WIN! SuperJam 100% pure fruit jams – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 6

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out The prize: One reader shall winneth six jars of SuperJam 100% pure fruit jam, courtesy of the jam man himself, Fraser Doherty.

Available to readers from: UK only.
But read on, globetrotters, if you like a good enterpreneurial tale!

What the heck is it?
SuperJam is a range of 100% pure fruit jams; sweetened with grape juice and made using Super Fruits, such as blueberries and cranberries. Nothing artificial is added and SuperJam is much lower in sugar and calories than regular jams.

SuperJam was created by Scottish teenager Fraser Doherty, after being taught to make jam using his Gran’s secret recipes at the age of fourteen. From humble beginnings, the company now supplies major UK supermarkets and is even included in a museum exhibit as an example of an ‘Iconic Scottish Food Brand’.

He also runs huge SuperJam tea parties all over the country for elderly people,wth live music, dancing and of course scones, tea and jam. You gotta take your hat off to this guy. See here you cranky grown-ups, not all the youths are doing nowt but drinking and spewing up kebabs in the street!


Why do you dig it?
Because it's Scottish! And it's a fantastic story. And the labels are groovy. Oh yeah, and the jam is good. It's sweet but in a fruity, not sugary way. I love a blob of it in my porridge or on toast with almond butter. It is also magic on a freshly baked scone. Mmm mmm.

Simply leave a comment below to enter! Sorry, UK residents only. Entries close Wednesday 3 February 2010 at 12.00 GMT. Winner will be drawn at random.

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64 thoughts on “WIN! SuperJam 100% pure fruit jams – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 6

  1. Ha! I love his Twitter bio: “I run SuperJam, the 100% fruit jam company and tea parties for lonely elderly people.” Lonely elderly people! An untapped market or the bane of telemarketers? You decide 🙂

  2. How come I’ve never seen these in the jam section in ASDA! Man, this is a great idea.

    Maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough?

    ANYWAY yes, count me in for this one, too. 😀 /greedy

  3. Oooh, bugger! If I’d known about Superjam, I’d have voted for some of that instead of the chocolate digestives. LOL

    oh well, will order some for meself! Can’t wait to try it on some fresh scones. (God, I miss good old Golden Crumpets.)

    (Double buggerit, can’t get any of the orange passionfruit.)

  4. Is it only me, or is it cute that Dietgirl! is promoting SUPERjam! Breakfast spread fit for superheroes the world over! Dah-da-da-DAH!

  5. Hi there!

    Fraser sounds like a super guy. I’d like to try these jams out when I’m next over your way. Either that or I’ll get the bros to bring some over to Japan.

    Thanks for the heads up DG!


  6. Jam?! What would Rosemay C say? What will it take to buy your silence (my mum makes great scones btw)!

  7. I’ve never seen that brand, but it looks so good. I’ve seen a few 100% fruit jams, but these ones look so tasty. Plus, 6 jars would probably last me all year!

  8. I love jam! Top prize. Winning would be a sweet victory indeed… (sorry for the rubbish pun)

  9. Well, I live in Kentucky, so I’m not eligible to win, but hopefully it will be available over here at some time in the future!

  10. Yum Yum! Count me in for the draw please. I saw this guy on a TV programme and thought what an inspiring lad he was, a great role model.

  11. I am another shallow lurker who is de-lurking because of the lure of free stuff. My excuse is that I’m a poor graduate student who was taught thrift at a young age and can’t shake the habit. Blame my elders, it’s all their fault.

  12. Dear Shauna, I am a long time reader first time commenter, but what a lovely story! I shall certainly seek out this fellow’s preserve in the future if I do not win your excellent lotto X

  13. Oh deep joy! My favourite Scottish snack as a child was a ‘jeely piece’ (bread and jam)and, as a grown up, am partial to crackers n jam (low sugar, high fruit). Have never heard of this brand or its fabulous community spirit. Will seek it out and do a taste test with friends, rock n roll!!

  14. Love the idea of this in porridge! Jam is one of those things that I always think I should make myself but can never be bothered…so I would love some free!

  15. I haven’t seen these in the shops yet but would LOVE to sample them! Hooray for Scottish companies too! 🙂

  16. Drooling I gave up jam along with a few sweet spreads in an effort to be healthy, but with SuperJam I can have my fruity fix. Thanks

  17. jam jam jam jam jam jam jam jam

    If I win, I’ll make a Victoria sponge to put it in and invite you round…

  18. never seen this jam before but it looks totally amazing! the jar is sooo cute! haha really want some, then i can make some little scones and have a tea party:) or late night toast and jam… lovely lovely lovely, gonna see where i can buy it from too! xxxxxx

  19. I read about this guy recently. It’s such a great thing he’s doing. The jam sounds delicious as well.

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