Mojo Rising

I feel like a bear emerging from my cave after a long winter, rubbing my eyes and trying to adjust to the light. It's only mid-February but it's Spring in my brain. In my day job we plan things months and months in advance (we're already thinking about 2011), so I'm ready for bare legs and buckets of berries, dammit.

For awhile there I was stuck in the skankiest depths of the Big D, when you don't care about anything and just truly soak in it. But I think I've finally turned a little corner these past couple of weeks. It's been about 100 years since I've written a proper entry after all that selling out, but the internet curfew approaches so I'll blast out a few dot points!

  • I'm exercising regularly again. Doing less at the gym and more at home was a brilliant idea. Much less running around.
  • I did a Zumba class! I've been pining for Body Jam since I left Edinburgh five years (!!) ago and while it wasn't quite as zingy as Body Jam, it was ace and I can't wait to go shake my butt again. We danced to Spice Up Your Life! How can you go wrong!?
  • I've maintained my weight for the past month and that feels like a triumph, I tells ya.
  • I know a few people are going to email and say But What About Your Fat. It would be quite easy to throw all my attention into losing 20 pounds. Obsessing over weight would be much easier than tackling the bigger issues. Especially when you're 32 years old and any weight gain causes people to jump to conclusions. Dude I may have been eating for two for awhile there, but not for the usual reasons!

  • But being 32 also means I am too old and curmudgeonly for that dieting crap. I don't want to swing from the extreme of not caring about my body to freaking out about it. I just need to work back up to my healthy habits again, the sane and do-able ones that kept me happily in size 14 jeans for a good long while before it went to pot last year.
  • So as well as working on the big issues I'm working on my health one meal at a time. First I got my breakfasts back on track and now lunch has been reformed! No more cheesy baked potatoes and back to the kickarse salads. Currently on a puy lentil bender!

Dudes I have to insert some cheese here. I feel like I've been on ice for years, stowed away from society in a tube like Mel Gibson in that movie. Except marginally less annoying. Now I'm defrosting and the world has colour again. Friends and family and blogging comrades are lighting things up at every turn. I need to cut down on the Chunky KitKats but overall things are on the up. Thank you for sticking round!

67 thoughts on “Mojo Rising

  1. I am actually very excited, because they do Body Jam at my local leisure centre, and I’m totally thinking about giving it a go, but I’m more than 400lbs, still, and wondering if it would kill me. XD

    And congrats on maintaining your weight – it’s as hard as losing weight, or so I’ve been told, so well done! πŸ™‚

  2. I am so happy to hear the mojo is coming back Shauna. Well done. And your goals, approach and thoughts sound great, ie realistic and do-able. Shunting off the guilt-ridden, expectation-laden rubbish is so important. Those things just get in the way, make us unhappy and are generally highly unhelpful.

    One meal at a time, do the exercise you enjoy and have some fun. It’s one of the best prescriptions out there.

  3. Good to hear, Shauny! I am still a bit dark myself (feeling overwhelmed by everything going on in my life) but just hearing about your new perspective is cheering me!

  4. Hey gorgeous chick,

    I’m so glad to hear that your world is becoming colourful once again and that you feel toucan share the highs and low lows of your life with us. It makes me feel much more normal to hear when others feel like going to bed for 3 months and even more normal when I hear of others who stoically march forward with a forced smile hoping noone will notice how miserable they really are.

    I’m lucky in that these times happen infrequently & only for a few days at a time. But it still happens so thanks for sharing.


  5. I’m so pleased that you’re feeling movement in both the physical and mental aspects of life…depression can be a real bitch and it’s the movement that I’ve found always heralds the end of the darkness. And there you go, totally inspiring me again!!!

  6. Yay, you’re back! I love how you’re making sure everything you do works for *you*! “Zumba” you say…I saw this appear at my gym, perhaps I’ll check it out? Though I have enough trouble cajoling myself to attend the 1 class I go to regularly. At home dvd’s – perfect for winter excuse making!

  7. Mojo is one of those things that’s so, so hard to get cranked up and so, so easy to lose. Congrats on rekindling your passion for this journey. When your head’s in the game, great things are possible.

  8. oH I completely love those last two bullet points and your last paragraph! I wish you were closer so I could send you a real hug but here’s a virtual one (((HUG)))

  9. Love this post – so glad to hear you’re feeling brighter and better!!! BTW, I finally bought an Enell – dang, that thing DOES work wonders!

  10. Yay! So glad to hear the color is returning to the world! One of the reasons I absolutely love reading your stuff is that it is so true. There is really isn’t any “and they all lived happily ever after” in the real world. We try to live happily ever after, but sometimes it’s not so happy, and we have to find our way again.

    This post just makes me smile. So very happy for you. Thanks for the update.

  11. Glad to hear you feel like you’re emerging. That big D is a hard one to kick, I should know. πŸ™
    So happy for you!

    And on a random note, I just realised looking in here that my New Bloke looks a wee bit like your Dr G (although he is, in fact, a Dr D). πŸ™‚

  12. What’s a chunky KitKat? Oh, wait, don’t tell me…

    Looking forward to the next podcast installment and future updates on your thaw.

