WIN! Enell sports bra from @lessbounce – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 5

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out The prize: One Enell sports bra in the colour and size of your choice, courtesy of

Available to readers from: Worldwide

What the heck is it?
The Enell sports bra allows the large chested lass to exercise without discomfort. It may not be the sexiest garment, but your boobs will not go anywhere in this thing!

Stern expression may or may not enhance your workout.

Why do you dig it?
Before I got my Enell I couldn't do high impact cardio without pain. I'd hug my chest when we did jumping kicks in Body Combat class so things wouldn't jiggle. But that all changed in 2004 when I strapped myself into this beast and found I could finally gallumph around to my hearts content, pain-free.

I bought my Enell from, who kindly donated this prize. The company was started by fitness instructor and personal trainer Selaine Saxby when she couldn't find a good sports bra locally. Now they stock sports bras suitable for all sports for chests of all shapes and sizes. They have great customer service, a handy bra finder on the homepage and they ship worldwide. You and your boobs cannae go wrong!

Simply leave a comment below to enter! This prize is open to readers anywhere and everywhere. NB the bra is designed for the more generous bosom, 32C and up. Click here for the measurement chart.

Entries close Wednesday 3 February 2010 at 12.00 GMT. Winner will be drawn at random.

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403 thoughts on “WIN! Enell sports bra from @lessbounce – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 5

  1. Sign me up for this one! I’ve heard awesome things about this bra. Too bad I already blew my sports bra budget on another brand with vicious underwire that rips welts in my chest when I run.

    (It’s otherwise a pretty good bra but I’m running out of band-aids.)

    Fingers crossed…

  2. These bras are the only ones I use for running. Beat any other hands-down … or should that be boobs-down? I need a new one though – mine is literally RUSTED.

  3. this is a prize I’d love to win. Whilst my boobs aren’t the biggest around, they still bounce none the less and I have horrible visions of me at fifty with windsock boobs (on a windfree day of course) due to all the floppage.
    save me from the floppage!! πŸ™‚

  4. I’m shocked at how great your prizes are! You’re not going to be able to top this one. How will I make it to Feb 3 waiting to see if I win?

  5. OMG, (jumping up and down wildly) I need a new one of these SO badly. I’m a 36F (or G depending on bra maker) and trained and ran a marathon in the one I have. It’s seen better days! Crossing fingers and whispering a little prayer, LOL.

  6. I fully agree with everyone – best prize ever!

    I’d absolutely love to win one of these – especially since it’s the only sports bra I’ve ever seen that goes up to my size.

    So I’m totally coming out of comment-hiding and saying: yes please I’d love to win this prize. πŸ™‚

  7. OH MY GOSH! This would be fab, my current sports bra has a huge hole in it and I can’t even remember how old it is!

  8. I neeeeeeeeeed this. It is a dream to wear only one sports bra when running! BUT – I am cheap (and poor) and so cannot afford. I know this is random, but random number generator, please pick me!

  9. I already have an Enell bra and can fully endorse them! The problem is that I like exercise but don’t like washing clothes. I need another bra to postpone my washing cycle.

  10. Yay, I LOVE Enells.
    I could really use another due to the washing/hang to dry situation (Oregon = rain = moisture in the air = things can take awhile to air dry).

    : )

  11. Never used to need too full-on a sports bra until I had a baby… now, larger boobs definitely means a decent one!

  12. *mufflemmfrfmmmphmuffle*

    Pick me! Pick me! [translation: boobs]


    Pick me! Pick me! [translation: black eyes from boobs and running]

  13. Oooh I am so in for this one!! I’m desperate for an Enell, but being a poor student there’s no way I can afford it right now πŸ™ My poor 14E boobies are suffering through many a run and gym session with crappy Big W and Target sports bras. An Enell would seriously change my life.

  14. This wouuld be awesome to have – I had the lapband surgery done a year ago and it’s hard to do cardio with the ‘girls’ all over the place.

  15. Phew! I thought we were gonna have to post our bra size in order to enter this drawing! πŸ™‚

    Great prize dietgirl!

