Two Fit Chicks and a Thank you

Two little updates today:

ETA: This was meant to be two little updates last Friday. Bloody hell! I am going to get my blogging act together now, I mean it.

The Podcast
It's now officially christened Two Fit Chicks And A Microphone! We also have a brand spanking new website to go with it. Over there you will find:

  • all the details and mentioned links from the episodes
  • an iTunes subscription link so you automatically get new updates without me badgering you
  • our running guru Julia Jones's brilliant 5K Training Program – Weeks 1 though 3  available so far!
  • a handy How To Listen guide for those new to this podcast thing
  • a desperate Contact Us link if you'd like to submit your news or ask a question for us or Julia

(Neither Carla nor claim to be any sort of experts, of course. As with this blog, I like rambling/writing about experiences/stuff I learned/triumphs/crushing defeats and sometimes other people can take something helpful from it.  But with Two Fit Chicks And A Microphone it's even better because it's about other people – people who've inspired us or just generally kick arse.)

So please check it out if you fancy. Our next episode will be out Monday and is all about Goals! Big ones, small ones, and lots of ideas on how hunt then down.

And if you've got any personal triumphs or tidbits to share for the Blogger News segment be sure to let us know. Toot your own horn! 

The Email Situation
I've  been meaning to update this since my little meltdown last year. It is still impossible to answer all my emails. This is not to say it's like that scene in A Hard Day's Night where The Beatles get letters by the sackful. It's just that there are more emails than is physically possible to respond to if I want to have time to work, bathe

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