arrive half an hour before class to claim it!) I sit on it and glare at the person sitting on it.

    If you ever do a spinning class with me, I’ll claw the air and hiss on your behalf should someone whimper a-la Oh That’s My Favourite Bike style πŸ˜€

  32. I think it’s the shock of it – in normalsville, no-one would be so arrogant and self-centred so you’re shocked into complying. BUT! Now you get a chance to rehearse for next time. I’d just smile vaguely and make a nondiscript noise “uh-huh”. Personally I wouldn’t get into a conversation with her or try and justify your position as she’d probably come up with something equally astounding and throw you off course. If pressed, just say ‘no’ and leave it there!

    Hope her thong (doubtless she was wearing one) really chafed her in that class. Ha.

  33. Having reconsidered this, I’ve decided to boost my ponytail swishiness (extensions might help?) and thereby win all confrontations in future.


    Shauna, I’m taking over this blog. Hop it.

  34. Argh! Totally understand, it’s a thing girls are taught: to try to be nice to people, do what they ask, etc.

    I definitely agree with the polite but assertive approach.
    Eg: “yup, it’s my favourite too! Maybe you’ll beat me to it next week!”
    One thing they always teach you in assertiveness training is that there *is* a middle ground between giving in and being horrible. A really great technique is just agreeing with the other person but not doing anything.
    Eg: “yeah, it’s a great bike isn’t it? All the others squeak!”

    I realise it’s awful to recommend self-help books, but… there’s a good one called “When I say no I feel guilty” which has a bunch of great exercises to improve assertiveness. Like… going into a store, buying something for Β£1, giving a Β£20 note and *not apologizing*! I find that really hard!

  35. LOVE your way with words (and yes. the same sort of thing seems to have in my life—always).

    As a result Ive been mandated (by self and husband) to channel the episode of OPPOSITE GEORGE.

    where he become highly successful by doing the *opposite* of his instincts.

    totally works for me—especially with driving πŸ™‚

  36. Yup, I’d have done just the same. (Maybe the fury gave you wings? Or worked off some calories at least?)

    And I’m 59. You think I might have learned. Try to become more assertive before you’re 59, Shauna. Or actually, no. It’s probably not worth the bother.

  37. Before I turned 40 I probably would have done what you did but I’ve decided I’m not taking any more crap from people. I’m afraid I would have told miss swishytail to F off. Then she probably would have stood there with a blank look waiting for me to give in. Nope not gonna happen. Then I would make sure I arrived 15 minutes early every week just to get that same bike to piss her off.

  38. Don’t you do that again! I’m with all of those who would say “Mine too!”

    And don’t worry what she would think of you — it is okay if she doesn’t like you. After all, you don’t like her, do you?

  39. Ooh, I am trying spin for the first time this evening. I’m scared that, unaware of people’s “favourites”, I will upset a swishy ponytailed one. My gym is rammed full of them. Eeek.

    It’s not just spin though. I am quite a creature of habit, but also avoid confrontation so will always yield when pushed. For 18 months I have more or less always stood in the same place at my Body Combat class. One woman has decided she wants to stand there now and so stands soooo close to me that if I don’t move she’ll kick me. Then, when I do move, she makes a fuss and tells me not to. Odd. I’ve now taken to standing at the opposite end of the class. Which has actually been a refreshing change for my change-adverse nature!

  40. There used to be an advert for a hard talking radio show in Auckland (the wonderful blogger Russell Brown) that had a couple of diners in a restaurant: “Is that sh** on your plate?!” “Goodness, I think it is”. The waitress comes along “How’s your meal gentlemen?”. “Fine, fine!”. Followed by the tag line – you might not want to make a fuss, but he will.

    Typical “English” politeness which comes from not making a fuss – the thing that makes us apologise when someone runs *into* us.

    Might not be the inferiority thing – you may be turning British!!!!

  41. oh, and now that she knows you know it’s her favourite bike she knows you won’t sit on it again πŸ™ but yes, like everyone i would have done the same. tell you what this is exactly like my current gripe, some guy keeps nicking *my* seat on the train πŸ˜‰

  42. Grr, that’s annoying. I don’t get why people get so protective over equipment and such at the gym. They don’t “own” it! Jeez.

    But I bet you’re getting lots of anger out by spinning πŸ™‚

  43. Ooh, and the worst of these things is all the burning up you do afterwards (although blogging it is always the best revenge, IMO). I’d get in early next time, bagsie her bike, and then when she gets in, say ‘oh, sorry, I forgot this was your favourite bike, please, please have it,’ and make a huge fuss and she’ll feel like a total lemon, AND you’ll be on the moral high ground.

