Now the men pay attention to me again

The Before and After photo thieves are at it yet again – this time I'm flogging diet pills in Germany!

Thank you to all the lovely German and Swiss readers who got in touch to let me know I've been popping up on GMX, a big Hotmail-ish site. With help of a legal eagle I've contacted the company and asked them in grand paragraphs of German to just bloody stop it.

I better hear back soon otherwise we'll be forced to unleash the threatening ping-pong kitties again!

There's quite a few different versions of this ad. Apparently one claims I'm happier and have more confidence and another translates to "I lost 35 Kilo. Now the men pay attention to me again!". Once again I've had nothing to do with these adverts and did not take any pills unless you count the occasional gobful of M&Ms which didn't exactly speed up the process πŸ™‚

Diet pills... just say no!

42 thoughts on “Now the men pay attention to me again

  1. The cheeky so-and-sos! How very dare they! I bet Dr G is glad that you’re attracting lots of male attention…

  2. ha ha ha ha; cos’ you are not too excited about being an internet sensation??! according to you, you don’t even look like your “after” picture now, cos’ you lost the plot and ate one too many jacket spuds covered in butter and cheese. if you really weren’t bothered about these photo stunts you wouldn’t keep posting about them.

  3. Emma, I AM bothered about these photos, that is why I sent them a Cease and Desist. If you’re going to start your trolling again, at least read the entry properly first.

  4. What is the German for ‘pretty damn blatant’? They could at least have bothered to cut off your head.
    (Um… in the photo, I meant in the photo!)

  5. Yay for you for pursuing the cease & desist! Auf Deutsch, even. Those ads drive me batsh!t even before they start stealing photos. Maybe you should plant “there are no magic pills” or “this is a scam” all over your photos..

  6. Wow…companies just go and blantantly steal your pic like that? It probably shouldn’t be, but that is mindboggling that they’d think they could get away with it too. Jeez…

    I say unleash the Ping Pong kitties regardless…cuz that’d just look awesome πŸ™‚

  7. That just sucks. I would be pretty upset about it too. Sorry you have to deal with that type of garbage.

  8. Have you thought about putting a watermark(???????I think that is what they are called)on your photos so they cant be stolen.

    I would be so upset if this happen to me.

  9. Hi Katt, I have had watermarks on all the pics for ages now so they must be caches somewhere or maybe nicked from press coverage for my book. Grrr πŸ˜€

  10. Shauna stop stealin my bloomin’ photos!

    Never mind S at least you have the knowledge that you’re still looking gooood! After all they aren’t gonna put any old girl in a before and after shot are they?

    Hope all is good with you otherwise!

  11. And they think you won’t find out??? I don’t get it, but you keep up the good work.
    Love your writing and love the blog- I keep thinking if you can do it so can I!

  12. I’d like to get my hands on that ad, purely because I’m teaching marketing, advertising and internet security to my students – and this would really cover all those topics! Feel bad for you, though – and simultaneously inspired, as I’ve finished reading your book some time ago.

  13. I thought once you watermaked it was safe, bugger.

    I know go and clobber them with your foam thingy, that will stop them

    By the way I love peanut M&M’s but I dont like the normal kind πŸ™‚

  14. Actually, I think what you “say” in the tea ad is even funnier! But you do have my sympathy. Weird to think people can just grab you image and use it and you only find out if someone lets you know they’ve seen it.

  15. I haven’t lost nearly as much as you, yet I think of you, and don’t put my before/after pictures anywhere near each other. You can find them, but you’d have to hunt for the old ones. The nerve of these people!

  16. why does this still shock me EVERY TIME?!
    I cant believe people have such, as my tribe says :), CHUTZPAH.

  17. You are just to damned cute ;-). That’s why people keep nicking your photo.

    The nerve.

  18. Is it your anniversary? Happy anniversary!

    (Note: I’m not a crazy stalker, your big day is similar to my own and it stuck in my mind)

  19. Boo….do I have to go all bulldog-ish on them again? Say the word and I’ll start nipping at ankles.

  20. Grrr… not even me in the ad and so many things annoy me about it!
    They steal your photos to peddle pills which obvioulsy don’t work (or they wouldn’t need to steal your photos)
    They are trying to make people think that losing 35 kilos will make that much of a difference – (when you lost 80)
    And, implying that the most important thing is that the men notice you now!

  21. If you look in the bookcase on my “Yay IΒ΄ve lost 30 kilos” photo, you can see my inspiration lurking there. Thank you Shauna and you can use my before and afters (after not quite ready yet) to promote your book!

    Thanks again,

  22. Unbelievable that the Germans have done this,really shocking, so glad you have a good lawyer on the case, I love both your book and this blog, hope it gets sorted out v. soonxx

  23. Urgh…the jealousy of the pill touting brigade strikes again. I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve pinched your photo’s, I’d be steaming mad if it was me – after all, if it was as easy as popping a few pills we’d all be skinny and there’d be no hard graft required!!

    Good on ya for giving them hell – you’ve worked too damn hard to let ’em get away with it!

  24. I can’t believe these thieves are still getting away with this crap. They should be forced to pay you for being their model (you do look fabulous) and then they should have to reprint their ads admitting they stole your pictures and informing all their customers that you lost the weight the old fashion way not from their damn diet pill. Bast*rds!!

  25. Idiots, how frustrating for you my lovely after all your hard graft. Well we know you did it yourself-look at all the books out there that prove it!xx

  26. What gets me about this, aside from the thieving and deceptive scumbaggery, is that the ad says “I lost 35 kg”, when you’ve clearly lost a lot more than that. So not only are they thieving scum, they’re underselling their crappy product. Dishonest AND incompetent!

  27. That’s outrageous! I hope your lawyer will succeed.

    But Dr G has nothing to worry about: Men are not mentioned in the add. It says “Now I have confidence again.”

  28. @Melanie – i didn't post a screenshot of the man ad on here, there were about four different ads in total would you bloody believe.

    the ads are coming down on friday, they say. not as quick as we'd like naturally.. grrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr πŸ˜€

    thanks for the comments groovers!!!

  29. ha! no way! unbelievable really! We Dutch (we! another “ha!”) are much more civilised (disclaimer: that is a joke, no offence intended to Germans and by the way I’m American and not even Dutch so therefore my joke is even funnier – maybe to only me) but I’ll keep an eye out here if the thievery has spilled over to our borders!

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