WIN! ‘An Honest Kitchen’ magazine – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 3

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out The prize:
Three lucky winners will each receive one copy of An Honest Kitchen, the e-magazine all about delicious, simply prepared seasonal food.

Available to readers from: Worldwide

What the heck is it?
An Honest Kitchen is the creation of nutritionist and writer extraordinaire Limes & Lycopene and food blogger and ace photographer Lucinda Dodds of Nourish Me. The magazine is about, "Food that’s balanced and made up of ingredients which improve your health, served in realistic portions. Along the way we’ve tried to simplify, cut back on processes, find ways of making the cooking easier and show the food as it really is. Honest food."

An Honest Kitchen
Why do you dig it?
It's a stunner of magazine. The photography is gorgeous, the writing is delicious to read, and the recipes are great. How do you like the sound of Spiced North African Chicken, Beef Medallions with Cauliflower & White Bean Mash or a Lentil, Ricotta and Rocket tart? Hubba hubba. The mag is also full of great tips and nutritional information in a helpful, non-jargony way. You can feel the care and hours of effort that Lucinda and Kathryn have poured into it!

There are 3 copies of An Honest Kitchen e-magazine to be won. Winners can choose from the Winter edition, or the bumper Spring/Summer edition which is out on 26 January.
Leave a comment below to enter! Winner will be drawn at random. This prize is open to readers anywhere and everywhere. Entries close Wednesday 3 February 2010 at 12.00 GMT.

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203 thoughts on “WIN! ‘An Honest Kitchen’ magazine – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 3

  1. This sounds like a fab magazine, and right up my alley for how I’m planning to start cooking!

  2. ooh! ooh! Pick me!Pick Me! (yeah I know it’s random, but I am putting it out to the universe…)
    it looks wonderful I am a constant lurker on Kathryns site. πŸ™‚ I am like the quiet kid sitting at the back of the classroom. hehe Always learning, never speaking up (but no, I am not flicking spitballs… gross! LOL)

  3. Yes please. I’ve been lusting after this mag for a while now! PS-hello from Melbourne…

  4. I’ve never heard of this magazine. . . I am intrigued. Also, as a Photography major, I am always intrigued by people’s images of food. Food photography is a talent in it’s own right!

  5. Ahh..pretty food pictures, and great thing to try in the kitchen yes please! Shamlessly de-lurking to win :-0

    So, hi from Perth, Australia where, at 42 this week, it is a bit warmer than the Perth closer to you!

  6. ME ME ME This is exactly what my plan is. Trying to learn to cook so I can eat little to no processed food. It all started with my garden last year. I was raised on frozen banquet chicken and hamburger helper. I NEED this. And thanks for the link!

  7. This looks great, pick me! I’m all about real food, not processed crap. This magazine looks awesome

  8. This magazine sounds perfect! I have been slipping with some of my portion sizes and I’m having a hard time finding good healthy recipes.

  9. This magazine sounds perfect. I am working hard on cutting “fake” food out of my family’s diet. It just makes sense to eat real food and get it while it is fresh!

  10. No way!! I love Limes & Lycopene, and I’ve been wanting An Honest Kitchen for ages. I even asked for it for chrissy, but no one in my family is tech-savvy enough to figure out the e-thing.
    Sadly, tis not in my budget to buy it for myself so I would just LOVE to win one. Are you listening, random nubmer generator??? LOVE!

  11. I’ve just finished a 7-day detox at home in Bali and a copy of this mag would be just great to help me push on with some of the good things I’ve learned.

  12. Hello – im reading your book now, just got to the bit where you first met your husband and things are starting to progress with mint style biscuits!?! Such a good read and inspiration for me to get off my lardy bum and take stock… Congrats for your fantastic work, keep it up x

  13. This is a beautiful publication- absolutely glorious photos and yummy recipies. Just has the Spicy African Chicken from the Winter Edition!

  14. Considering I just spent the entire afternoon poring over my recipe books looking for inspiration, pick me! pick me! pick me!

    Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  15. I’d love to win this, I’ve been following Limes and Lycopene for some time now thanks to seeing your recommendation in one of your posts.

  16. Yup, I would love to win this lovely prize.

    Can’t wait to see what other prizes you have in store πŸ™‚

  17. These competitions are turning me from lurker to grasping, pick-me pick-me uber-commenter. Sorry! But this one looks excellent! Too good a chance to miss!

  18. Ohhh me me me.

    I’ve been looking at this and YUMMMY!!

    I never know when to post Shauny! Wednesday in Australia or Wednesday in Scotland? Why HELLO space time continum.


  19. If I don’t win I may have to look into getting one on my own! Thanks for the intro to this wonderful mag.

  20. I admit to being a lurker! This competition has prompted me to post a comment. Great blog, sensible advice, I love it!

  21. This looks like a lovely magazine…please put me in the hopper for consideration and THANK YOU for being so generous and sharing in the first place!

  22. Too early in the morning for me to come up with a witty comment. But I want the book dammit!

  23. Shauna! Happy 9th blog birthday…9…you’re almost in double digits, now.

    Such an encouraging response – and thanks for your lovely shout out about what we’re doing. Love your work, darls.

  24. My legs are so sore from weight training – I can barely sit on the toilet ?!?!?!

    yup, thats my entry….

  25. Oh I follow her blog. Haven’t had the money to try the magazine though -would love to win it!

  26. Ooooh, a competition! Love it! Congratulations for the 9th anniversary, and thank you for sharing it with us, ups and downs.

  27. As luck would have it, I don’t have a spammy blog, but would love to win this e-magazine!

  28. Oh what a fantastic idea! I’m always looking for new tasty and healthy recipies – they tend to either be one or the other!

  29. Yay! The chance for more recipes I’ll read and plan for obsessively, but never actually get around to cooking πŸ™‚

  30. Looks wonderful, I’m just learning to cook in a more healthy way, so this would be fabulous….

  31. It seems I chose the perfect day to start catching up on my favourite blog after a busy start to the new year! Looking forward to reading more from you, Shauna.
    Love from Marie, Denmark.

  32. Looks good. I could use help in the creative cooking arena! If my dog could reach the stove, he’d be a better cook than I am!

  33. I have the winter edition — simply gorgeous and gorgeously simple.

    Like the previous 160+ commenters, I would love to win the bumper Spring/Summer edition. But if I don’t (and perhaps I jinx myself if I say this) I will be buying a copy. You can quote me on that :-).

  34. I am not a very adventurous cook so I think that this book would help me to try new things. Please pick me.

  35. This would be awesome. Always looking for things that will help keep me motivated in my quest for eating healthy!

  36. The cover picture alone is pure food porn! Thanks for the contest and good links to new blogs that I’ll become addicted to πŸ™‚

  37. This sounds wonderful! I am always looking for more delicious healthy recipes to feed my family.

  38. Hi, I’m another one of the shallow club who delurk for a chance to win a prize. PS: loved your book.

  39. Hi Shauna,

    Not sure if I have already commented on this one…but just covering base in case I missed this… PICK ME!!PICK ME!!

  40. Would love to win this. I came across the Limes and Lycopene blog via your site a few months ago and read it regularly.

  41. My hubby would love this and I would too, coz he could cook me yummy, healthy dishes ; ) Hope we can win it.

  42. mmmmm….yummy! sidenote: couldn’t remember if i had posted on this one yet, so was scrolling through and can’t believe how many different people have the same names! seriously, we must all be in the same age range…lots of amys, karens, etc. i love how names pop up so much from certain 5 year spans, then slink away for a while!

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