  16. Oooh, I’ve heard great things about these, and since I’m planning on starting to run soon this would be awesome!

  17. Oh, oh! me! ME!
    I’m hoping to do my first half marathon this year and I think I’ll need one of these.

  18. I could sooo do with a sturdy sports bra. I’ve been too scared to go out running in public since I got followed by a scary man telling me to ‘shake those girls’…..

  19. Since I’m now actually wearing a 38D…. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…. I REALLY need this bra!

    Even if I don’t win this, Thank You Shauna… for your blog, your book, etc. You are awesome!

  20. Want want want so hard!! I kickbox my butt off most days, and boobs go all over the place. πŸ™‚ Need sports bra!

  21. Oh, please yes thank you. Much needed. No sports bra at all atm, getting by with ill-fitting regular bras, so a free good bra would be amazing!

  22. Oh, now /that/ is a fab prize. I want to say “pick me, pick me,” but I’m still wincing from Crabby’s comment and think maybe I should be noble and say “pick her.”

  23. You have no idea how much I could use this as a kick in the pants to get back in that gym as hardcore as I can.

  24. Oh my gosh, I TOTALLY need a bra.

    Jump lunges and running are painful for me as I have to support my chest with my own hands. *sad*


  25. Ugh, I am so in need of a ‘sheep dog’ bra (rounds them up and points them in the right direction!). The girls are all over the shop if I break into anything other than a gentle stroll, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about these bras. Fingers crossed!

  26. Another Enell lover here!
    I have one, but need to have another in a smaller size (yay me) especially for my step-pump class.

  27. umm…yes please! I work out with the crappiest “sports bra” alive. it’s more of a “sitting around” bra. would love a really good one!

  28. A little less bounce would serve me well. Everytime I go running I’m afraid of coming home with a black eye…damn you cheap sports bra!! Damnnnnn you!! *shakes fists in the air*

  29. SHEEP DOG BRA!!!!!!!!!!
    Love that, Tree. Hee hee hee.
    Dudes I wish I had more than one bra to give away but alas not.
    Honestly though, I bought 2 in 2004 and they are still going strong. Wash em gently in a lingerie bag. The cost per wear is about 1p now!

  30. Oh man, I’d love to win this. I am also well-made in the chestal regions, and ‘movement’ (ahem) in any direction is not the one I like going in. Thanks, boobs, but please let *me* guide us….

  31. Excellent prize!

    I was just out looking for new bras today but didn’t have any luck. I hate anything with lace as my skin is so sensitive and those damn underwires always end up digging into me.

    I’ve heard the Enell sports bras are the best out there that prevent women everywhere from giving themselves black eyes.

  32. OMG. Please. If I beg enough, can I win? I’m not ashamed to beg. My (single) sports bra right now is one that I bought when I was like… 15. I think it’s sized for about a 38C-D, not the 40DDD I am now. I’ve always wanted to try the Enells but can’t afford to.

  33. Is it poor form for someone who’s donated one prize to push into the competition for another? Bugger it, I’m putting my name down for this one. Thanks Shauna, love your work.

  34. Hah. I’m a 34F and about to head out to a Rebound class so it seemed appropriate to comment on this post.

  35. Hi Shauna,

    I am also one of those that de-lurks when some yummy prizes are on offer. I read ur blog from time to time and think it has been set out really well.


  36. I would love one of these Shauna, I’m blessed now that my boobs aren’t as big as they were but they do still get quite uncomfortable with some of the high impact stuff!!! My sports bra from M&S just doesn’t cut it!

  37. Oooh, can I join in this one too? I’m only likely to hit myself in the chin rather than the eye, but they still need strapped in place…

  38. I recently started running and I wear 2 sportsbras at the same time because I’m so paranoid about bouncing!! :oS

  39. My breastfeeding bosoms are sorely in need of some serious architecture and scaffolding before I can think about running again!

