The Great Lanterns

Our beginner's luck in the garden has run out. I should have known better than to crow about the tomatoes and salad leaves so much!

Gareth had carefully nurtured three pumpkin plants from the seed packet with a view to carving his very own pumpkins this Halloween. They were truly thriving for awhile there but I think we started the process about 2.5 months too late so now we've run out of daylight hours for them to grow.

So here are the results of the pumpkin harvest with a matchstick for scale!


Maybe we'll draw some faces on 'em with markers and they can spook the sparrows.

I've never been one to apologise for not blogging because it sounds bloody ridiculous, like you're some sort of media baron with slobbering fans are hovering by the computer clicking reload all day long when in reality everyone has 100 other blogs to read not to mention jobs and lives and stuff. But my efforts this month have been shambolic and I just wanted to say it's not because I'm wildly busy and/or have nothing to say; I do, but I can't seem to get the words out in the right order. I've got three drafts on the go of equal rubbishness. I'll have another crack on the weekend.

Hope you all have a rockin' weekend!

Episode 03 – Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone Podcast

There’s a new podcast episode today! And unlike Episode 2, this one didn’t take 14 hours to edit because I finally managed to record the audio properly. Woohoo!

The theme this week is goals. How do you approach them? How do you make ’em happen? How do you make sure they’re  not quietly abandoned like the great knitting project of 1987 or that bloody Hundred Push Ups Challenge?

» Click here to listen to the podcast on the official site,

Give me a shout if you have any problems listening to it, if you should feel so inclined to listen, that is.

Another entry tomorrow, and I promise there won’t be too much bitching about the end of Daylight Saving and this crippling darkness, even though it’s an annual blogging tradition.

for your aural pleasure

Two Fit Chicks and a Thank you

Two little updates today:

ETA: This was meant to be two little updates last Friday. Bloody hell! I am going to get my blogging act together now, I mean it.

The Podcast
It's now officially christened Two Fit Chicks And A Microphone! We also have a brand spanking new website to go with it. Over there you will find:

  • all the details and mentioned links from the episodes
  • an iTunes subscription link so you automatically get new updates without me badgering you
  • our running guru Julia Jones's brilliant 5K Training Program – Weeks 1 though 3  available so far!
  • a handy How To Listen guide for those new to this podcast thing
  • a desperate Contact Us link if you'd like to submit your news or ask a question for us or Julia

(Neither Carla nor claim to be any sort of experts, of course. As with this blog, I like rambling/writing about experiences/stuff I learned/triumphs/crushing defeats and sometimes other people can take something helpful from it.  But with Two Fit Chicks And A Microphone it's even better because it's about other people – people who've inspired us or just generally kick arse.)

So please check it out if you fancy. Our next episode will be out Monday and is all about Goals! Big ones, small ones, and lots of ideas on how hunt then down.

And if you've got any personal triumphs or tidbits to share for the Blogger News segment be sure to let us know. Toot your own horn! 

The Email Situation
I've  been meaning to update this since my little meltdown last year. It is still impossible to answer all my emails. This is not to say it's like that scene in A Hard Day's Night where The Beatles get letters by the sackful. It's just that there are more emails than is physically possible to respond to if I want to have time to work, bathe

Fitness Fantasies

I want to know about your fantasies. Tell me every filthy detail!

Don't worry, this site hasn't been hijacked by a sleazy spammer! I am talking about fitness fantasies.

You know how people say, "well it's all very well for Oprah with her personal chef and trainers and all!" blah blah blah. Well let's just pretend we're in an alternate universe in which money and time are no object. In terms of fitness and healthy livin', anything is possible. Anything at all. Nothing is too ridiculous.

What would you do? Who would you like to meet? Where would you go? What would you purchase? What would you like to try?

