Friday Link Feast #8

Jump World Cup! World Cup! World Cup! What do you mean you don't care for football, it's the World Cup! World Cup! World Cup! Party!

It is not going to be the same this year without my lustbucket headbutting supercrush Zidane but I can't wait to see if a new athletic lad captures my imagination. And of course I hope Australia does alright but I drew Holland in the office sweep so their triumph could mean a mighty £30!

Meanwhile I'm huffy because I pulled my calf muscle at kickboxing, doing a tuck jump. Okay, attempting a tuck jump. I'm just not built for anything plyometrical. I looked in the mirror and noticed I was barely leaving the ground so thought, Must try harder. I leapt up then felt a horrible twiiiing!

I hobbled around yesterday, then felt okay this morning until I was running late for the bus. I stepped off the curb with too much vigour and the calf twiiiinged again. Had to shuffle back home and ask Dr G for a lift to work. Now it hurts like a bastard!

So no Zumba for me tomorrow. I'm pathologically addicted to Zumba at the moment so this is crushing. Why is it whenever I finally get my exercise groove back, I always push too hard too soon!? Boo.

Some links for you today!

11 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #8

  1. NO ZUMBA!!! I’m addicted–gotta shake my groove thang..just call me Zumba Warrior Princess…Now you have an excuse to lay about , have a drink, and watch World Cup.

  2. Alas that you have hurt your calf. I also always used to hurt myself by pushing too hard too soon. (I haven’t come up with a magical way not to, either, I just haven’t done it for a while.)

  3. I’ve been trying to find my groove for a solid 2 years now – and FINALLY I am seeing some small results. I cannot tell you how shattered I would be to have an injury right now (or even a cold for that matter).
    So rest up and get feeling better soon – I need to hear more about that Zumba!!;)

  4. oooh – Twing is not a good thing. Take good care.

    Now about the whole tuck jump: you said you barely came off the ground. WOW.!! To this lady (me) of a certain age and a certain weight – that just sounds miraculous. 🙂

  5. I liked the Stop Complaining link. A while back I decided to drastically limit bitching about work and bitching about things other drivers do. It’s shocking what a difference it’s made! Extended complaining just prolongs the unpleasantness, it just makes the event live longer and become more deeply embedded in your psyche. I’m never going to be Little Miss Sunshine, but I really am a lot happier and feel freer now that I’ve cut down on the griping.

  6. I am not built for plyometrics. I have a low centre of gravity. I try to take advantage of this with my running stride, little strides, high turnover, positively no bounciness.

  7. I am also completely addicted to Zumba. During church yesterday I was driving my husband crazy by having my fingers salsa and zumba their way across his leg. 🙂

  8. I hope Holland do win mate, but I’m kind of biased (though my English colleague is angry with me that I’m for NL instead of US… she says I should only go for my birth country… I say bullcrap!)

    hope the calf is already on the mend!

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