Waiting for the sun

Spring has unsprung here in Scotland. Last week I'd started an entry about sunshine and gardening and daffodils jumping out at you from every corner. But now? Snow! Sleet! Rain! All the daffodils have been flattened by wild winds.

Dr G and I had been busy getting the garden sorted but it's looking a bit rough now. Grrrr. At least these little leek seedlings were safely inside.

If you're scared of carbs LOOK AWAY NOW!

Hehe. We planted some potatoes in old compost bags… great if you don't have much space. Of course the poor buggers have probably drowned or frozen to death now.

I'm slowly getting to know the local wildlife. There's a cranky robin, two feuding blackbirds, some extremely destructive rooks  P1010804_2 and swarms of Eating Disorder Pigeons. The EDP's like to hang out in the field behind us.

Meanwhile inside Crooked House there is still crookedness to admire P1010820. After replacing the stinky carpet we've been laying low on the home improvement front. The walls are blank and furniture is sparse but I have a SPICE DRAWER so I don't care.

A shallow drawer under the hob/stove/whatever you call it in your country was just the right size for a dusty collection of useless spices. I stuck a shoe box lid in there to keep them tidy. After decades of rummaging I have to say this made me spew with happiness! I'm actually using them now I can find them. I tried turning the labels down so you could just see the lovely spices, but then I sprinkled cumin on my porridge instead of cinnamon so am reconsidering that idea.

This is the kind of minutiae that blogs were made for. Mwahaha.

43 thoughts on “Waiting for the sun

  1. Aww. . . I am SO jealous of your spice drawer. Mine isn’t so much of a drawer as it is an unorganized basket in my pantry.

    Loving your seedlings indoor. I just started mine as well. I’ve got everything from green beans to pumpkins started and waiting for the weather to heat up.

    Hope the weather gets better by you soon!



  2. Oooo–congrats on having a spice drawer now. May it inspire your cooking!

    So nice to see you’re settling in–takes a while to adjust to a new place, but it’s awesome when you get comfy.

  3. PUMPKINS! Cooooool I think we're outta room for pumpkins this year… hope you blog about how your get on Julia! πŸ™‚

  4. Our last house had had an AWESOME spice cupboard – about 10cm deep, 30cm wide and 1.5m tall, with lots of shelves inside. Everything could easily be seen and accessed, and even better, it was right next to the stove! Then we bought our own house, so no more awesome spice cupboard… oh well, I comfort myself that we actually own this house, so we can build an awesome spice cupboard if we like!

  5. I’m all inspired to go home and finally plant all of the herbs and veggies I bought about a week ago that nearly didn’t survive the viciously hot weather we had last week…see what you’ve done? πŸ™‚

  6. I was out on a 5 1/2 mile hike today, SLOGGING through 3″ of mud…ugh…and I thought of YOU in Scotland and wondered if you were having Sunny, beautiful weather or if you were matching Seattle, where I am for the month. Rain. Is. Killing. Me.

  7. Hmm, makes me want to rethink my spice organization…I have them in a narrow cabinet above the stove, but I do have to take a bunch out in order to find what I’m looking for. I think you’re onto something there, Shauna!

  8. So lovely to see the spice drawer as I just listened to the podcast where you discussed moving the spices (twice!).

    You may inspire me to garden this season. I’m in California…I should have no excuse!

    Marilyn @marlinex on Twitter!

  9. Leek seedlings, fab! I’m in mourning for my four mini cucumber seedlings which all keeled over this week after starting out so well πŸ™ Oh well, everything else is thriving. Just a rain-on-your-parade thought on the under-hob/stove spice drawer, won’t the heat from the oven directly above cause the spices to deteriorate really, really fast?

  10. I’m assuming by the cinnamon/cumin mistake the beautifully laid out spice draw is also alphabetised? You’re such a geek!

  11. Shit I hate that I just wrote draw instead of drawer! How can I claim to be any sort of proofreader?

  12. Nah it was more of a thematical arrangement… descending order of OOMPH… chilli through to coriander then the wussy dried herbs. hehehehe!

  13. **laughing**
    my spice (fingerquote) drawer (unFQ) consists of ONE SHAKER of cinnamon.


  14. Loved the idea of the ‘bags’ of potatoes. (loved your saying ‘look away’ too). WOnder if that would work for carrots too.

