Announcing The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out!

This here blog turns the crusty old age of nine today!

It has been a grand old time and I wanted to say thanks again for coming along for the ride. I have made some amazing pals through this beast. Thank you for all the laughs and inspiration and wonderful comments and emails. Again I sincerely apologise for not being able to keep up with the replies, but I do read them all and do a little chair dance!

Over the years many people have asked why there's no advertising or giveaways on this blog. Is it because you're an artiste? An elitist snob? A raging communist?

It could be the above. Or it could be I'm too lazy to figure out how to fit ads into my templates. Or it could be, to paraphrase Mr Darcy, that PR companies so very rarely get in touch with anything handsome enough to tempt me. 99% of press releases are completely irrelevant to me and/or you lovely readers.

A typical request:

Mr Diet Girl,

Would you like to write about  Crazy Bob's Tastee Granola Bar that's only available in the USA and is laden with dodgy sweeteners and orangutan-destroying palm oil?

In exchange for 500 words of copy and 16 links in your sidebar we will give you one (1) Crazy Bob's Tastee Granola Bar…

So there you have it, nine years of non-commercial bloggery. If the Total Greek Yogurt people offered me a trip to Greece to visit the yogurt plantations… that might be a different story.

All that said, today I am going to break tradition. For the big bad birthday, I'm busting out a giveaway!

After years of offering feck all, now I'm trying to make it up to you, like an estranged parent with an ice cream cone.

For one week only, may I proudly present…

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out starts this Monday 18 January. I'll be giving away one prize per day, for nine consecutive days.

Basically all I did was ferret through my cupboards and think about what stuff I liked to eat and do and wear and whatnot. Then I became a shameless hussy and wrote a megaload of emails to the people that make these various products. I asked if they fancied donating a prize to The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out? A number of them responded favourably to form a delightful hodge podge of prizes.

We're not talking OMG Oprah Put A Car Under My Chair kind of prizes, but they are cracking wee things that I absolutely adore that I was highly tempted to keep for myself, made by some really sound companies.

Best of all, most of these giveaways are open to readers from anywhere in the world. None of that crushing USA ONLY stuff around here! Well, a couple are UK Only but how often does the UK get to lord it over everyone since the Empire crumbled?

Anyway, if you want to join in The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out, be sure to come back this Monday 18 January when the first prize will come up for grabs. All you will have to do to enter is leave a comment with a valid email address. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator. Giddyup!

78 thoughts on “Announcing The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out!

  1. Happy Birthday!! I’d be lost without this little blog of yours and I love you for not hosting ads! (as you stated the stuff is ususally crap anyways!)

  2. I did once have a very nice PR lady offer me a chance to try out this Fancy New Cellulite cream. She took it very nicely when I said I really couldn’t do the product justice.

  3. Happy birthday DietGirl, I love reading your blog, though I haven’t been a blog reader for 9 years, I think that is amazing. And yes, I will be back Mon for the giveaway info. No Mr Bob bars? jk.

  4. Okay, now that is exciting! Wheeeeeeeeeee! I love giveaways.

    Oh yeah . . . Happy Ninth!! πŸ˜€

    Love love love!

  5. Nice! I want to thank you for a great blog that I read regularly…to (sort of) paraphrase Sally Field’s 1985 Oscar speech- I like you, I really like you!

  6. I’m here only to complain!

    Visit Greece for the Fage plantation eh???

    Shame on you!!!!

    (happy birthday blog that brought this woman to my life!!!)

  7. Happy Birthday!
    Your blog is amazing. It is wonderful to see what a person can achieve.
    All the best and greetings from a foggy Vienna (Austria),

  8. @Argy – well of course I would see you while I was there! you would have to tour the plantations with me! πŸ˜›

    thank you for the comments everyone πŸ™‚

  9. Happy 9th Birthday Blog Diet Girl – keep up the excellent work – you are an inspiration.

  10. Mr. Darcy…handsome enough to tempt me, LOL LOL LOL. That really struck me funny this morning.
    Happy 9, you don’t look a day over 7.

