Happy Festivus

We've had a cracking Christmas Day here at Crooked House. Champagne with brekkie followed by a huge snowball fight and building our very first snowman. Then we cooked the mother of all Christmas lunches and now we're flopped on the couch like seals on a beach.

Hope you're having a good Friday, wherever you and whatever you're up to! Thank you for stopping by this year πŸ™‚

The snow started to melt this arvo so the poor lad's arms fell off.

22 thoughts on “Happy Festivus

  1. Heloo lovely!

    Hope you had a lovely wonderful Cmas! Just wondering if your house is still stinky or if you fixed it!?

  2. MERRY XMAS, belatedly, my dear. I reckon the armless snowman is the embodiment of almost everyone at about 3.30 pm after Christmas lunch!!!

  3. Merry festive season to you and the doc! Hope santa was good to you – what did ya get?! I thought of you when I unwrapped some mini green and blacks…drool….only discovered it after you mentioned it, now I’m hooked dagnammit!!

    And the snowman rocks! By the time I got to the family, where the snow was, there wasn’t enough to make a snowman, and as the youngest family member (age 28!) no one would humour me to help make a mini one…bloody spoil sports!

  4. Merry Christmas, wishing you good health and lots of fun and laughter for the new year!
    Luv the snow man!
    New Years plans? Our 14 year old is going sledding with his friends and we’re getting a movie or 2, ordering pizza, and drinking the chapagne that’s been chilling for the last month. (we’ll do the t.v count down at midnight-New York time which is 9:00 our time-shh) Someone gave us advise to always keep champagne in your fridge(even if its baby-duck) to dare life to throw you something to celebrate!
    Cheers from Canada

  5. Merry Christmas to you, Shauna! I hope you and Dr. G have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year, and don’t fret too much about eating like a seal…it IS just once a year you know πŸ˜‰

  6. Glad you had such a great Festivus! You didn’t mention the airing of the grievances or the feats of strength.

    I’ve enjoyed your book (both times) and your blog.

    Have a wonderful 2010. πŸ™‚

  7. Great picture – we have/had his brother in our front garden. Traditional caption for the photo is of course: “Can you smell carrots??”

  8. Always found it disturbing that you define 95 kilos as “not skinny, not fat”. It’s clearly fat. Also, you never discuss the loose skin – and you must have plenty. As a woman who myself lost 75 kilos I found these two things in your book troubling and misleading.

  9. Happy holidays you groovers πŸ™‚

    @Miss X –
    I don’t know precisely what part of the book you’re referring to with the “not skinny, not fat” thing. But from memory I think I was talking about being that weight and being in a no-man’s land. 95 kilos compared to 160 feels tiny! Perhaps I should have used the phrase “not skinny, not morbidly obese” to be more technically precise for you but it would have been clunkier to read. It’s just a bit of poetic licence that’s all. It’s a journal of a personal experience, not a medical journal.

    It’s also a book, of limited length and carefully edited to ensure it reads like a story. So an essay about loose skin did not fit in with the narrative. But it has always been item number one on the FAQ section of the blog. Here’s the direct link –

    If you find anything else troubling or misleading would you mind sending an email, as I try to keep the comments section of the blog for commenting on the blog entries.

  10. Happy Late Christmas! Or happy New Year! Or something. It is a stinking hot 41C here in Adelaide, so I can’t actually think anymore anyway. Crazy, but I’m glad to be Warm (warmer than my current home at least!)

  11. Hey Shauna Happy New Year, looks like you are a true winner, congratulations. I was in Edinburgh last June, and wow, I fell in love with the place. As an Australian, we can only relate to old as being from the 1700-1800, but when one sees almost a whole city of beautiful old buildings…. well it left me in awe.

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