  44. You need to get your butt back into that class, see if she’s there, and take over her favourite bike again. Then, see if she asks you to move… then, say… No πŸ™‚

    You can do it! hehe

  45. I would also have done the same –then regretted my actions for weeks, and come up with very smart solutions at four a.m. or later.

    I think it’s not only unnerving, but also tactical that Miss Ponytail didn’t ask for the bike directly, but to wait for you to offer it after she made comments about how this is her favorite bike. This is the same kind of woman who just throws her blonde hair back and any man will carry heavy stuff into her 4th floor apartment. And while I want to be like these women, I really really really don’t want to be like them.

    Like Kek said: “She was a twat. You’re not.” And also, you should so take that same bike next time and have a world-class response ready. (Also, I like very much how the comments are covering such a wide range of anger, inferiority, fear, scorn and lust for confrontation.)

  46. Funny how my gym has that exact girl! (I think they are an endemic)

    Just think of it as collecting good karma! πŸ™‚

  47. I HATE it when that happens! I’m just like you though. I always give up my bike when confronted. I wish I’d learn to stand up for myself more. Maybe next time I will! And you should too!

  48. Oh man…the horrendous thing is, I can see this exact same thing happening to me. And myself responding in the same way as you did.
    But hey – sometimes it really is better just to avoid the confrontation, right? I mean, your spinning session would have been ruined by having to feel her evil eyes on you the whole class. πŸ™‚

  49. I was mad at you for you!! At our gym its the “thong club” — size 0, perfect nails…

    Make it a DG rule to NEVER move again. You deserve your bike, your space in class… Maybe next time you should wait til she enters and ask her to shove off…

  50. Oh, Shauny!
    I love the fact that you have started a shit storm with this post, as it DOES touch on the raw nerves of every fat/former fat person with low self-esteem. For me it does replay past scenes between the entitled ‘perfect’ types and ‘my people’, the forlorn masses they feel they can step on! The mere fact that you could see SO plainly that you were being mistreated, and then you handed the keys over anyway, is maddening, but so universal! Some people are graceless and have a long ways to go to reach enlightenment. If her life flashes before her eyes some day, this scene will likely play out and she will say, “Ohhh, I get it now, I was mean and rude. Note to self!” Maybe. Mayyyyybe.

    What a juicy story, anyway! So fun to imagine! You are our heroine from some really goooood girl movie, like “Clueless”! In fact, that is a whole other post, but you should star in your own film about your life! Great book, great chick flick! Who’s with me, people? πŸ™‚

  51. Shauna – I love your site and I’ve never commented before, but I had to weigh in on this one.

    First, that girl was totally out of line. Second, the shoes with the clips really do make a huge difference! And most spin bikes already have the clips on the other side of the pedals.

    Now for the best thing – I love spinning, and my new gym has you SIGN UP FOR A BIKE before class. They put the sign-up sheet out an hour before, and you can put your name on the chart on top of whatever bike you want. So if your favorite is taken, too bad! Classes fill up, so when you go into the room there’s no jockeying for position or arguing – you just go to the bike you signed up for. It’s the best system ever!

  52. You could have strangled the perky girl with her swishy ponytail. πŸ™‚
    I had a similar experience with an assisted tricep dip machine. I wish I had slammed his head between the weight plates.
    I hate gym bunny nazis.

  53. It doesn’t pay to be so nice. People only take advantage. I’m a people pleaser too but we need to learn how to please ourselves first without worrying about everyone else. Next time, tell that twit to get her own bike. πŸ˜‰

  54. As an alternative perhaps you could reframe to think that it didn’t mean much to you in the scheme of things which bike you were on – but to her it was clearly a big deal. So letting her have the bike was an act of kindness πŸ™‚ She didn’t bully you, you decided that she clearly needed it more than you! I wonder how the rest of her life must go if she is so attached to a particular bike at the gym!!!

  55. Feel your pain. My second time at a spinning class I spent aaaages getting my bike just right (wish it did have a memory) then a girl came in and asked me to move so she could sit next to her friend. Not an unreaasonable request so I moved. Watched them carefully over the next 45 mins and they said not a word to one-another!!!!

  56. I have to agree with Lynn (commentator 55). You got to class, you set up the bike- you don’t have to move. There’s no need to be rude, but neither is there a need to be a doormat.

  57. Oh girl, I’d have likely done the same thing. It’s the whole non confrontation thing with me. & the instinct to GIVE rather than to TAKE. & the swishy pony tail was likely very intimidating.

