Let those with boobs rejoice – 10% @lessbounce discount for DG readers

11 Feb – Another update from LessBounce:

I was wondering if you would like to let your ladies know about our "Sports Bra Amnesty". Basically, we send old sports bras to Oxfam's Wastesavers and this entitles customers to £3 off their next item.

I thought they may find it useful, as they may be exercising a lot and changing shape! And this is a good way to help with the cost of ordering new bras.

Each returned bra is worth £3 off the price of your next item, you can only trade in one old bra against a new bra. The easiest method is to return your sports bra with your new order. Please send back to:

Sports Bra Amnesty,
The Old Bank,
High St,
Salisbury SP4 9PQ

A wee follow-up from the Sell Out. When LessBounce learned how many of you clamored for the Enell Sports Bra they offered up a February discount:

We have set up a 10% discount code for your ladies who didn't win the prize to use for this month!  The code is DG10 and this can be entered in to the coupon code box when ordering online or quoted over the telephone. Should they experience any difficulties using the code, they can enter it in the "How did you hear about us?" field and we will apply it manually.

The discount applies to all products, not just the Enell, for February 2010. LessBounce ship worldwide* and have sports bras for racks of all sizes – not just the wildly generous ones!

Regarding the Enell: As many of you pointed out it is pricey, but it's a great example of the Cost Per Wear principle. I brought two Enells in 2004, which would cost a total of £86 at 2010 prices. Even less with the DG discount. They've been in rotation for five years and still going strong.

Accounting for lazy periods, each bra is worn at least once a week, so 2 uses per week in total. 104 uses per year; 520 uses over 5 years. This equates to £0.16p per wear! With the minor bonus of five years of pain-free cardio. You can find a Cost Per Wear calculator on the Skinny Cow website, by the way.

* £7.50 for Europe and £10.00 for the rest of the world

Note: This is purely a community service announcement. I'm not affiliated with LessBounce and have not received any dosh nor free brassieres!

15 thoughts on “Let those with boobs rejoice – 10% @lessbounce discount for DG readers

  1. am not feeling so bright today: is the discount just for the Enell or for any of the bras that they send?

  2. hi fd – the offer is for the whole site for any product! i will update the entry… i'm rubbish at this pimping stuff 🙂

  3. That is so cool that they are offering a discount! Cheers to lessbounce.com for shipping worldwide also – often hard to get the good stuff in Canada!

  4. Wow, that’s a really nice offer to give this month! I agree – you should definitely get some freebies for plugging them! ;o)

  5. I found this bra through Google last year and thought I’d give it a try. It is truly awesome!! I also have 2 and alternate them at least twice per week. They make running and jumping for a D cup very comfortable.

  6. I just ordered mine – I tend to be defective when it comes to sportsbras, but this time I’m counting on your word Shauna! 😉

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