  11. Congratulations on your 9th year! W00t!

    I’ll definitely be interested to see the UK only stuff (been missing the UK since I graduated uni in 2002 and had to come back to the US).

    And my fingers are crossed for the Fage people to come along and offer you that trip;o)

  12. Happy Blogiversary, Shauna…I love coming here to read about your life adventures, both weight and not-weight related; if I ever get back to the UK, I’m so going to arrange a meet up. πŸ™‚

  13. WOW! How time flies?!! I read you since the beginning and have enjoyed all of it! Happy 9th B-day!!

  14. you know shauna (half-my-name namesake), simply put, you are bloggerific. i cracked open your book today, you know, for the “feck” of it, to a random page, started reading and just started rolling. i like to think of you as a little gift i give to myself from time to time. (like a gooey, nougaty, center in a piece of your favorite chocolate that you weren’t expecting–only, well, better…)

    cheers & newcastle ale,
    shauntay larkins
    long beach, ca

  15. Hi there!
    I’m a little fan of yours! I’ve been reading your blog, since going on a diet and starting a weightless blog myself.

    Just wanted to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!


  16. The UK will most likely definitely crush the USA in the inaugural giveaway, as the 18th is MLK Day in the States and many of us will not be at our desks where we generally read your lovely, lovely blog. Enjoy your increased odds, UK commenters!

  17. Yay you. Happy Birthday. Wonderful book youve been a HUGE inspiration and your musing always give me a lift. Congratulations on a wonderful blog and well done.
    C U on Monday!

  18. @Moe – that wasn't one of the prizes, i thought everyone'd be sick to death of hearing about it by now!

    enjoy your long weekend, Americans!

  19. Blimey, nine years,who’d have thunk it! Thanks for all the laughs, tears and inspiration! V. excited about the giveaways… you’re spoiling us!

  20. Happy 9th Birthday beautiful girl and thank you for sharing and inspiring so many people! I love your honesty, integrity and all round good, fun, crazy spirit πŸ™‚ x

  21. Oh congratulations Shauna. Nine years is such an achievement for your blog. It’ll be a teenager before you know it.

    And it’s been nine years of excellent, excellent writing; inspiring honesty; and really useful information.

    Well done you.

  22. And just when I thought I couldn’t love your blog any more, you’re finally tempted me to de-lurk to say it! (I was going to wait until Monday for the grand de-lurking but this way you know the comment is pure(er) of heart ;-D)
    Every time you chair-dance to the (wonderful!) comments, you can feel even better thinking of the many many folk like me, who don’t necessarily email or comment but are out here, silently reading and smiling and being so grateful that you’re you.

  23. 9 years from your 20’s to 30’s is a lifetime…. don’t want to make your feel old though πŸ™‚

    Loving it as always, so Happy Blog Birthday to you!

  24. Mr Dietgirl! Happy ninth birthday! Yours is the only blog I come back to again and again. I will sure as diddly-dammit hell be visiting on Monday!

    Keep up the fab bloggin’ Shauna.

    Love from your mad fan Al xx

  25. Happy 9th Blog Birthday to you Dietgirl! You and Pasta Queen were the first blogs I read and couldn’t ask for better inspiration.

    I can’t wait to see all the cracking wee things that you absolutely adore. Giddyup!

  26. 9 years ago I didn’t know what a blog was…darn it!
    Happy 9th. And I lurve that you don’t advertise, but I’ll take your wee prizes.

  27. I first found your blog via Kathryn (of Limes & Lycopene)& I’m also commenting because of K, who reminded me one of my 2010 resolutions is to comment on more blogs more often.

    Happy Birthday & Congratulations. OMG, 9 years old…so you were a pioneer blogging in the early “oughts”. I hope saying that doesn’t make you feel old. Just ahead of your time & one to follow.

  28. “After years of offering feck all, now I’m trying to make it up to you, like an estranged parent with an ice cream cone.”

    Yeeheeehee. You are HILARIOUS.

    Love it, Shauny, even it hits home a bit hard. I never got no icecream, but Dad did swing me a one-off $10 bucks for my 18th birthday present to “buy a bottle of whatever you like drinking”. What a charm! I eagerly await the return of the birthday-present-from-deadbeat-dad comet for my 36th birthday. Only 2 years to wait.


