Excuse me, my brain is full

Brain At last I can report that I'm backing up my words with actions, hoo bloody ray! As mentioned month I'm tackling the big issues instead of getting distracted by surface things (e.g. my lard).

Turns out dealing with big issues is really bloody hard. I'm making lots of connections and while there's initial smugness when you figure something out, it's swiftly followed by deflation, like a punch in the guts, as you see how you let these things affect your behaviour and decisions and whatnot over time. I want to curl up under my desk and hide just thinking about it. Urgh.

I've been trying to write an entry for a week but my brain is mush. So I am just going to give up for the moment. In summary: life is really bloody good. I may not be able to string a sentence together but the sun is shining and I'm lucky to have wise and hilarious friends and Mad Men is on tonight. Giddyup!

7 thoughts on “Excuse me, my brain is full

  1. I’ve been going through a similar process lately Shauna.. being told something by my doctor that makes me go – oh yeah! But then realising exactly how much that thing that happens in your head affects your life.. and THEN trying to figure out how to fix it. I don’t think I just made any sensE. But yeah… good luck 🙂 Good to hear life is swell!

  2. It’s a pity we can’t just add more RAM isn’t it! Glad that life is good for you! Keep plugging away … things will all fall into place.

  3. Oh god! Working on the big issues IS bloody hard work! And like battling the lard…it takes ages. New things crop up all the time. Layer upon layer upon layer, like a SaraLee pastry. Oh and like an onion those layers will make you cry, sometimes out of happiness thankfully otherwise I think we’d all totally go bonkers.

  4. That’s something I’ve got to do too! I’m sure your brain will settle down eventually. When it does, I hope you’ll be able to tell us how you faced those things (if you can – it might help me to do it too, but I don’t want to be nosy about your business)!

  5. Yay! Sometimes we need head explosions, they’ve always served useful purposes for me — even if it’s just the realisation that actually, I’ve taken on too much. Again.

    Also, glad to see you back. I’ve just started re-reading through your archives. Because you used to turn to WW like a faithful student when you went back to the beginning. And now I’m turning to my old trusty case study. :p

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