  40. Everybody thinks I’m just terrible with make up when really it’s just black eyes caused by the dirty pillows/twins whateva u wanna call them xx

  41. I’m an E cup so need this so badly!!!! I’m also planning on running my first ever 10k in a few months so it would get much use. πŸ™‚

  42. I’m mentally jumping up and down in excitement. Actually jumping up and down could cause permanent injury…unless I get this bra.
    Come on random number generator gods…

  43. Okay, so I already own 6 Enell Bras because I love them so much and I never want to wear anything else so have ensured that my drawer is always stocked.

    Does this make me ineligible? One more would mean that I can have one for every day of the week :0)

  44. Enell is my favourite bra ever! I bought two black ones for running but unfortunately they’re not holding the girls up as well as they used to because I lost a few pounds. The girls aren’t any smaller though, making it a nightmare to find bras that fit.

  45. I’m in the process of reading through your archives, and when I read the first post about this sports bra, I actually wrote down the name to check it out, ’cause I’ve always had a problem with with too much bounce and not enough sports bra. So winning one would be great.

  46. I’m training for a half-marathon and desperately need to replace my 10 year old “old faithful” sports bra, but I just can’t find one good enough! This should do the trick!

  47. I was just thinking about how my bra does not cope well at the gym! My back aches after a personal training session from all the “bouncing” around.

  48. I read all the time but do I comment? Not so much. But wave a great sports bra in front of me and here I am….

    thanks Shauna, for a great celebration of your anniversary πŸ™‚

  49. Awesome – Not so much a bra as a high-security prison for the breasts… in a good way πŸ™‚

  50. No to give TMI, but I really need this. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for doing these giveaways, DG. It’s been fun so far!

  51. I was so going to do a post about needing a better bra! Jumping jacks are quickly becoming dangerous! I’m afraid I’m going to knock myself out!

  52. Me, please! I can’t afford a decent sports bra, but I also can’t keep doing things with one arm clamped to my chest either!

  53. I think my boobs would be eternally grateful for this prize, especially if they are not round my ankles by the time I am 40!

  54. Maybe if I had one of these, I wouldn’t have to wear two sports bras at a time. Thanks for the chance!

  55. I just wish I had the breasts to justify such a bra, I used to, where did they go? Sob, sob. πŸ™‚ If I win, draw again, someone else would better deserve this honor.

  56. Because I have next-to-no chest, I will sign up and if I win, I’ll donate the prize to my best friend – a runner who has a few more letters in her cup than I do!!

  57. I LOVE my Enell! So much so it’s about time to replace it. Would be happy to win a new one!

  58. oh dear lord if ever I needed anything it’s this!! I dont even own a sports bra anymore after ahem… growing a year and a half ago! AND I go to the gym (as of recently) and need support!

  59. The ‘girls’ say “pick me, pick me!”
    Excellent prize.

    Cheers – have a SUPERB weekend!!

  60. Thanks for the info, just beginning a new adventure in changing my body size and shape. Now I know where to go to help with chest scafolding issues. best wishes.

  61. oh how I’d love to be able to wear this sports bra and not (cough) the two I have to wear simultaneously at the moment to stop the mega boob momentum during my marathon training.

  62. Yes, please!!! These boobs aren’t made for bouncing and I, too, have to hold them when jogging. And doing jumping jacks are…awkward.

  63. PICK ME PICK ME !!!!!!

    2 years and 10 stone lighter my enell sadly no longer fits, but the puppies NEED IT!!! a simple shock absorber does not do the trick!! my 7 hours a week of cardio needs this!!



  64. I’ve taken to wearing two sports bras to keep mine from moving. One that actually works would be fabulous!

  65. Oh PULEASE pick my entry! I am starting the C25K program next week and if I win Dietgirl’s bra and MizFit’s running shoes, I’ll be good-to-go!!

  66. Ooooh that is just what I need. About to embark on Week 3 of the Couch (potato) to 5K programme and narrowly missed sustaining a black eye last week.

  67. Oooooh, I have heard of these. I could do with one. And judging by the response, so could a lot of people. Bra fight.

