WIN! Audio workouts from @CardioCoach – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 1

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out The prize: Cardio Coach Volume 1 MP3 workout

Available to readers from: Worldwide

What the heck is it?
Cardio Coachβ„’ is a downloadable audio workout program for your iPod / MP3 player and is designed for any type of cardio machine (bikes, treadmill, cross trainer, elliptical, stair stepper, rower etc.) and features a patented levels & zone system for any fitness level, from beginner to advanced.

Why do you dig it?
I wrote about Cardio Coachβ„’ in 2007:

.. a dude called Sean O'Malley with a rather sexy voice tells you exactly what to do; suitable for any piece of cardio equipment. When to go fast, when to go slow, when to stretch; it really does make the time go faster! I have conversations with Sean in my head. I hate you Sean. Oh we're almost there? Fine then. I'll do it. Only for you. Fetch me another bottle of water Sean. You're the best Sean. HIGHLY recommended.

There are 10 copies of Cardio Coachβ„’ Volume 1 to be won, each worth $14.95 USD.
Simply leave a comment below to enter! Entries close Tuesday 26 January 2010 at 10.00 GMT.
Winners will be drawn at random.
Click here to view terms and conditions of the prize draw.

BONUS! Don't despair if you miss out: All Dietgirl readers score 25% discount off all workouts until January 31. Just enter the code dietgirl at the checkout.


210 thoughts on “WIN! Audio workouts from @CardioCoach – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 1

  1. Oooooh, is it in a scottish accent?

    ( Also, I’m delurking from about 2 years of reading your blog to tell you how much you rock. I’m so glad you made it to 9 years.)

  2. How fun! I just read your book, and it is inspiring me on my own weight-loss journey. I’m enjoying your blog now, too.

  3. I love my elliptical, but definitely use something to change it up a bit.

    Happy Birthday by the way. Love the blog and have been loving your podcasts with THE MIZFIT.

  4. LOL I checked out the page and thought….it’s not Monday yet. Ok so there it is πŸ™‚

  5. I would LOVE to try the Cardio Coach!! Just discovered your rockin’ blog from the Two Fit Chicks podcast, which I also adore! Congrats to you on your 9th blog birthday and keep up the great work πŸ˜€

  6. Great website, happy anniversary!
    Just wish my aussie friend who moved to Scotland to get married would take heed of your wise words as he has ballooned since become dormant with Scottish winters!

  7. I listen to you and Mizfit while I walk but could definitely use a sexy voice for filler between podcasts!

  8. I am in the process of joining a gym. This would give me extra comfort and motivation whilst on my journey.


    Thank you,


  9. For shame – I de-lurk not to comment on a particuarly funny entry, not to offer congratulations on achievements newly reported, not to send words of encouragement on dark days. No I de-lurk for the chance of winning something. Shallow-ness exposed. Ah well.

  10. DUDE. I listened to the samples and those are awesome. It’s like… personal trainer or fitness class, but you don’t have to show up at a certain time. I’d love to win one.

  11. I have really enjoyed your blog for the past few month. I wish I could say I have been a reader from the beginning, but I only discovered it after reading your book. Your book was amazing and inspiring.

  12. Motivation would be sorely appreciated (delivered by a sexy voice might make it more inviting)

  13. Shauna, I’ve read your blog for years and this is my first comment – I’m embarrassed that it took the promise of free gifts to pull me out of the woodwork!

  14. I’ve never commented before, but I’ve been a fan for a long time!! Thank you for everything and happy birthday! Pick me!

  15. Sounds great! Just what someone like me needs on the damned cross trainer and rowing machines!

  16. I feel very odd leaving a comment on your blog to win something, like I am taking advantage of you and your lovely nature.

    However, as you can see, this is not enough to put me off entering. I am a shallow woman indeed.


