Friday Link Feast #6

  • Fabulous Muscles at Thus Bakes Zarathustra – "I don’t want to bury the lede: I’m going to argue that participating in sport, or just plain old fashioned exercise, can be considered a feminist act. Nay, should."
  • Talking about Weight Watching at Diary of a Mad Mammy – "I’m not sure what it is about being on a diet that prompts us all to talk about it so much. Maybe because we want people to acknowledge the effort we are going to. Maybe we want to revel in the moments when people tell you they notice a change to the shape of your hips, the girth of your belly or the number of chins you have. Maybe we want people to know that, yes, as much as we may be on the hefty side now, we are doing something about it honest and don’t intend to be gulpens the rest of our days."
  • Building a better blog by Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit – Do you want more blog readers? Craving a pile of comments? A good start would be to actually update your bloody blog, a concept I have been struggling with of late 🙂 Jack on the other hand has some most excellent tips!
  • Why did I let this happen to me? by Melanie Reid at The Times – "This is me. I’m dictating this because I lie imprisoned on a hospital bed. I’m here because, three weeks ago, I landed on my head and broke my neck. In the space of 15 minutes I have gone from someone whom I considered to be a fairly high-achieving mistress of her universe to what looks like a tetraplegic."
  • Chickpea and roasted vegetable tagine at BBC Good Food – one of those lazy, tasty dishes that immediately gets added to your high rotation list. Even Dr "I don't like fruit in savoury dishes" G liked it!

14 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #6

  1. *delurks*

    Thanks so much for that link to the Times article. It’s totally given me some much needed perspective.

    Love the book/blog/podcast empire by the way!

  2. Woah, that article about the woman who had a horse-riding accident was intense. Sort of reminds me of my headache. You never know when life can turn to $h*t.

  3. Empire! Hehe! Thank you ScotsFemme 🙂
    Talk about perspective indeed. Couldn't stop thinking about the article all week.

  4. That chickpea recipe… its fab made with sweet potato instead of the carrots and dried apricots instead of the prunes…

  5. Thanks for sharing those links!
    I was very moved by that Times article… it’s amazing how it puts things back into perspective. The first feeling i’ve had was “why are you always moping around, look at that woman, she’s so brave and she’s facing a tragedy. now stop moping and start living your life!”
    Amazing, Thanks!

  6. The article by Melanie in the Times certainly touched a deep part within me – thanks for sharing and like you I think it will be in my thoughts for quite some time to come Zxx

  7. I like your links.
    Come visit my blog, I think you will like my most recent post – I thought of you as I was writing it.

  8. and the times article certainly put me and my self-absorbed worry about muffin tops back in my place.

  9. So funny about the weight watching one… what IS it about dieting that makes us all talk about it to everyone we know?!

  10. Whoah, just read that Melanie Reid article. Holy shit. Sorry, I have nothing to say but have to say something!

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