WIN! @rudehealth porridge and muesli feast – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 2

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out The prize: a Rude Health jute bag filled with enough Rude Health porridge and muesli to keep you going until Spring

Available to readers from: UK only.

I am spewingly jealous of this prize. Get a load of all this porridge! So many flavours. I just want to rip open all the boxes, pour them into the bathtub and splash around. Or just eat them all.


What the heck is it?
Rude Health make organic cereals without any dodgy things in them. From their website: "We source sustainably-grown food from producers we trust. We select the best GM-free ingredients and create cereals just the way we like them. Our packaging minimises waste too; we use recycled, recyclable materials wherever possible."

Why do you dig it?
I like that these cereals have lots of big flavours going on, but not too many flavours going on. I hate when a muesli looks like an untidy jewellery box – clashing, tangled lumps of stuff. The Rude Health flavour combinations make sense! My favourite might well be No Flamin' Raisins, not because I have anything against raisins but it sounds like a cereal that would be endorsed by Alf Stewart from Home And Away.


There is 1 mega porridge and muesli feast to give away. 5 runners-up will each receive two boxes of fruity porridge: Top Banana & Fruity Date. Simply leave a comment below to enter! Sorry, UK residents only. Entries close Wednesday 3 February 2010 at 10.00 GMT.

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104 thoughts on “WIN! @rudehealth porridge and muesli feast – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 2

  1. I have watched H&A since it started so when I saw Alf roaming the streets of my home town in panto season a couple of years ago I got all star struck and quite giddy. I nudged my mates saying “look it’s Alf oh my god it’s Alf” and they all looked at me like I was a flamin’ galah! But I was stoked to have seen him even if it was a bit daggy.

  2. Those sound so yummy!

    Also: Home and Away is one of those shows I often see listed in the guide when I’m looking for something to watch, but I never tune in… should I?

  3. I don’t live in the U.K. so I’m not eligible, but had to bust in with a little giggle about the “No Nuts” flavor.

  4. A breakfast cereal called “Morning Glory” from a company called Rude Health, eh? I’m saying nuffink . . .

  5. Not a UK reader, but rather a long-time lurker who wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading over the years. Seeing how you’ve taken active steps to change your life in big ways and small has been inspirational, plus you make me laugh on a regular basis. Thanks, DG! I don’t even mind not being eligible for the porridge!

  6. Man, now I know how you Brits feel about US-only contests. I would have loved to try some porridge! Will keep my fingers readied for tomorrow’s contest instead.

  7. porridge rocks! & rude health may just be making it sexy… good work DG – found your book last year; followed your blog since and can really relate – you take care x

  8. I stumbled on your blog and your book about two years ago when I was planning on moving to Edinburgh on the working holiday visa. I was looking for information about what it was like to live in Scotland, but I found much much more. I love your blog, and I have found the courage to date while I was here (even though I weigh 230lbs). I have found the most amazying scottish boy, who I know is my soul mate – we have been dating for a little over a year now and living together for 7 months. Things couldn’t be better! (Except still working on the weight loss adventure!)

    I’ve been lurking too long, I just wanted you to know what your blog / book did for me. =)


  9. Hi there.

    I’m a big muesli as porridge fan myself. It’s my breakfast every weekday-the one I can make even with 1/2 my brain working in the wee hours of the morning.

    This stuff looks like the business.

    If I happen to win I’d to give it to my bros who live down the road from you in England.

    Cheers and happy birthday to the blog.


  10. Im trying to eat breakfast every morning this year so this could help.

    Shauna I think your mum and my mum used to work together at CPS. Small world!

  11. memememememememememememememememememe!

    I’m not going to try and be clever, I just want the damn porridge.

  12. Yum yum! I hope this isn’t me delurking as I have been reading for ages and am sure I have commented before but if not, a post about porridge is a good place to start. Oh, and please pick me random number thingy.

  13. I hope its me! I am in need of something yummy instead of the cardboard I have been eating for breaky since the new year!

  14. This looks fab!! If the dice rolls in my favor, I’ll drive to Scotland!! It takes very little to convince me to do that… Cool prize!

  15. OMG am OBSESSED with rude health (and porridge in general). How much has life changed (both in terms of diet and, I suppose, money) that I consider buying fancy porridge to be a big treat?!

  16. I LURVE porridge. Pick me purlease – even better, there’ll be low postage as I live in good old Scotland!

  17. I’m thinking the only one I could have would be the No Nuts – darn these food allergies!

    Still good luck to the winner (and even though I have a dot com address I am in the UK, Cambridgeshire to be precise *grin*)

  18. I’m addicted to porridge and I’m a poor lard busting student (well really more an attempting to keep previously busted lard from creeping back on student). Love the blog!

