Baltimore or Bust

Hey there Americans! Have you heard about the FitBloggin Conference in Baltimore next March? It's the brainchild of Roni Noone of Roni's Weigh fame:

The FitBloggin conference is for all those that blog about fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle.

The goal of the conference is "to educate, inspire, share, network, and learn how to blog your way to a healthier you" but one could also see it as, "most excellent chance to meet lots of blogging pals in one go and bring back a dozen jars of American almond butter".

I'm pinching my pennies and wondering if I could swing it. March is often a bargain time for airfares. Anyone out there going along?


23 thoughts on “Baltimore or Bust

  1. I’m in Maryland so I’m just 2 hours from Baltimore so I’m all for it. Just hope it isn’t the same weekend as my TOPS convention. I’m really excited now, that would be wonderful to have a chance to meet you.

  2. Ooh I wish I was going.

    In a somewhat related topic, I wanted to let you know that Nutella has been marketing their product in the U.S. as a HEALTH FOOD. I keep seeing a commercial where the Mom says something about how “it encourages her kids to eat healthy foods” apparently by slathering a big heap of Nutella on top of it. I hope you will see the commercial the next time you’re here.

  3. Is it pertinent that I read the whole post but all I can remember is almond butter?! That sounds delish.

  4. Nope, I’m saving my pennies for BlogHer. We could always ship you a bunch of almond butter if that’s the main reason for going. πŸ™‚

  5. Baltimore can be a depressing city. The only time I’ve stopped there is for this Belgian beer festival in February, which is possibly the most opposite from a healthy blogging pow-wow you can get.

    I have to pinch my pennies for a wedding in Panama this winter, but if you go, have fun… πŸ™‚


    @Lyn – I would LOVE to go to Portland… somebody start somehting in Portland!!!

    @Marla – My goodness… that is mental! they try that with Nutella here too! They say it has less fat than peanut butter, but never mind the sugar πŸ˜›

  7. I’d love to, but the NZ dollar, well it goes even less further than the Aussie one πŸ™

    You will bring me almond butter though!

  8. I just started reading Roni’s blog so I haven’t heard of this yet. It sounds like so much fun, but I don’t think I can swing it πŸ™ Maybe you could come by some sponsorship so you can give us all a report? πŸ™‚

  9. I’ll be there! And for some reason, whenever I see the word “Baltimore” I start singing this really obscure and kinda awful Tori Amos song of the same name that she wrote as a teenager. *We love it here in Baltimore*

  10. Hmmm, very tempting. So close to my old hometown of DC, too… But shall I cause trouble and echo an earlier commenter: Why don’t you start a conference for our side of the Atlantic? (In all your spare time!) πŸ˜‰

  11. Well I registered this morning and hope you can make it. It would be great if you contacted them about speaking as well. Hope to see you there.

  12. One trusts you’re referring to Portland Oregon? If so, I’d definitely be up for a party. Portland Maine… not so much.

  13. I just saw a TV show about farmer’s markets. There’s one in Baltimore in the Inner Harbor area called Lexington Market – it looks FABULOUS, lots of seafood. Maybe you can visit.

  14. Hmmmm, a March trip to Baltimore sounds… COLD! But fun. I’d get to meet so many ppl that I’ve admired and read for years. I just might consider it. Although, I might have to wear a mask to conceal my ultra-secret identity… πŸ™‚

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