  17. So do we have to write something interesting and relevant to enter this competition or will any old malarky do? πŸ˜‰

  18. I’ve been reading your blog for ages and it’s given me a lot of inspiration. Congratulations on 9 years πŸ™‚

  19. Thanks for being such a sell out for us Shauna!

    Congratulations on your anniversary, its quite an achievement to stick around here that long..

  20. I would love to win this. I’m finding cardio a bit boring at the moment. I’m supposed to be on my way to do some right now, and I think this would really help motivate me. I might look into buying a workout.

  21. Hi Shauna,

    I think the ‘Sean song’ has to visit me in Australia!!! πŸ™‚

    Lets hope my name comes out of the hat!!

    Keep up the blog…it is hugely motivating to me and I am learning a lot by just reading your blog..


  22. Happy Birthday!

    I could use some motivation for the treadmill. Every time I drag myself to the gym it feels like such a slog clomping along on.

  23. Pretty Please – after a month of revising and exams and NO exercise I desperately need something to help me get going again. I think my body has forgotton that it can actually move!

  24. I just ate half a box of Wheat Thins, half a bag of Doritos, and some gouda. I need to STOP THE INSANITY and start working the Doritos off my ass. PLEASE SEND ME A COPY OF THIS WORKOUT!

    Forever on the Hips

  25. Ooh, pick me, pick me! It’s hot in Oz at the moment so I need to do some cardio indoors!

  26. I can’t believe you’ve been about for 9 whole years,

    Isn’t it meant to be the other way around, aren’t we meant to be giving you some pottery or a basket made of willow for entertaining us so long!?!

    Here’s to the next 9 years!

  27. How can I resist leaving a comment when there’s something to win? Well, I can’t. πŸ™‚

    Have a great day!

  28. Shamelessly commenting in the hopes of winning something for free (and also kickstarting my New Year workouts!)

  29. Another delurker here. Isn’t it amazing what the offer of free stuff will do πŸ™‚

    Whether I win or not…. Happy 9th Birthday!!!

  30. I just added a post re terms and conditions of the Sell Out but will reiterate here that the prizes will be drawn at RANDOM πŸ™‚

  31. Okay I don’t usually like someone telling me what to do, but count me in – the sexy voice might just do it!

  32. Oooh, sounds great. Just what I need for the spin bike! Please put me in the hat. Well, my name. And congratulation on nine years!

  33. All I wanna say is: Congratulations πŸ™‚

    No Mp3 for me please unless Sean’s sexy voice works outside as well. Need me some fresh air and hate cardio equipment!

  34. Oooh, that’s a really good idea! I just got back to using my stationary bike as cross-training for my new running habit. I find the bike REALLY boring, so maybe this would help.

  35. I have just found Diet Girl and love the way you write (and you get bonus points because you are an Aussie)

  36. Congratulations on reaching 4th grade primary school. My party dress – in which I used to have space to eat in has now become rather squishy, and I have no room to eat once I put it on!

  37. Oh yes! This is just what I need to get my butt into gear. Pick me, Dietgirl! (pretty please…)

  38. ooh, I hope it inspires me to do some cardio. Is the handsome chap part of the prize (just joking…)

  39. I’d love a man with a sexy voice to tell me what to do!
    Perfect motivation for a single mom (did I mention single?)! Thanks Diet Girl and Happy Anniversary! You rock! xoxo

  40. yes, yes, yes – I would luuuurve this.

    Fionna (currently eating an apple but eyeing up a M&S All Butter Fruity Flapjack Cookie on the desk at the side of me)

  41. OMG, since hubby gave me a threadmill for Christmas I could so use this… Or do I sound like a spoilt brat now??? Otherwhise I have to continue to watch my DVD’s of “V”… And maybe I will scare the people if I get back into those 80’s hairstyle…

    Happy birthday BTW!

  42. Happy 9th Birthday Shauna! Don’t we wish we were all 9 again. Seriously, I enjoyed your book and am enjoying your blogs.

  43. Please pick me!! I just joined a gym and would love something cool like this to listen to on the treadmill and elliptical machine!!!

