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I'm starting a yoga class on Monday. Woohoo! I was Googling around and found one that slots in nicely in the wilderness hour between work and kickboxing. It's a short walk from work to yoga then enough time afterward for the short walk to kickboxing. Giddyup… such convenience and efficiency gives me a thrill. I normally spend that hour mucking around at home doing very little, so I may as well get bendy.

Also, I was sold by the sexy animated .gif on the yoga website:

Forward bend with sexy hairstyle

If fashion is currently embracing the 1980s, then surely in Internet Years we are due for an animated gif revival?

Under Construction

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  1. Love the gif file. You will love Yoga. I was surprised at how much of a difference it made in my other exercising activities! Have fun! ~andrea

  2. I love the gif file too! I’ve never tried yoga (I know I’m in the minority)

    I hope you enjoy your class! Yoga and kickboxing – you are one well-rounded person! Not literally of course!

  3. Whew! What efficiency! I have to admit that I wouldn’t be able to do yoga and then kickboxing one after the other. First, yoga makes me so sleepy that I have to go to the last class at night and then go straight home to bed…and second, my muscles are all slightly jelly-like after a yoga class. It’s much more intense than it appears.
    Enjoy your newfound efficiency : )

  4. Have fun with yoga! I’m sure you will rock it, just like you do with everything else you try. Oh, and if a swishy ponytail insists you’ve taken her favorite mat space or something, you’ll know what to do this time. πŸ˜‰

  5. That’s awesome!! You will be virtually touching your shins with your nose in no time, just like your little animated friend. πŸ™‚ I hope you really enjoy yoga, and I can’t wait to read about your experience!

  6. hey shauna! i’m a long time lurker and book groupie coming out of the shadows to say, “kudos on the yoga adventure!” for the past month, i’ve been unfurling my yoga mat and leaving it in the middle of the living room as a helpful reminder to do at least 20 minutes of my yoga DVD. so far, i’ve only managed to get sneaker-prints all over my yoga mat. but you and your little animated yogi up there have inspired me to make an honest effort to get my ass into bendy/flexy gear! keep us posted on what you think of your class πŸ™‚

  7. Love the gif – I am mixed about yoga. I do a little bit twice a week to stay bendy, but I seriously do not get the love for it like some people have. Good luck with the bendy-bendy though!

  8. You want to know something depressing? My 61 year old mother can do that yoga thing the animation is. I can’t touch my toes…waaaaaaa!

  9. I love the gifs…and remember using the yellow sign many times in my early development years. I’m excited to hear about your taking on Yoga, and I’m thinking I may try it too. Its always scared me a little, not sure why…

  10. I need to get better about my exercise commitment- you’re right, for some reason, that animated gif is inspirational!

  11. You seem like an Ashtanga Yoga person (Power Yoga), rather than a Hatha Yoga or Kirpalu person. I love Ashtanga and I’m the least athletic person you’ll ever meet. Enjoy!

  12. @Rebecca – I’m a little worried about the fall asleep thing too! Yoga tends to have a sedative effect! But I’ve got really tight hamstrings and glutes so I’m hoping the yoga will help loosen me out so I can go to KB and kick better πŸ™‚

    @tea – Bwahaha, that’s a hoot! I always vow to get up and do a yoga DVD before work but the mat just becomes a tripping hazard.

    @beetricks – what an over achiever… you should pull the mat from under her πŸ˜›

    @2010 – Good point! But I always have aggression to spare!

  13. I want to see that animation with a woman MY size. I wonder where her boobs and belly would go when she does that bendy thing??

  14. Bewaaaare- depending on the style, it may leave you too wobbly for kickboxing! I try to leave yoga to the end of my activities, so I can lie around in a noodle-limbed pile for a while after.

    Then again, yoga anytime is never a bad thing.

    PS- I just finished reading the entirety of your archives. Noooooo!

  15. Wow! 2 classes on the same nights?

    I read your book and was inspired to take a Body Pump class. I was always too afraid to haul my plus sized butt into one of those things before you did, but now I am all sorts of inspired to try new things. I’m getting a membership to the YMCA next month and plan to take more classes – maybe I will try yoga too.

  16. I’ve been going to a yoga class for 6 months now and it is great. My flexibility has improved out-of-sight and I think it really complements a good cardio program. I still get a giggle out of the chanting at the end of the class, but apart from that, it is fan-bloody-tastic!

  17. I’m sure you will love it – sometimes it takes a while to find the right studio/teacher/style for you, but once you do it’s life altering, really – and you’ll find that it will enhance all your other more “cardio” activities! Looking forward to hearing how you go!

  18. Lol, love how the little yoga lady’s breasts move like normal ones would, go all floppy and stuff on the way down. The small things in life are what keep me going.

  19. Awesome! Yoga is something a lot of people skip, but besides getting all bendy, it has tons of other rewards!

    Let us know when you can do a full lotus pose! πŸ™‚

  20. Sup lady!

    I really fancy le yoga. Lemme know how it goes.

    Thanks for your comments on my recent posts. They mean a lot to me. You’re a doll! x

  21. Variety is the spice of life and the saviour of weight maintainers I think.

    Good luck with the yoga and don’t forget to tell us about the first time someone farts in class!! I’ll always remember my first time…..

    Lesley x

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