  13. Oh crap, I am not an expert on Mel Gibson movies. Which one involved shoving him in a tube? And why did someone let him out again?
    (Okay, I know that was mean. Can I blame PMS?)

    p.s. I’m glad the colors are coming back. Heard a rumor that spring will be here very soon now.

  14. Good for you! I’m doing the one meal at a time method myself. Also, Calling out my food addict everytime a food thought comes up..which is often enough. Zumba is a hoot.

  15. You go girl! Your writing has, for some time, inspired, moved and entertained me. I’m so stoked that you’re back on track and wish you all the best henceforth!! =D

  16. An actual notification to the list! But surely you don’t think we all quit reading you just because you quit notifying us! Keep on enjoying life.

  17. Glad it’s all coming together for you. I think eating is the easy bit – it’s getting our heads on straight that’s the hard bit. Zxx

  18. Welcome back! I’ve not really commented before on here, but I’m a dedicated lurker and was worrying about your absence – a few times I wanted to write something but given that you’ve no idea who I am I thought that sounded stalkerish whereas obviously saying I missed you now is perfectly normal and cool…;-)
    I’m glad you’re pulling out of the depression and getting things under control again, and impressed that you’re taking such a reasonable approach to reclaiming your health instead of bouncing back into the full-on weight loss thing. I’ve been thinking of doing that myself and it does occur to me that maybe its just an attempt to feel I have control and therefore don’t need to think about the emotional / mental stuff going on in my head!

  19. Hang in there Shauna! You are an inspiration to so many of us because you are so honest about what you’re struggling with. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  20. Shauna – so glad to hear things are looking up!! I’m another mostly-lurker who is glad to see you back. πŸ™‚

    I’m absolutely obsessed with Zumba – although we haven’t done Spice Up Your Life yet…I may need to tell my teacher to get on that. πŸ˜‰

    Something about the way you write, Shauna – it just always really speaks out to me. I feel like you always articulate exactly what I’m feeling! I love the hints of Spring in the air, and I’m ready for a new round of serious lard-busting. πŸ™‚

  21. They just couldn’t leave the four finger kit kat alone – NO, they had to go and change it, so sharing was no longer an option as they are even more irresistible…. Almost grown up, sophisticated even (ok, too far)

    Your mojo coming back has made my day – am so very happy for you Shauna…. and as for your return to blogging, You Bloody Rippa !!!

    PS When is someone going to add spell check to blog commmmments?

  22. marginally less annoying! lmao!! HURRAH AND HUZZAH lady you are back! so very glad – sounding fresh and in perspective, that’s the ticket – wahoop!

    oh and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm puy lentils! πŸ™‚

    lovelove Lizzie xxxxxxxx

  23. Pining for bare legs? You could always move south a bit to Newcastle – I hear those gals NEVER wear tights…;-)

    Lentil salad sounds nice – do please share recipe if you can bear to…


    PS Doinggggg, I’m sure Spring is springing…

  24. Yay Shauna! Woowoowoo!
    Zumba is a blast (with the right teacher). The first two times I never sweat so much in my life. The next time was b-o-o-oring. Anyhow, so happy for you the mojo is bubbling away.

  25. Whoa, hold up…they make CHUNKY Kit Kats!?! DUDE!!!!

    Seriously though, it’s great to hear that you are getting back at it, especially since I’m essentially a new reader (and new Two Fit Chicks listener), and your book is on its way from πŸ˜› WooT!

    Have a good day πŸ™‚

  26. hey shauna —

    just wanted to de-lurk from my own hibernation cave / isolation tube to say: amen, sister! thank you for this post! i’m in the midst of my own midwinter doldrums, and it’s so motivating to hear how others are shaking off the blues and gettin’ on with it! time to brush the crumbs off myself and go do the same! thanks for making me laugh/think/feel better about life in general πŸ™‚


  27. Hey, you know what? It happens. It’s life! We all go through it sometimes, whether from depression or just not wanting to think about being healthy once in a while. It’s OK! And besides…what’s life without a little chocolate?? Not worth living, to my mind!

  28. We still here and will be! Glad you have made turned a corner. I need to do the same. I have been slacking in the exercise and it keeps me sane so I need to get back into it. Thanks for your post it gives hope to us all!!

  29. Stupid winter.

    I don’t think there are many people out there that don’t get grumpy, annoyed and hibernate in winter.

    Which is exactly why I’ll be glad to leave Canberra’s winter in July and head North πŸ™‚

    Make sure the sun is out in Scotland in July!

  30. Exiting and comforting news!
    It seems I have a pattern, where every 5-6 weeks I fall of the wagon for a week or two. Not only eating, but also with the big D. But it gets me excited every time I can tick off those pointers and see that I’m still progressing, no matter how slow.
    It is comforting too, because I know that we are not alone. And that there are people cheering us on, no matter what we are up too.
    It is good to see you finding your feet again. It reassures me that if I ever do reach goal and may lose my way(or even now), I will find my way back one step at a time, just like you do!