  68. I, too, de-lurk only for the chance to win something. And while I read “The Amazing Adventures” last spring right before I left for 4 months in Zanzibar, I forgot to take it with me so you could have a photo of a reader in Zanzibar for you wall. So basically, I’m 0-2 on contributing to your blog, but I am so so so glad I found it!

  69. Even if I don’t win, my 44DDD’s and I will be schlepping it to the nearest store to buy one.

  70. This would be great for my sis, who got all the chestiness in the family (um, I got the hips)!

  71. Wow this couldn’t come at a better time! I just joined a gym and have been doing zumba as well as treadmills etc.. And believe you me the girls would love something to keep them from bouncing πŸ™‚

  72. Please pick me! This would make me super happy – I have a mini trampoline that I can’t bounce on without clutching myself!

  73. Oh, yes, please! Tired of ‘double-bagging’ the girls in two less than perfect bras, and still holding them down with one arm while jumping!

  74. My 15 year old sports bra could totally use a replacement! They are way overdue to be thrown out. Would love a new one!

  75. I have always wanted one of these bras! I keep telling myself it’s the reason I can’t run (good excuse, right?)

  76. I would love to win this! Definitely sounds worth it so that I won’t have to double up for the girls.

  77. I love that it doesn’t create uniboooob! I currently have to wear two jog bras to keep everything strapped down. =/ I would totally love to have one of these if it really and truly holds everything in place when I run. I’ve spent too much $$$ on ones that don’t do what they promise.

  78. I could so use this trying to get in shape for my 10 yr reunion and working out with the “girls” is a pain

  79. Spanky and alfalfa plead with you to pick me! I’m a 36D and it’s either expensive bras (I <3 my one underarmour that was 40 bucks) or double bra'ing it. And on long runs, that tends to chafe badly. πŸ™‚

  80. I LOVE Enell sports bras and have gone thru 2 of the already! I even wore one under my swimsuit for water aerobics!

  81. I would LOVE to have one of these. I have been wanting one for a while, but I can’t afford one. I’ve heard only great things about Enell. My 42DDD could really use the support!!

  82. This prize is great! I have two Enell bras but I’ve lost so much weight in the last year they’re way too big. I have to wear both of them together these days when I’m at the gym!

  83. Oh- so other people hold their chest while doing cardio too? This is such a great prize. Thanks so so much. And good product to know about too.

  84. Just as I’m trying to get into a running routine in the snow – a good bra would certainly make it all alot easier (although I suspect it won’t help me stay warm in the snow… does it come in a woollen edition??)

  85. A bra that will hold the girls firmly in place, yet not so tight that you’re in pain. A dream come true!

  86. Oh My Gosh! I would so love to win an Enell bra. Having a more than generous bust, even after losing almost 4st although my back size has shrunk my cup hasn’t, and I’m struggling at every gym session because of it. Please could I enter.

  87. Perfect for sitting on my riding mower whilst mowing the bouncy field ~ no more holdin’ The Girls!

  88. This is my second comment, again trying to score free stuff. But, if it helps this time, I have big hooters and I’m sick of double-bagging my girls every time I want to run.

  89. Wow, why is this the prize with the most comments/hopes of winning? The mind boggles and imagination runs wild re: your readership and their girls. Anyhoo, I’m one of ’em so sign me up! Love your book, love reading about your journey and how you keep getting up from the downs. Keep up the awesome inspiration!

  90. I think I am the only woman in American who’s husband is telling her to get a breast reduction…he’s really sick of rubbing my back πŸ™‚ It looks like a great product!

  91. Nice work on getting one of these to give away DG. I’ll be buying one unless the remotely possible happens.

  92. Enelle, enelle
    Dinnae take yer love to town

    You’ve totally secured your t*ts
    And flatironed your tinted hair
    Enelle are you contemplating
    Going out somewhere
    The shadow on the wall
    Tells me the girls are nae hanging down
    Oh Enelle
    Dinnae take yer love to town.

  93. I would love to buy this bra but can’t get by the price in AUS dollars – fingers crossed I win one!

  94. oh boy…would LOVE this! I need to kick up my workout to running… and this would sure help with the bounce!