  15. Great idea for arranging spices- I’ll have to try that (current “junk” drawer filled with 2 year old receipts, old bills, and keys that have no use might work). Currently my outdated spices are hiding unused in a cupboard I can’t reach- when I take one down (rarely) I generally just chuck it back in so it’s all hodge podge up there.

  16. I’m having the same problem with my sproutlings – I’ve got pumpkins and courgettes and tomatoes and butternut squash and all manner of things that I need to get outside, like, YESTERDAY, and of course, yesterday was the worst day ever. Cold and rain and sleet and snow and brrrrr.

    So much for spring!

    I wish we could get our spice cupboard sorted out. We have at least two of everything, I swear, but it still takes us ten minutes to find what we want! Nuts.

  17. The spice drawer looks very organised and full of lovely things – did I spy whole nutmeg and cardamom pods in there?! (Masterchef here I come!)

    I’m going to grow my own courgettes this summer, and hoping to have more luck with my spinach and rocket. I’m so impressed with everything you’re growing, it looks/sounds wonderful! xx

  18. Ooh, I have mine in a spinny-roundy thing on the worktop, think it was from Argos.

    All the extras are crammed on top tho!

  19. OOH, am creaming my jeans at this image! It has the buzz of a Christmas Selection box about it. I have saved a Fly shoe box (because I like the fly on the box!)and now I can justify its retention as spice organiser extraordinnaire!! GET YOURSELF ON DRAGON’S DEN WOMAN!!

  20. @Ally – you crack me up mate πŸ™‚

    Thank you to all the lovely commenters!

    AND NO THANK YOU AT ALL to those who leave comments thinly disguised as pimping their businesses. As I say in the RED BOLD LETTERS this blog is not the place to pimp your wares and I am going to keep deleting your comments.

  21. OMG I am so jealous. I like to keep my spices lined up by the hob, on the convenient little strip of worktop between it and the sink… but the Boy thinks this constitutes ‘clutter’ and uses his Selective Tidying mode to put them back in the spice cupboard. Which is above my eye level even when I stand on my little steppystool. So I have to take out about 29318293441 things before I find what I was looking for. πŸ™

  22. I love spices (almost as much as I love random sauces) so I love your spice drawer! And spring is just around the corner, I promise! πŸ™‚

  23. Love your spice drawer, mine are just shoved in a small cupboard and fall out every time I open the door.lol.

  24. I have a spice cupboard – it’s heaven! Even better – I now have a baking cupboard – it’s stuff dreams are made of! Although not so good for the old healthy eathing malarkey! Hope the re-emergence of winter doesn’t decimate your green-fingeredness :o)

  25. potatoes in bags! I love this idea, how long does it take, please send me info, steps or blog about it…..
    Oh loving the spice drawer πŸ™‚

  26. Shauna – if I tried to put my spices in a drawer they’d be a mess! You are so neat and tidy. By the way, thanks for the comment on my blog today about the nutritional info – that would have taken me hours!!

  27. @Miss A – if only πŸ™‚

    @Sue, there's a link to a video on the BBC website in the entry above, should be a trustworthy source!

    hope you're all having a good weekend!

  28. Love your spice drawer! In October 2009 I visited my aunt in Colorado. She had her spices in a wire rack on the inside of the pantry door. A brilliant solution! I came home from that trip and looked all over for a shelf/rack that I could use on my narrow pantry door. I was thrilled when I eventually found a style that worked and bought two! It is so much better having my spices easy to find instead of falling on my head every time I open the door to the cupboard I kept them in previously. Happy seasoning. πŸ™‚

  29. Totally jealous of your spice organisation, I have a rack but it’s just not big enough! I have a spare drawer, I’m going to fashion something similar! Thanks for the idea πŸ™‚

  30. We have been doing remodeling also and i love the results. I have 2 cabnets in my kitchen that are full of spices. I love them. I want to learn to cook more spices that are different with chicken and fish. Good luck with changes to your home.

  31. The planting potatoes in compost bags is a great idea. I never thought of doing that before. Thanks for giving me an idea.

    And I’m really sorry about the daffodils. the weather has really been unpredictable lately, hasn’t it?

  32. I’m on Vancouver Island in BC-Canada and we are experiencing the same weather patterns, it sounds like! Typically, we don’t plant anything until the long weekend in May; a rule of thumb that seems to have worked out well. Good luck with the spuds.

    Love your spice droor!
    Is your house really crooked?


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