Two Fit Chicks Episode 04, featuring the Weight Zapper 5000!

For your aural pleasure! I am so bloody excited about today’s new episode of Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone, least of all because I FINALLY got things working so that if you listen to the show on a iPod or iPhone or other video contraption, you will see our logo on your screen! GEEKGASMS AHOY!

This podcast almost didn’t happen as when we went to record on Saturday my new microphone refused to work and I chucked a wee tantrum, but we carried on and it was rockin’ good fun! It’s great to have a new project to sink your teeth into. I love the planning, the collaborating, the chatting, the hours of nerdy editing. Three cheers for MizFit Carla for being such a good partner in crime. If anyone out there is tuning in, I hope it’s okay for you too 🙂

Today we answer a megaload of your questions: how not to quit, staying positive, body weight workouts; should I eat breakfast?

Tangents include: secondhand advice from an Everest climber, Carla and I discover a mutual loathing of kayaking, and dealing with PR emails.

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7 thoughts on “Two Fit Chicks Episode 04, featuring the Weight Zapper 5000!

  1. I LOVE the podcasts!!! Can I just say, it’s 2009 and yours is the first one I’ve ever listened to? I spent an hour clearing out my wardrobe and bathroom cabinet to you and Carla chatting away. Wonderful!

  2. I am such a fan of the podcast – brilliant!

    And Kudos to you for being able to blog for so long…so if you choose to put down your pen, rest assured, your fans will follow you into the 21st century of pod casts.

    Lets hope you lovely ladies get some sponsorship real soon.

  3. Well love, I finally finish reading the story of your life and you go and close up shop on me?! Actually, I perfectly understand, but still wanted to tell you how wonderful and inspirational your story has been. I will continue to follow you. Gonna go see if I can find your book. Best Wishes


  4. Alaskaboy was our Audio Engineer and I was the Editor/Slushpile Sorter Outerer at a science fiction podcast magazine. Lemme just say, as someone who KNOWS how much work goes into these episodes, how impressed I am with what you’re doing.

    Episode 4 in particular struck several chords this week. I know I feel like I’ve been scaling a personal Everest of my own forever now and I feel like I’m slipping farther and farther down from Basecamp instead of getting closer to the summit.

    After being so down physically the last couple months/years this has helped me pick my chin up and keep treading the path. It’s reminded me to be thankful for where I am at the moment and to look around and admire the view.
    Thanks, Chickies!

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