  95. Oh me, me, pick me. I could sure use a bra that will hold these bad boys in place..I hate trying to find bras that will hold them in place without being completely uncomfortable.

  96. I LOVE Enell bras-they kick ass for my ridiculous rack. I have pretty much worn mine out now, so winning this would be very convenient (wink, wink, nudge nudge DG). πŸ™‚

  97. I remember your first post about this bra! And I would love to try it out for myself. By the way, love the podcast!

  98. Wow – a decent sports bra – mine you ned to be a contortionist to get in & out of.

  99. I’m taking this as a sign to stop proscratinating and start exercising already! πŸ™‚
    Love your blog, you’re so witty and you always crack me up!***

  100. Love, love my Enell and just like you it was hard to do high impact before it came into my life…I love mine so much. This is cool what you’re doing…

  101. Wow! Almost 300 comments later, and I’m still going to throw my hat in the ring.
    I’ve always wondered about the Enell bras but as they’re not sold anywhere near me haven’t tried one out yet. Sounds like a miracle though!!

  102. I like the lacier, more delicate versions of boulder holders but I’d try this if it meant the ability to leap over tall buildings in a single bound! πŸ˜€

  103. You know, winning this might even make me bite the bullet and try one of the more jiggly classes at the gym… Can’t promise the stern expression, though, and I’d probably put a t-shirt on top of it too.

  104. as a proud owner of a 38G bosom I need one of these- and I am just getting back into the spring running season….

  105. I would love to win this sports bra! I’m prego and a 34DD – and I love running, doubling up is too bulky and I am tired of having welts and scars where the band is!

  106. LOVE my current Enell bra – but I’m losing weight and I will need a new one soon. It wold be great if I could win one here are they are an expensive (but worthwhile) investment!

  107. Oh, I need a new one. My husband put mine in the dryer and it melted. They are fantastic and I cannot exercise without it. Word to the winner, do not put it in the dryer.

  108. I am dreaming of a bra that actually holds these torpedoes from 1) looking like a uniboob 2) Keeps them from jiggling all over the place 3) the big one here– I would wear only ONE bra and not two because these friggin’ breasts of mine are humongo!

    So if this is the bra, please fulfill this dream of mine. I hate wearing two bras, sweating like a man and having jock itch under these boobs. Yes, you read me right– help these poor breasts. πŸ˜‰

  109. I’ve got an Enell, though it is way too big for me now. I’d always wanted to run, though never had because I could never find a bra supportive enough for my 34F’s. After hearing about the Enell, I bought the bra, tried it on and went out and ran my very first 2miles! I’ve since lost some weight and have extended nursed my children and am left with 30DDs and am having the darndest time trying to find anything that works for me. I’d love to try another Enell if they come small enough in the band. I loved the one I had before.

  110. Did I comment on this post? Because I certainly meant to. Not sure if it’s poor form to leave a comment on a prize, when you’ve already donated another prize? But I’d really, really, *really* like that bra.

  111. Boy, do I need one of these! There’s nothing better than proper support – even more so when you’re bouncing up and down!

  112. I too am writing in hopes of winning. I have read you book and blog and shared it all with my book group. We had a great book group evening; talking about your book and enjoying chocloates from around the world, great idea you had! I have decided to step up my exercise this year with jogging and the girls would be much happier with better support, so as my 7 year old would say, “pick me, pick me!”

  113. Hi, thanks for hosting this contest! I’d love to try the Enell, it’s so hard to find a decent sports bra. Happy Birthday!

  114. Am posting for crass commercial reasons! lol! The girls need some help, when I run they try to take over the world.

    P.S. Shauna, love your site (read all the archives), love your book (bought it and read it in one sitting)!

  115. Loving the podcasts and heeard you talking about this bra. I have recently lost alot of weight but although boobs now 32E still need lots of support and struggling to find something. CLP

  116. I thought my boobs were big before, but motherhood has made them even bigger! Bring on the Enell miracle worker I say!

