The End of Summer

Have you seen the tomatoes? Do you want to see the tomatoes? Come closer! Let me show you the tomatoes!

I'm hoping that this tomato hysteria means I'll get all the excess exuberance out of my system now, so if I ever become a parent I won't bore folks to death by shoving dozens of blurry photos of my shriveled offspring in their faces. Here it is sleeping. And here it is screaming. And here it is screaming from another angle. Here it is screaming with snot streaming out its nose. Isn't it stunning?

Seriously, the tomatoes are ace. They've turned the greenhouse into the jungle.

Tomato Jungle

I can't believe we grew enough stuff to fill a bowl. I wish you could smell how good this smelled. Also shown: a few kickarse little chillies.

Behold our wonderous bounty

Five months of labour has produced approximately two punnets of cherry tomatoes. It may not be time and cost effective but it's been excellent learning something completely new. And the mind-blowing taste made it all worthwhile. If you think I'm exaggerating just ask Gareth. I think I've mentioned before in the six years I've known him he has only ever used three different phrases to positively describe anything in life: food, holidays, hot chicks, concerts, books, thrilling sporting events, etc:

  1. Pretty good!
  2. Not bad!
  3. Alright!

But when he ate a tomato straight from the vine on the weekend he actually paused in his tracks and said, "Whoa. That is amazing."


Now summer is most definitely over and things are happening on the farm behind Cow Poo Manor. Namely, the complete destruction of the Cow Poo Pile!

Sunday morning:

Poop scoop

Sunday afternoon:

Poo begone!

Indeed the mound was not just for decoration. They ploughed it all into the fields once the hay had been harvested. Now they've put in something else (gee I'm down with the farmer chat). I spent Tuesday evening watching seagulls chase the tractor.

Giving chase

23 thoughts on “The End of Summer

  1. They look great! I just bought myself 3 cherry tomato plants on the weekend and can’t wait! I don’t have a very promising track record with growing herbs and veg so I can only hope mine turn out as beautiful as yours.

  2. Ah, if I were to show a picture of my cherry tomato plant, you would… fall over in a fit of derisive laughter. I don’t know what I did wrong this year as opposed to last year… maybe last time was beginner’s luck? All I know is, this year I’m going to enjoy your tomatoes vicariously, ’cause mine ain’t doing squat.

  3. Hello Shauna,

    delicious-looking tomatoes you have there. Congrats also on hearing ‘amazing’ out of the man. 5 months of hard yakka seems to have paid off in many ways.

    I, myself, have just managed to kill another set of plants in less than a week-the flowers were lovely while they lasted. One day it will happen but not this week…

    May your fields be poo-mountain free for evermore.


  4. Our vegie patch is brimming with good stuff at the moment. Gotta love Spring. Not to rub it in, but our tomatoes just re-seed each year. You can’t kill them when Mother Nature is in charge. Have been lurking for a while and I’m loving your metamorphis. Vanessa aka Nessajane

  5. Considering seagulls aren’t famous for their discerning palates, I’m guessing that they aren’t following a tractor full of milk and honey…? Congrats on the tomatoes though! It sounds like they are amazing!

    (ps I just tried to leave a comment on your post re: homemade frozen yogurt, and it wouldn’t let me. Any ideas?)

  6. part of the tomato ritual is then having so many tomatoes that one is begging people to please take some. my mom grows them (for their house and ours) and we have been nicely supplied ourselves. glad that you are having so much fun with this.

    and yes, they are getting the fields ready for next springs’ planting here too.

  7. Your basket of tomaotes is impressive. I myself am too lazy to plant tomato plants, but now that I have screaming snot-nosed little ones, maybe I will and then I can show people pictures of them eating tomatoes – double the boredom.

  8. I hope I haven’t offended any folks with kids out there. It’s just that my tomato excitement reminded me of the YOU GOTTA SEE THE BABY episode of Seinfeld 😀

  9. It amazes me how different fruit and veggies taste when you pick them fresh and even better if you actually grow them yourself. Yummmm.

    You must be happy to see the big pile of cow poo destructed. It certainly makes for a much prettier view. Enjoy!

  10. You do realise that now, if you ever do have children, you will be waiting to see if Gareth’s response to your production of a first born merits an “amazing” to compare with the tomatoes!

  11. Among other things I’ve been watching Monarch of The Glen lately. (God bless Netflick instant streaming!) Every time they show the countryside or they go for a walk along the trails, always with their trusty stick of course, I think of you!

    Those tomatties look delish!

    And you didn’t offend me. I know I have to physically and mentally restrain myself from putting up new photos of Kiddlywink every day. And if I knew how to put up video? “Lordy Lordy me,” as Pixie Anne Wheatley used to say!

  12. Happy for you about the tomato bounty: last year I managed half a punnet’s worth of growth. This year I’ve started with a plant with 4 tomatoes already on it, so I’m ahead of the game.
    Aha! The farmer of Cow Poo Manor must’ve been ageing the poo so it wasn’t too acidic when owing crops.
    Now that the giant poo has gone: What will you call your abode now?

  13. Cow poo or not, I am jealous of your view.

    We have grown beans this year and it’s about the first time we’ve had enough of anything for a decent meal. Except for the perpetual spinach, which just kept coming and eventually had to be harvested en masse and frozen, which was extremely time-consuming… it tasted pretty good, if not amazing.

  14. Your tomatoes look amazing! There is absolutely nothing like fresh, home grown tomatoes. Unfortunately, here where I live, we’ve just finished our tomato season. Now I have tomato envy!

  15. “Five months of labour has produced approximately two punnets of cherry tomatoes”

    This totally cracked me up! But that´s how it is: it takes time, money and lots of work – and still it´s absolutely worth it!

  16. It was beautiful just reading about tomatoes that smell & taste like tomatoes. Nothing beats tomato/basil/garlic/olive oil/mozzarella. I know you weren’t thinking about it, but now I am afraid I am. Sigh. Also, I think you live in a most beautiful place. Double sigh.

  17. There really is something amazing about food you’ve grown yourself. The Tomatoes look stunning! I hope you enjoy them in good health.

  18. Nice looking tomatoes you have there. I’m imagining how fresh and juicy they are. I’ve read that tomatoes are good source of Lycopene which is good to prevent cancer and other diseases.

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