  31. Thank you all for your comments… really missed the non-sell-out blogging πŸ™‚

    @Mick – Will you make it to Edinburgh? I'll have to cross the bridge and see you guys!

  32. I like how you explain a change in strategy as we get older and wiser. The days of radical dieting are behind us, and now we focus on making positive changes in our daily habits. One habit a day, a week, or even a month will help make those healthy changes permanent.

  33. nice to hear you are feeling cheerier – I think the change of season is important because it gives us new perspective on life esp when we fall into a rut – hope that spring bring lots of new life for you!

  34. Hey Shauna, I’m glad you’re continuing to focus on your health and not on a ‘diet’. I wish I could get motivated enough to get training again!

  35. My mojo too is returning with a vengence!!

    My plan is for a stone’s weight loss before i go to manchester for the weekend in 6 weeks!!

    Go me!!

  36. Hi Shauna,

    I have been reading for years! When you mentioned that you haven’t lived in Edginburgh for 5 years.. I couldn’t believe it. I think we’re with you for the long haul. I love your writing and your journey is truly inspiring.

    All the best

  37. Tehe – I think you coined a great name for a blog “But What About Your Fat???”
    Looking forward to hearing about your garden plans – I’m thinking of trying beets (for the salad tops) on my balcony.

  38. Your book stuff is (mostly) done. You are moved and settled. You are (I assume) firmly in your ‘newish’ job. I can see why you would be feeling more EVEN – you have had a lot of big stuff going on for the last year or so.

    As you know – totally identified with your feeling like you are re-emerging – glad things are starting to have some color for you again.

    welcome to the wonderful world of Zumba – each instructor is different and often classes are at different levels. So if you have options – try them all.

    I also am teaching myself to exercise at home so I am not sooooooo dependent on classes. Not totally dropping classes – but just trying to diversify a bit.

    My oldest is over (your general direction) and really loving it. He is staying within his country for now but taking trains and buses with friends and seeing the sights on the long weekends. They went to an island last weekend and rented bikes. They are staying at Youth Hostels (did I spell that right?) and finding them very clean and very safe. They all get to stay in the same room (5-6 beds) and there are a variety of kids – so it feels much safer. My husband and I used to travel that way with a pile of kids (when we were the college kids, we are now 48, soon to be 49) and I always thought it was so much safer to have the guys right with us. He download his pictures right into a photography stores web site – almost 300 pics so far, that way they are safe if something happens to his camera and we get to see them too!

  39. Yay, goodonya Shauny! And hooray for Mojo Risin’. I’m totally the same. Feel like I’ve got some Mojo Risin’ after a lot of TALK about it. Here’s to good starts. xx

  40. well, last time i checked you were human. you ARE still human right? seriously shauna (and i don’t say that often) when i found your book, i was actually looking for something, well, “serious” but when i saw the title, i felt it was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. turns out i was right. so–thanks for being you.

  41. Yay! I am with you πŸ™‚ Just started filling in the diary again on WLR after months of avoiding it.

  42. This post made me so happy. As you know ( cause I’ve mentioned it only about a 100 times ) that you are my inpsiration. Your book changed my life and you continue to show me that it’s about health and fitness. Not those last 20 lbs.

    You Rock!

  43. Spice Girls – are you for real? That is like the best thing ever. Frick yeah.

    Glad you are feeling better pumpkin, love you loads and stuff xx

  44. Yay! I’m so glad you’re feeling better. And I totally agree that it’s better to just rein things in a bit than to “diet”. The exercise is bound to help too. Good luck, Shauna!

  45. You’re bloomin’ marvellous. A total inspiration. Have you seen the new Moleskine range of journal? There is one for us called the Wellbeing Journal. It has STICKERS…. I had to buy one. Not cheap at Β£16 a go but that gorgeous buttery archive quality paper is made for all the lists and things that keep life going hapiily.
    I joined a bootcamp run by my pilates teacher and I am in to week 7 of 10 and have lost 15inches off my body and almost a stone in weight. As a consequence I have started going to the gym more and swimming. I am loving it. Have another 3 stone to go but feel I am going to achieve it this time. I even started a blog.
    Keep it up, I have missed your regular blogging.
    Chuck xx

  46. comment number 62 but nonetheless happy to hear that you are emerging from your cave and feeling like a wee bit of dark cloud’s been lifted!

    by the way I recently joined a Zumba class and I love it, yet I know I have a ways to go because the back of my thighs feels like it’s playing catchup with the rest of my legs (like a sort of time-delay…)!

  47. Welcome back from hibernation! You sound so sane about it – that’s awesome. And… I LOVE Zumba, wish I had the money to go back!

  48. this is great to read shauna. i’ve been a long time lurker and love the way you write! your posts about depression helped me to have the courage to go to the GP and sort myself out as well πŸ™‚ this post pushed me to finally go order your book off amazon. it will be mine! i’m very excited.

  49. Hey Shauna,
    Great to hear you’re all motivated again. You’re still an inspiration to me, and don’t ever forget that you’re extra awesome :))


    (PS tried to comment earlier on and it kept saying “DG says we cannot accept this data” hope it works this time)

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