  19. Mmmmmm they look so yummy!

    I HATE RAISONS – the “No Flaming Raisons” pack surely has my name on it πŸ˜‰

    I used to love it when Alf called someone a Gallah or a dingo he he x

  20. Pick me! Pick me pleeeease random number generator! I love porridge and museli, and would be well chuffed to win this prize.
    Ps I’m another shameless de-lurker, tempted out of hiding with the prospect of goodies! x

  21. Free yummy breakfast things – top banana!! Expect to hear more from me in the giveaways!

  22. These sound awesome, and I’m in the UK, hooray! Please pick me, I reeeeeally need something to carry me towards spring.

  23. I do read your blog – honest! I am not just posting because I want a prize, er, not really….

  24. Oh, I take porridge to work and am dead without muesli in the morning, I say count me in, amiga.

  25. Ooh, I’ve been tempted out of my temporary hidey hole by the thought of scrummy porridge. Please random number generator, pick me!


    Ahem. I’ll try not to drool on the keyboard. These look AWESOME. We’re both porridge fans here, and while stacking the groceries away earlier, I realised we’re nearly out of oats. 😐 Count me in! πŸ™‚

  27. No Flamin’ Raisins – brilliant! Although I like raisins so not sure that would be my favourite flavour! They all look very tasty and different

  28. No Flamin’ Raisins – brilliant! Although I like raisins so not sure that would be my favourite flavour! They all look very tasty and different

  29. Hi,
    your blog has been ever so important for me over the years now. (I am UK resident…) O:)

  30. This porridge sounds MUCH better then my Oat so simple, might even try your thermos trick (if I win).
    Good old Alf eh, (not seen Home & Away for years but always thought he was a hoot!).
    Likin these birthday giveaways, keep em comming!!!!

  31. How could I not put my name in the hat for something that would be endorsed by Alf Stewart from Home And Away!!!??!!!

    I’ve never come across it in the shops though, I’m going to have to have a look next time I’m out.

  32. quick its quarter to ten!!! – i’ve been lurking here for years and now i come out the closet – feel like such a fraud lol


  33. How delicious does this all look? Not that we didn’t already know that you had excellent taste, but this is definitely confirmation! Fingers crossed that I’ll get an excellent taste too ;-D

  34. A competition I’m eligible for – check
    Favourite food, Porridge – check
    Alf Stewart with a speech bubble – check
    Strewth, my day is complete. Thanks Shauna!!

  35. Yes please, love porridge…need to branch out in muesli πŸ˜‰

    Congratulations on the anniversary…

  36. Yum! I do love a bowl of muesli in the morning and a nice jute bag to take shopping with me

  37. These oats look so tempting…I want I want I want… I am beginning to sound like a shameless de-lurker now…….but I love oats and have em for brekkie evry morning…so cant wait to taste these…

  38. I went through a ‘flamin’ phase that used to drive my parents nuts – they considered it a swear word, but at 11 and with a girl crush on Isla Fisher I can safely say I watched way too many hours of Home and Away!

    – CJ

  39. Yay! A recent obsession with porridge means this is a definite ‘pick me, pick me’ moment!

  40. hi, i’m delurking to say i would like to win the porrige!
    been reading your blog for a few years now, you are an inspiration! xx

  41. Hi, also longtime lurker. Love the blog, love porridge. Have you tried porridge with cocoa? Chocolate!! Also, weird, but you can stir an egg into it at the last minute for extra protein, still tastes good.

    Anyhow, thank-you for both prizes and funny writing. All the best!

  42. Hi, I’m a shameless but porridge-loving delurker.

    Oh, and glad to see you mentioning White Russians and that I’m not the only one to find those things evilly tempting.

  43. Oh man, I so shouldn’t be entering this as I’m a porridge and muesli ADDICT…. But I can’t resist it! Yum yum yum…

  44. Ooooh – nice breakfasty stuff. Looks so yummy I might have to go eat some muesli – even though it’s mid-afternoon!

  45. ok if i had all this in my kitchen it would make getting up in the morning a lot easier!! all looks sooo yummxxxx

  46. Thanks for opening the comments again, DG.
    Would really rather like this πŸ™‚ @sarlitchin

    (hope I haven’t posted this three times as I’m having ‘browser issues’)

  47. Ooo I hope I win, this would keep me on the straight and narrow until my wedding in April!

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