Friday Link Feast #6

  • Fabulous Muscles at Thus Bakes Zarathustra – "I don’t want to bury the lede: I’m going to argue that participating in sport, or just plain old fashioned exercise, can be considered a feminist act. Nay, should."
  • Talking about Weight Watching at Diary of a Mad Mammy – "I’m not sure what it is about being on a diet that prompts us all to talk about it so much. Maybe because we want people to acknowledge the effort we are going to. Maybe we want to revel in the moments when people tell you they notice a change to the shape of your hips, the girth of your belly or the number of chins you have. Maybe we want people to know that, yes, as much as we may be on the hefty side now, we are doing something about it honest and don’t intend to be gulpens the rest of our days."
  • Building a better blog by Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit – Do you want more blog readers? Craving a pile of comments? A good start would be to actually update your bloody blog, a concept I have been struggling with of late 🙂 Jack on the other hand has some most excellent tips!
  • Why did I let this happen to me? by Melanie Reid at The Times – "This is me. I’m dictating this because I lie imprisoned on a hospital bed. I’m here because, three weeks ago, I landed on my head and broke my neck. In the space of 15 minutes I have gone from someone whom I considered to be a fairly high-achieving mistress of her universe to what looks like a tetraplegic."
  • Chickpea and roasted vegetable tagine at BBC Good Food – one of those lazy, tasty dishes that immediately gets added to your high rotation list. Even Dr "I don't like fruit in savoury dishes" G liked it!

Like sands through the hourglass

For your aural pleasure!Any Glee fans out there? The Madonna episode just aired in the UK tonight. Nearly cringed my way right down into the crack of the couch at the painful jamming of Greatest Hits into the "storyline"… how much did she pay for that? But the songs were excellent; I love old school Madge. So. Party on.

There's a new episode of Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone today in which we tackle more listener questions! Hunger during weight loss, cross training for kickboxers, barefoot running and a bizarre tangent about Days of Our Lives.

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OMG it’s an interview: Keris Stainton, author of Della Says: OMG!

Della Says: OMG! by Keris Stainton Today I've got a special guest, author Keris Stainton. Her debut young adult novel Della Says: OMG! is hot off the presses this week and now she's on a virtual book tour.

What's a young adult novel doing on this blog, you may ask? Well I've always thought that lard-busting and writing are similar beasts – making them happen takes bloody hard work and reaching past your deepest demons and fears.

I've followed Keris' work online for a couple of years now and she inspires me with her drive and passion and willingness to chase her dreams. She might be vomming all over her keyboard at reading something so darn cheesy, but I'm a big fan and cannot wait to get my mitts on her book. As someone who carried her teenage diaries on her person at all times then ceremoniously burned them to avoid discovery, I love the premise of Della Says: OMG!

Della’s over the moon when she kisses her long-standing crush at a party – but then she discovers her diary has disappeared… When scans of embarrassing pages are sent to her mobile and appear on Facebook, Della’s distraught – how can she enjoy her first proper romance when someone, somewhere, knows all her deepest, darkest secrets?

I asked Keris about her book and a few random tangents.

Since this blog is called Dietgirl I should start with a vaguely foody question… what's your snack of choice when you're writing?
In an ideal world, it would be biscuits or nuts. But to fend off the dreaded "writer's arse" I've recently swapped chocolate for fruit. And I feel much better for it. Who knew, eh? 

How many cups of caffeine do you get through on a writing day?

Not too many. Maybe three? (And always tea, not coffee.) If I drink more than three, I start to get a bit jittery. Yes, even with tea. I'm such a lightweight. But also it's because I'm lazy, so I'll sit there for a while thinking, "God, I'm REALLY thirsty" but I can't be bothered to get up. (See above 'writer's arse'.)

I often reckon you can tell a lot about someone's personality from what they eat. What would Della eat on a typical day? Assuming she has free reign and the parents aren't cooking!

Della works part-time in her parents' deli, so she's very fond of deli food. Rocky Road bars for breakfast are not unheard of. Della and her parents actually enjoy film + food themed evenings, for example: Shaun of the Dead with spaghetti bolognaise (the spaghetti represents Dylan Moran's guts – sorry).

Keris Stainton Do you remember what your own relationship with food was like when you were a teenager? Was it riddled with angst or did you have a normal, hearty appetite?
Both. I had a normal, hearty appetite, but I worried I was fat and felt guilty about pretty much everything I ate. Quite similar to now, sadly. Although now I actually *am* fat and back then I just thought I was. I'm actually starting to crack it now – finally! – I think. I can't imagine what it must be like for teenage girls these days. Celebrities' bodies were so much healthier and more "normal" when I was a teen (watch Working Girl and be astounded by Melanie Griffith's untoned, curvy – and fabulous – bod) and yet I felt the pressure. The pressure today must be overwhelming.

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How I didn’t make my millions

I don't like to live a life of regrets but I'm a little gutted that I never got around to developing my Treadmill Desk concept way back in 2002. I'd been bitching about how many hours a week I was desk-bound and how it rendered my exercise efforts redundant – I'd calculated that for every hour of exercise, I spent ten sitting on my arse.

My brilliant solution was this Treadmill Desk thingy. I created a stunning artists impression using the best graphics software of the age, Microsoft Paint:

Now what do you know, eight years later some clever bastard has had the same idea but actually made it a reality. Behold, the Trek Desk!

They've been on The Today Show with it and everything!

This discovery was quite crushing as it served to highlight my chronic inability to carpe diem.

And eight years later I am STILL a desk-bound office monkey with a disgruntled expression.

And I went to a wedding last weekend wearing a dress eerily similar to the one in my illustration.

Dash it all!

Disclaimer for the humourless: the tongue is in the cheek here. Please don't send emails saying I should have got a patent or my concept is nothing like the TrekDesk etc etc etc!

Two Fit Chicks Episode 11 – Let’s Hear It For The Boys

For your aural pleasure!There’s a brand new episode of Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone in which Carla and I chat to some of our male listeners and get their perspectives on fitness, health and blogging.

The episode was rather late due to disorganisation from the Scottish branch of Two Fit Chicks Inc. and only this morning I discovered I’d left out one of the blokes’ recordings. I am really bloody glad it’s Friday, I tells ya.

Proper update next week, fer sure! What’s new and shaking with you guys? Any sugar comas over Easter?

» Check out Episode 11 over at the Two Fit Chicks website

Slight delay

Hi troops! Things have been a wee bit crazy so unfortunately I've not quite finished putting Episode 11 together. We'll be with you on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Cheers!

— Shauna