  117. Like some of those above, I too must wear a regular bra and a sports bra to jump around, or run, or walk quickly…. I’ve been wanting to get a really nice one but money has been tight this past year…

  118. Am always in need of a good sports bra, and they’re often so hard to find. Crossing my fingers for this one!

  119. This would be perfect for all those jumping jacks we do in bootcamp. Thanks again for offering such amazing prizes.

  120. Oooohh…. I’d kill for one of those. Well, maybe not kill, but possibly seriously maim…er..or something.

    But seriously — my birthday’s in a day or three, pick me!

  121. I think I would wear it all the time- not just for exercising. The ‘ol fat rolls on the back thing is bugging me to death lately!
    Thanks- Rhonda

  122. would love one of these – the girls keep breaking my glasses if I bust a move!!! The joys of “g’s”!!

  123. My girls would love this. I have such a miserable time even making myself wear a bra, but for exercise it’s a must! Thanks, Shauna, for pimping wares! No sarcasm. For real. πŸ™‚ Good luck, all.

  124. I would love to win this for my “new” boobs. They still don’t need to be jiggling around. : ) Mandy

  125. OMG, I want! I’ve recently gone up to a (God help me) 38DDD American. I would DIE for a good sports bra!

    Right now I’m making do with ones that smoosh me in so tightly the girls would have to break the laws of physics to jiggle. . . . Or at least they’d have to break the bra. Right now that seems more likely.

  126. What a cool anniversary series. This is a total *need* for me — I just got knocked up and the knockers have gotten out of control, and my regular old sports bras are NOT doing the trick. Who knew?

  127. This bra looks like just the thing for a large breasted woman. It would be a dream to be able to run without pain.

  128. hmmmm i guess its time for a new sports bra when the girls fall out of the current one when ur doing downward facing dog…nuff said

  129. Hi, I’m another one of the shallow club who delurk for a chance to win a prize. PS: loved your book.

  130. I need this bra to wear to aqua aerobics, my boobs keep popping out of my swimmers! I’ll wear them under my rash vest, and be firm as firm can be! No more floating floaties. No more BREAST stroke!

  131. Eeek! So many comments, I clearly have no chance. But I’m entering anyway. I have started a yoga class that involves shoulder stands…

  132. I’ve come out of Lurkeville to try and win one of these babies. Shauna you are truly a remarkable woman.

  133. Yep, I too can vouch for the effectiveness of ye olde Enell sports bra… I’d like to win a spare even though my ’06 model is still going strong!

  134. I would love one of these! Would rather have a black eye from not keeping my hands up during kickboxing sparring than constantly being hit in the head by my own boosies!

  135. I don’t have a proper sports bra (never know which one to get) and I run heaps. If I win the bra and like it, I promise I’ll buy 4 more!

  136. Body attack 3 times a week is very healthy, but not for the ligaments holding up my chest… Fingers crossed!

  137. The doves of my bosom would love to nest in this bra! (I’m typing this with sore muscles from yesterday’s workout, on week 3 of my fitness odyssey.)

  138. I’ve never been a fan of boobs bouncing here, there and everywhere and as a kid would wear sports bra, followed by sports crop, followed by (if mum had have let me) strapping tape! And then these puppies grew so much when preggas and breastfeeding that I quite literally burst the seams of my sports bra. 2nd bub is now 1 and I still wear it : ( Methinks it’s time for a new, super-dooper, no booby-blooper type sports bra.

  139. Pick me! My reliable sports bra is now so old that it’s lost all it’s elastic and practically a singlet instead!!

  140. Finger crossed!!!!

    I have been wanting one of these so I can stop giving myself black eyes when I do jumping jacks!

  141. Meeee!!!! Waiving her hands wildly. I so need this prize. I am training for my first 5K and am giving myself a black eye with the twins.

    PS. I loved your book.

    Monique in California

  142. Thanks for this, even if I don’t win I’m glad to have this website. I’m fed up of trying to buy high-impact suitable bras for a 38E chest – there’s just nothing on the high street.

  143. I would love love love this as am just about to start week 7 of C25K. Started running trying to lose some weight for my wedding in April!

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