  44. Oooh this would be perfect for me. Seeing as my ‘I’ll start going to gym on 1st January’ regime has, well, not started yet.

  45. Hello – I’ve been reading for a year or so, but have never commented…might as well start now, right? haha. I’m getting back into my workout routine finally…this stuff seems cool – I’ll probably check it out anyways!

    From your biggest fan in Bangkok, Thailand πŸ˜‰

  46. I would love to win this!! I’ve been reading for a good while, but I’ve probably never commented either. I have read your book though and I LOVED IT!!

  47. I had never heard of this – what a great concept! I’d love to try it! Better – I’d love to win it!

  48. Me too. Pleasethankyouverymuch.

    Happy anniversary too, by the way. Enjoying your WLR articles as well – newest one was spot on!

  49. Oh, I shall join in, oh yes. Actually tempted to buy one too with the jolly ‘dietgirl’ discount… He seems so happy to be pouring water over himself that I feel I cannot ignore him.

  50. Wauw. What a great idea – But again, what a sorry reason to be de-lurking. Oh well – at least I’ve your book ;o)

  51. Would love to win. I read your book and it has kept me going in the right direction for a healthy lifestyle. I hope I win!

  52. I just realized I commented in the wrong entry. Anyway, love you, love your blog.

  53. Wow, I just finished reading your book. It was great. I also read PastaQueens book. It was wonderful to compare your two journey’s. Such very different attitudes and yet you both came to the same conclusion. Thanks for writing, both the book and the blog.

  54. I would love an audio workout. I just don’t have time to keep finding new music to work out to, so a custom work out would be great.

    Shauna, I read your book last January, and since then have lost 65 pounds. I was ready to change my life, and reading your book helped me realize that I was capable of that change as well. Thanks!

  55. Definitely need the sexy man to balance out the yelling by Jillian that normally accompanies my workouts. πŸ™‚ Love your book and your blog!

  56. I decided to leave a haiku (the real 5-7-5, you can count:) for each of the give-aways.

    Give-away is here.
    With every beat of my heart
    I want to win it.

  57. Heh, I would love anything that made the time go faster when I’m halfway through a slog on the treadmill!

  58. Hi! I would love to win this…I love your blog, your book, and your podcast. You rock!

  59. Sometimes I’m at the gym while there’s a Spinning class on and I try to follow the pace of the class from my elliptical machine… this sounds like it would work much better! πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Shauna!

  60. Great- could be perfect for me- new sport mp3 thing arrived today as late xmas pressie! Happy Birthday!

  61. Since it’s open to Canadians AND I just got an iPhone and can actually listen to podcasts now, I’ll happily enter πŸ™‚

  62. Another delurker here…

    Hi from Oz! I bought your book in July 2008 and have been following your blog ever since. Your story is inspirational and sometimes it was like you’re writing how I feel, not you. Especially the ups and downs, it actually helps to see that you’ve struggled sometimes so I don’t feel like such a failure as well.

    Once I get this baby out of me* I’m going to reread your book again and make some real changes. So thank you so much!

    * (it’s not been in since I bought the book. I’m just lazy. Although not giving birth for that long would be REALLY lazy!)

  63. I think this would work much better for me than my current method of imagining Jillian Michaels screaming in my face πŸ™‚

  64. My son is soooo mean…. He made a special cd for me and he’d tell me to get off the couch, get rid of the ice cream and get back on the treamill! I spent my ???th birthday working out to his Volume 3. I really enjoyed my birthday cake.

  65. I would love to win this device. I am also finishing the Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl and really enjoying the book. It helps me realize that with regular work, and consistent work, I can loose my extra weight too. Thank you so much.

  66. It’s still Monday in the US… does this count as an entry? In any case, congrats on 9 years of inspiring us. I’ve only been reading for a couple of years… but it’s been a great couple of years. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  67. I checked out this website after reading about cardio coach on your blog. Love the voice. This would be a great prize to win! Magic 8 Ball says “Your chances look good!” Thanks Shauna for the prize thingy. I’ve only wrote twice before but have lurked for 3 years! You always cheer me up!