    I don’t want no prize, but here to say happy 9 years, you magnificent woman. What a triumph you are! The journey! SMOOCH! xx

  29. HI! I just discovered your site and already love it. I too have lost a lot of weight…over 140 pounds and still working on a few more LOL. Happy 9th birthday. Sad that I missed nine years already,,,but looking forward to many more> Congrats!

  30. Happy 9th Blogthday Shauna. I found Dietgirl around the time you moved to the UK and have loved it ever since. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone!

  31. Oooh!

    Nothing gets people’s attention quite like reading about other people’s lives and giveaways.

    And you are doing both!

    Go Shauna! Go Dietgirl!

    BTW I wonder how many years is 9 blog years in ‘people years’…as yours is on your life I’d say x 3 and +1 for every blog year. Which would make it 30. What do you think? Too old? Too young? About right?


  32. Wow – 9 years! Happy birthday! By the way I read your book and just loved it – am just new to your blog. I wish you continuted success (even if the Fage people don’t come thru with that trip)!

  33. Happy Birthday to Dietgirl! Wow! I adore that you’re calling your giveaway the “sell-out”-too funny. As if you could ever actually sell-out πŸ™‚

  34. Happy Birthday! I’m re-reading your book right now for new year inspiration and it’s working – down 5 pounds! πŸ™‚

  35. … and the most exciting part of the 9th blog-iversary? We get a post a day!! Yah.

    Shanuy writes words good πŸ˜‰

    Pussycat fan from way back. Then was reading both for about 6 months before realising the caped crusader and evelated feline were one and the same!!!

  36. Not really here to enter, just here to say your are AWESOME, the 2 Fit Chicks podcast keeps me going through interminable hours on the road, and I’m doing the Edinburgh Moonwalk this year. Care to join me? Or at the very least (best??) show up on some random corner and cheer me on??

  37. Happy Birthday! I’ve been reading your blog for years but only bought your book about a month ago. I really enjoyed it – I wondered if it would just be like reading your archives but it was really well put together. I literally LOL’d a bunch of times and that rarely happens when I read books, so thanks πŸ™‚

  38. Happy Birthday
    Bring on another 9 years of highs, lows, recipes, and general kick (boxing) buttedness!!
    You do us Aussies proud!!!

  39. Happy Birthday, keep up the great writing and inspiration you give all of us struggling fatties out there, love your site !

  40. Happy blog birthday!!!

    9 years… wow… If I could stick at anything for 9 years, I’d be very proud! You’re an inspiration, not just for the lard busting, but for being such a superstar person in general!

  41. Congratulations on the 9 years Shauna! I think I’m too late for the draw, but still! Congrats!

  42. Thank you, Shauna! A million times over!

    I discovered your website over the summer, when I first set out to get healthy and I immediately felt like I wasn’t alone on my journey. I was so entranced by your blog that I went back to the very beginning, just so that I could watch your story unfold and figure out how you came to be such an amazing person! I just love your writing style and your sense of humor! Thanks so much for sharing your story.

    I subscribed to your podcast too and it’s really been helping me fight the good fight. And yes, I miss Jillian’s radio show too!

  43. I’ve been loving your blog since I bought the book (obviously, I have not been reading for 9 years then). I use it to inspire me to keep at the weight loss and also to satisfy my bone deep longing for Scotland- every time you mention a Scottish-y thing in your blog, I feel like leaving everything in Luxembourg behind, going to the ferry and returning!! Thanks for both!!
    with lots of admiration and a cyber hug,

  44. Hi! I would love a Dietgirl t-shirt. I am proud of being inspired by you and for losing 60 lbs. so far. Maybe you could use to send the design or quote from you and they will put it on a variety of shirts and other items. Check it out!
    Luv ya, Mandy

  45. This post had both my husband and I laughing…’specially the bit about the UK only stuff. Happy 9th birthday! I am a relatively recent convertee to your lurvly blog – have only been reading for about five years. Love it!

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