Friday Link Feast #5

  • Daily Mile – you might call it a Facebook for exercise. I'm using it more to record workouts than succumbing to the timesuck of yet another social media thingy. Geeks rejoice: it makes a groovy graph! of your weekly activity – it's motivating see those bursts of movement add up.
  • Orangette's Oatmeal Pancakes – I am swoony fan of Molly Wizenburg, least of all because she is a redhead and I feel it is important to support your own kind. I'm trying to introduce a Civilised Sunday Breakfast routine at Crooked House, especially since we have an actual table now! (scored free from a friend who was about to donate it charity!). These pancakes have been the triumph so far. I used less butter and sugar and added blueberries to the batter… yummo. Cold leftovers festooned with almond butter and sliced bananas were also smashing.
  • Matar Paneer – I had a random craving for both green peas and paneer cheese last week and this curry recipe was Google's solution. I cut the oil down to a tablespoon, stir-fried the paneer at the start to give it nice crispy edges, added a tin of tomatoes to bulk it up, and substituted about a quarter cup of ground almonds for the cream and yogurt. Very tasty and super quick.
  • The Thrifty Gardener  – Alison Lewis has only five videos on her YouTube but they charmed my pants off. She tells you how to hunt down snails, repurpose random objects and most helpfully, How To Grow Potatoes In A Dust Bin. Totally going to do that!
  • Dietgirl Facebook page – they call these things Fan Pages but it feels rather pathetic to say BE MY FAN PLZ. So think of it as a place to chat to fellow Dietgirl visitors, ask questions and read mini updates and links when writing a Proper Blog Entry seems far too taxing πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #5

  1. Love keeping track of my mileage on dailymile, and I LOVE indian food, but suck at making it. I might have to try out the Matar Paneer though, seems simple enough. πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Mmm… Paneer, I’m supposed to have given up cheese for Lent, it’s proving hard already! I’m not religious so not sure why I bother really!

    P.S I am loving my porridge that you sent me, Fruity Date is the food of the Gods! Thanks again, x

  3. Shauna, I am de-lurking to ask an important question…where do you get nut butters in Scotland?! I am dying to try almond butter and others but have tried the usual supermarkets and they don’t seem to help…

    Also, I went to a waitrose recently and found Superjam! Was so excited, it is delicious! Must order a crate…

  4. @Joey – Hiya there! I get mine from Holland and Barrett, or other health food shops. They stock either Meridian or Biona brands. The supermarkets don't seem to stock it. Glad you liked the SuperJam πŸ™‚

  5. I just now checked out the daily mile – thanks so much for the mention – i have been doing sparkpeople for awhile now – but hadn’t known about the daily mile

  6. Hi there Shauna,

    I like the idea of Orangette’s Oatmeal Pancakes for a slow morning breakfast. I sometimes turn my banana muesli combi into pancakes to shake things up-mm mmm.

    By the way, I’d like to give you a ‘sunshine award’ for being such an inspiration and leader to us followers.

    Thanks for being you.


  7. Woohoo to the FB I can ramble on about your comments and you’ll wonder who the crazy person is! ;o)

  8. Thanks for the links Shauna, have signed up to DailyMile and so far I love it. Once I can run outside I’m excited to be able to work out exactly how far I’ve run lol.
    Also became a fan on FB!

  9. I grew spuds in a dustbins last year – it really works! don’t tell your mates you are off to get the potatoes out of the bin for tea though – they look at you a bit funny and then pick at their food.

  10. Thanks for posting the DailyMile link. I really do need a support group even if it is online to get back into shape. My brother and I committed to doing a 5K together and now we can stay in touch all the time. It’s really essential to see my progress over time visually! πŸ™‚

  11. Hey Mizz Shauna,

    Can you share how much butter and sugar you use in the Orangette pancakes? I am not so good at making my own adjustments.

    I listened to your second podcast last week and jumped from Couch to 5K to Julia’s program. I am liking the variety and the focus on other moves and exercises to fight off injury. I started Couch to 5k last year, made it to week 7 and twisted an ankle. It took me 8 months to try it again.

    Thanks for the inspiration and all of the links to love.

  12. I’ve signed up for dailymile but haven’t started yet, LOL. It seems like a great site to track miles ran/walked. Seeing my empty page definitely makes me want to start walking on that treadmill!

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