  68. Awesome prize. I remember reading about this the first time, but didn’t have an MP3 player (I’m a late adopter, OK?). sounds like a brilliant idea!

  69. I’m trying to rehab my knee after surgery and am still limited in what I can do… as if I didn’t need to lose 50 lbs BEFORE I blew my knee out. So anything that would help make the treadmill or elliptical more exciting would be AWESOME! (Plus at work we’ve started a Biggest WINNER — our take on Biggest Loser — competition. So a leg up… would help a lot! πŸ™‚

  70. I am in week seven of training for my first marathon. This would be a nice addition to my training.

  71. A sexy-voiced guy telling me to work harder has got to sound better than the little nagging voice in the back of my head, which is not sexy in the least.

    (Um… does he sound like Hugh Jackman? πŸ˜‰

  72. That sounds great! I’d love to win it! Congrats for 9 years dietgirl! I love your site and your book!

  73. This would help me get back onto the treadmill again. I’ve found a new love at the gym and have neglected the old flames…lol.

  74. Love this idea!! Its got to be better than fiddling with my ipod trying to find the right track….

  75. This sounds great, my cardio workouts are so boring. Maybe a man telling me what to do is just what I need?!

  76. Conversing with a podcast would probably be a step up from talking to myself while on the elliptical machine, so I’m in!

  77. Maybe this would be the prize to get my backside back into gear? Something’s got to do it!

  78. I’d love to win this as one of my sporadic health kicks has recently begun!
    Shauna- as an Edinburgh resident I always look twice at any redheads I see in the hope that it’ll be you on a day-trip from Sunny Dunny!

  79. PICK ME! PICK ME! I know it’s a random drawing, but I can’t help it! And apparently I’m addicted to exclamation points as well.

  80. Oh this sounds like a ton of fun!! Thus far it looks like I have a one in 12 chance!! I guess we’ll see!!

  81. Ooo! Ooo! Over here. Delurking to be in it to win it. C’mon randon number generator! Discovered your blog about three months ago and have been LOVING it – and the podcasts. You guys have even got this fat lazy girl back to the gym. I only manage fifteen minutes before I fall off the elliptical red faced and panting, but hey, it’s a start. And the addition of Sean could only help me thinks.
    Thanks for being an inspiration Shauna!

  82. Happy anniversary Shauna
    delurking to say well done

    Thanks for all the great tips over the years which have change my life. My favourites being the wonderful cardio coach, ennell bras, almond butter and of course you and your wit and pure joy. Ah the things that make a difference!

    Love Janelle

  83. Hey there! I never comment but I have been through allllll the archives! Glad to see you’re still with us!

  84. If I am going to be told what to do – best done by someone with a sexy voice πŸ™‚

  85. maybe this will help me start sweating again when i work out instead of just reading magazines on the elliptical! πŸ™‚

  86. This is a pretty darn cool thing to do. And considering how much cardio I have been trying to do with be awful nice! πŸ˜‰ You rock! (not rawk! :p)

  87. I love Cardio Coach – thanks for putting me onto him in the first place, Shauna! Count me in.

  88. since i was reading your book i was inspired to lose weight,so far i lost 8kgs because of you.

  89. Is that Sean in the pic with the water bottle?? Well, helloooo mr Sean! I think that pic might just motivate me all on its own hahahaha

  90. I’d love to try this! And congrats on 9 years, I just discovered your book and it is helping me so much! Look forward to reading your blog!

  91. Great treat! I’m having to move from the treadmill to either a bike or elliptical because of knee arthritis and this sounds like a great bonus for motivation. Thanks for the opportunity!

  92. For shame I only make a comment for a chance at personal gain. I have been enjoying yor blog for a while now. I enjoyed your book and could relate to so much of it. One day I hope to share your same weight loss success too.

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