    The sh!t of it is, will you ever get back on that specific bike again?! Probably not, is my guess. B/c then you will have to face the confrontation, or give up the bike again, and I know you don’t ever want to go through that again. Sucks. If it were me I’d possibly never go back to the class just to avoid the damn bike. Spineless I am. It’s one of the reasons I run alone. πŸ™‚

  58. Aww, DOORMAT is a bit harsh! πŸ™‚

    Like I said in the entry, it was a George Costanza style of crankiness – so stunned by the event that you don’t realise until afterward… HANG ON… wtf just happened there? The sheer audacity of the request…

    I don’t even remember which bike it was to make sure I use it next time… the bikes are stored in a corner and only moved out for each class. They have numbers on them; wish I’d paid attention to which one it was!

    Cheers for all the comments folks… it’s cool seeing the varied thoughts πŸ™‚

  59. Nobody should have a favorite bike in a spinning class! I can’t believe that someone would have the audacity to say that and try to claim the bike.

    On the other hand, I think it makes you out to be a very nice person. I’m not sure I would do the same, but I would feel guilty later for not folding.

    I wonder what else you could have said. How about “I guess it’s everybody’s favorite!”

  60. Some people have such huge b****, don’t they???

    And I can honestly say Shauna, I would have done the SAME THING as you did! It’s easy to say, “oh, I would have said blah blah”, but I know how I am and I think I would have been caught in the headlights of the woman’s nervy request and like you said so perfectly, been taken back to high school: Me uncool, You cool, you get what you want. Sigh.

    Loved your post!!

  61. GAH! GAH!!!

    I am vicariously enraged for you. Those people are everywhere. You’re right, the worst is the George Costanza throes of “what should have been” that follows.

    I just have to say it again, “GAH!!!!”

  62. You should focus all of your energy on getting some revenge, no akward confronation – just the smug feeling of karma at it’s best…I liked the chocolate on the seat idea πŸ˜‰

  63. Shauna,

    I would have done the exact same thing. Be stunned, move, then boil and stew about it for the next year. I feel ya.

    I like these comments, I feel like they are preparing me in a way for when/if this ever happens to me.

    P.S. I love the phrase “gym bunny!” Ha! Never heard that before but it’s sooo true! Oh, and I totally love your book, btw. I read it over and over again. πŸ™‚


  64. I would have been stunned but then said, yeah, this IS a nice bike and I would have gotten on and started pedaling. If she wanted that bike, she should have gotten there sooner. Too bad, so sad.

    I’m a spin instructor and I’d recommend the shoes with clips, too. And have your instructor set you up on the bike again so you can make sure you have it set up correctly for your body. That way, you can write the settings down on a piece of paper and tape it inside your padded seat, so you’ll never forget. πŸ™‚

  65. Oh god, I’ve done the same sort of thing myself so many times!

    Don’t beat yourself up–and just console yourself that you learned something from it, whereas that entitled, selfish clueless woman will most likely never learn anything. I bet her life is one long series of ugly confrontations with that kind of attitude.

  66. I say sorry for shit I’m not sorry for all the time.

    Fuck it.

    And I hate it when you are at the checkout and trying to put the change away in your wallet and the coupon card and gather your bag and groceries and the next lot of cans come hurtling your way. I’ve even been known to say sorry then too. WTF am I sorry for, not being Speedy Gonzales??

  67. Gosh! What a lot of comments.

    Shauna – I definitely agree it was the shock of the situation and I don’t know about you but the gym has never felt like ‘my’ territory – even at my time of going six times a week (those WERE the days!). So someone being direct (to the point of rudeness) just presses those buttons.

    If you had been at your local (pub)/place you feel comfortable and the same situation occurred, I reckon you would have been happy to stand your ground. Firm but fair and all that.

    Don’t chew it over too much; you have far too much integrity and courage to be defeated by a spinning chump! (Sorry to everyone who has extolled the virtues of claiming fave pieces of equipment.) Of course, if she had been lovely to you and asked you sweetly, you would have given up your bike and felt super virtuous. So, just feel infinitely superior instead.

    And just look what a response your post has generated! Hope you keep spinning! With pride!!!!


  68. Shauna, just to add little spice to the foray, over 50% of women admit to having sex they didn’t want to have because they didn’t want to say no.
    Be grateful it was just a bike. Hope you are well.

  69. OMG…I know I’m like a month behind on commenting, but next time, if you want to keep the bike and still stay in the “nice”…you’re answer should be, “yeah, it’s a nice bike, have a great work-out” and smile warmly as you finish mounting your bike πŸ™‚ She’ll get the point..and if not, and she says something, be like “sorry, I just finished the set-up and adjustments on this bike and class is about to start.”

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