WIN! Weight Loss Resources membership – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 4

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out The prize: Courtesy of Weight Loss Resources, one winner will receive:

Available to readers from: UK only.

What the heck is it?
Weight Loss Resources is a cracking set of online tools to help you bust the lard. Features include:

  • The biggest UK food database
  • Food diary and analysis tools
  • Calorie requirements calculator
  • Goal setting facilities
  • Monitoring of weight, body fat and BMI
  • Reports and charts on weight and nutrition
  • Add your own recipes and automatically calculate nutritional information
  • Exercise activity database
  • Members forum
  • News, features and tips including a monthly column by me!

Why do you dig it?
I've been a member since 2004 but didn't really put the site to good use until early 2005 when I was in a desperate rush to fit into my wedding dress. I found the site to be a no-nonsense way to track my food and goals. You enter your height and weight, you decide how much you want to lose each week (from 0.5 -2 pounds) and it tells you how many calories a day to eat. It also tallies up carbs, protein, fat and fibre.

You can also run little reports which appeals to my inner geek – I sleep better knowing precisely how many grams of apples I've eaten in a week, ho ho ho. Best of all it has a comprehensive UK food database – I've tried other sites but most of them are US-based so you have to manually enter foods. Only thing missing from WLR would be a dedicated iPhone app, although the site works fine on a mobile browser!

Weight Loss Resources

One winner will receive 6 months membership to WLR plus the Calorie & Carb Bible and journal.
Leave a comment below to enter! Sorry, UK residents only. Entries close Wednesday 3 February 2010 at 10.00 GMT. Winner will be chosen at random.

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Click here to view the terms and conditions for the prize draw.

65 thoughts on “WIN! Weight Loss Resources membership – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 4

  1. Second comment, wahooo! I’d love any of these things are being given away please! I’ve been at goal for one year as of today – surely that should be something to celebrate!?


  2. Might keep my own lard busting on track and lets face it, any help in that department is gratefully received!

  3. I had a membership way back and have been thinking for ages that I should get another. Also yay for a very accessible giveaway. This is the first prize I’m commented for but so far I think there’s only been one I couldn’t have had due to my disability.

    Happy 9th Birthday!

  4. Trying to lose weight to reduce risk of diabetes so this would be a major help!!

    Long time lurker! x

  5. OMG I SO want this. Been trying to get the motivation to have another go at moving the (huge) excess. Lost two stone last year, but put one back on. This sounds as if it could get me going !!!!
    Pick me random generator, pick me!!!!!

  6. Shaun, I have read your blog for years and its never failed to entertain me. I laugh so much at your witty portrayals of life.
    Thanks heaps πŸ™‚

  7. Yes! This would be a great help here in UK. It has been bloody difficult to use the database based on Finnish foods. I keep my thumbs up. Thanks Shauna, this has become a very exiting week because of your lottory game.

  8. It’s a fab site. I had to cancel my subscription due to being broke so I shall keep my fingers crossed x

  9. Shauna this sounds amazing! I used to use Calorie King in Oz, but I can’t find any good ones in the UK so far.. that are easy to use, anyway. πŸ™‚

  10. Hmm gonna have to check out this site regardless…think I inherited the calorie bible from a couple of years ago but accessing on the mobile would be much easier than carrying that mass of paper around!

    – CJ

  11. Having something that’s UK based would be really useful, I’m tired of manually entering everything into the other trackers I’ve tried!

  12. This is supper helpful, I’m glad to know about it at all. The contest bit is a great bonus. Thanks!

  13. Another great giveaway! I need all the motivation , will power, online tools you can get so please include me in the draw.

  14. hmm for some reason I can’t comment on this post – will try again!! I tried WLR last year and it worked well for me, but I didn’t want to keep paying so I stopped and of course, I put all the weight back on!! πŸ™

  15. Yes, yes YES! This would be the perfect kick-start for me and I SO hope to win! Especially helpful to me will be the UK food lists – I’m new here and have much to learn!

  16. What a great plan, I could really do with the support thats given with the Weight Loss Resources,

  17. What an awesome prize. I used to use Calorie King a lot in Australia, but I got fed up of entering all the UK foods once I came here. A UK version would be brilliant!

  18. This sounds like the perfect tool to help me control and not obsess. Do you think it knows about kickboxing?

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