  • I would go on a poncy yoga retreat (for beginners) on an exotic island where you get massages and tropical fruits between the bendy classes.
  • A gym would open up at the end of my street with Body Jam, Body Pump, yoga, Pilates and spinning classes at times very convenient to me.
  • Just in case I couldn't be arsed walking to the end of my street, there'd be a magical home gym in my fantasy spare room. It would have one mirrored wall, gobs of free weights and kettlebells, a punching bag, a spinning bike, a treadmill and a cushioned floor so I bust some kickboxing moves. Oh oh oh and a widescreen wall-mounted telly to do workout DVDs.
  • I would visit Cathe Friedrich's gym in New Jersey and attend some of her classes.
  • I'd have a personal training session with Bob and Jillian here in Scotland. It would crack me up no end to walk up Dunfermline high street with Jillian Michaels and see her WTF-ing at Greggs The Bakers et al.
  • Before she nipped off back to LA, Jillian would make me a personal MP3 workout so I could do cardio with her yelling, LAST CHANCE WORKOUT, GINGER! I really need heavy-handed motivation when it comes to cardio.

    Note to Jillian: have you considered selling downloadable audio workouts, a la iTrain or CardioCoach? So cheap to produce, so much less work than that fancy WiiFit stuff!

  • I would have a wardrobe makeover with a crack team of fashion experts, They would bring the clothes to me as shops make me grumpy.
  • I would have an Access All Areas pass to the London 2012 Olympics. Just to watch, mind. No athletic delusions here.
  • I would have a column in a mag like Zest or Self for which I'd be obliged to try a different and wildly expensive sport every month and it would pay so handsomely I wouldn't have to do anything else.
  • I would have an endless supply of ultra-flattering Ellie Gray contour gym pants.

  • And non-skanky quality gym t-shirts.
  • And it would be great if they could all be self-laundering.
  • I would have an endless supply of TJ's Crunchy Roasted Almond Butter.

  • I would have a massive vegetable garden where everything always grew properly. There'd be delicious selection of baby salad greens growing all year round regardless of neglect and snails.
  • Someone would invent a bra as effective as the Enell but not in that creepy fabric.
  • I would have the Mother of All Fitness Gadgets strapped to my wrist. Stylish heart rate monitor GPS route planner barcode scanner MP3 player Swiss Army Knife… that's another post altogether.
  • I would posses a gym bag that can actually contain all of my kickboxing sparring gear PLUS my yoga mat… so on Monday night everyone at kickboxing can stop making the "Whoa, are you going camping again?" jokes every time I tumble into the room like a packhorse

I could go on all day but I will spare you.

Dr G has shared his fantasies too:

  • To be totally fit and buff without any effort and/or drug abuse on my part to avoid putting on my annual "winter coat" of lard.
  • To be able to consume copious amounts of real ale, crisps and chips with curry sauce without any effect on my waistline.
  • To have time and health to complete all 283 Munros, including overcoming vertigo to do the really dodgy ones.

This post was inspired by the amazing Angie of You Look Fab who recently wrote about her fashion fantasies.

So… do you have any fitness fantasies that you want to share? Please be as elaborate, wild and unrealistic as you like. The wackier the better!

How to Listen

What's this podcasting malarkey all about?

A podcast is like a new-fangled radio show that allows amateurs like us to broadcast to the world.

Technically it's just an audio file that you can listen to on demand on your computer or transfer to a portable device like an MP3 player or phone. You can subscribe to podcasts/shows so that you automatically receive new episodes.

How do I listen to Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone?

There are three different ways:

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How do I subscribe?

Here are your options:

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This video explains how podcasts work:

If you have any problems listening to the show, please give us a shout!

Peep peep

This week is proving to be a wacky one. But there has been home made baked beans, a beer festival*, a lovely blogger gathering and my brand new British citizenship so aside from wanting to hurl my computer out the window, all is well. I should get back to editing my nose-blowing out of the podcast, so… what's shaking with you? If you were a chocolate bar which one would be? Or similar comment-provoking question to feebly make up for the blogging silence 🙂

* the beer ran out at 9PM. The organisers had to run to the supermarket for more. For shame!