Sell Out Summary plus Cardio Coach winners

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell OutMan oh man all this pimping is exhausting. Thanks for all your entries! That's all the Sell Out prizes announced now, and aside from Cardio Coach, you can still enter up until Monday 1 February  Wednesday 3 February* 10.00 GMT.

Here's a summary of what's up for grabs:

If you'd like to enter please leave a comment on the corresponding entry of the prize. Not on this entry or the terms and conditions entry.

The Day 1 Cardio Coach prize has closed and the random number generator has spoken! The winners were 23 Sheila, 25 Ana, 49 SK, 78 asydfoodie, 109 Ellen K, 131 carrie, 167 FitFunk, 189 Briana, 190 Katie, 194 Fiona. You've all been notified by email.

For those who missed out, you can take advantage of the 25% discount consolation prize if you order by January 31. Just enter the code dietgirl at the checkout. Workouts are already nicely priced at $14.95 USD and even better with the discount.

Also for those who asked:

  1. You can test drive Sean's accent on the Cardio Coach website.
  2. Yes that is Sean himself trying to douse his hotness with water in the picture! Cardio-coach 

* UPDATE: I thought it was Monday then realised I'd put Wednesday on the contest posts. Still a few more days to enter!

13 thoughts on “Sell Out Summary plus Cardio Coach winners

  1. Woo hoo!! I won, I won! The random number generator really likes me! Thank you, DG, and here’s to 9 more years of fabulous, informative and heartfelt posts…

    p.s. I’m just commenting my thanks & joy at winning the cardio coach, not trying to scam another prize, so if my number comes up for this one, just roll the dice again (maybe you already do that automatically)

  2. @Cindi – Carla and I try to have a new episode every three weeks so there's one due Feb 1, but not sure if we'll make it as we're a wee bit flat out at the moment… arrgh…

  3. Completely off topic, but a while ago you brought a polar heart rate monitor and I was wondering if you wouldnt mind sharing which model you brought – I’m looking to buy one but there are sooo many different features and prices!! Your help would be much appreciated!

  4. @Sam – I got a Polar F11. If I had my time again I would have got a cheaper,
    less complicated one as I rarely use any other feature than "what is my
    heart rate right now?" but all depends on what you're after 🙂

  5. Oh goodness! I got the rules wrong somehow and thought you could only comment on the day.

    Must go off and enter for a few!

  6. Darlin I have tagged you in todays post. If you have time to pop off (LOL) check it out.

    I cannot believe I missed the giveaway!

    *blogrolls you STRAIGHT AWAY! *

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