Two Fit Chicks Episode 14 – Intuitive Eating

For your aural pleasure!We're talking about intuitive eating in today's new episode of Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone.

Intuitive eating has a gazillion aliases, such as mindful eating, non-dieting, conscious eating or just plain Eating In A Way That Doesn't Make You Want To Stab People.

I read a lot of Intuitive Eating books about four years ago and thought, "Well, derr" because I was going great guns and full of smug at the time. And then when things went off the rails I started re-reading in panicky, "Show me the holy grail" fits of desperation.

Carla is a veteran intuitive eater – she was at it for years, intuitively, before she realised it had a fancy name. Her calm attitude to eating convinced me to revisit the concept and now I'm working like a mofo to forge a healthier relationship with food. I thought I was there a few years ago, but clearly I have more work to do. That is a giant beast of a post for another day.

In the meantime, if you're a serial dieter and wonder if there can ever be an end to the struggle – why not give this episode a listen. Carla shares how she became a mindful eater, I talk about my experiments with it, then we share some tips and ideas for getting started.

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13 thoughts on “Two Fit Chicks Episode 14 – Intuitive Eating

  1. YAY!!! I’ve been so looking forward to this one. Shall be listening whilst I clean the bathroom, not very rock n’ roll, but necessary.

  2. I’ve just listened to the podcast on Intuitive eating.

    Thanks for explaining it in a way I can understand. I won’t be buying any books because I think it is what I’m beginning to do anyway.

    Basically this is how I get it.

    1. Believe in yourself. You know how your own body works. If not it’s time to listen and learn.

    2. Eat without guilt.

    3. Eat with thoughtfulness as opposed to mindless eating.

    I’ve been wondering why I can’t follow my program of choice as strictly as I once did, (low carb and balanced protein and fats), yet by eating what suits my body I am losing weight.

    I too have discovered I am intolerant of wheat or gluten so that’s a good thing to know.

    I think I get it!

  3. I’m going to listen to this while I stretch tonight. Anxiety eating is getting the better of me lately so I need DG to save me!

  4. thanks to you both for this one! it was really really interesting. i’m scared of intuitive eating.

    DG i thought of you reading either the May or June edition of Yoga Journal. It had a longer article on the scientific research being done into the different benefits of different types of meditation. Have you been continuing to try to meditate? How is it going?

  5. I am such a fan of you Shauna and I found your latest podcast to be as inspiring as your book & blog.
    Your honesty is astounding and something you should be proud of.

    Intuitive eating is a challenge something I aspire to. For me, the key would be not letting myself get to the point of starving hungry (as I almost did today) – oh boy, when that feeling kicks in, your body is telling you that it needs some sweets/junk… Certainly something for me to be mindful of…..Could I trust myself with a backup bag of nuts in my bag?? Hmmmmm Jen*

  6. Loved this episode and got some great advice. I have been trying intuitive eating and have gained about 7 pounds. I am in excellent shape and I objectively think I look good– some people even say I look better now– but the first thing I think/feel upon waking is, “I’m fat.” When I was thin, I was unhappy, too, compounded by anxiety that I would be unable to maintain my low weight, so I know the weight control issue was just a smokescreen for not liking myself. It’s just so easy to slip once again into a, “If only I were thin” mindset– much easier than dealing with the underlying issue of never feeling like I’m good enough as I am. God, it’s a daily struggle.

    Thanks so much for sharing your strength and your story, Shauna. I love your website!

  7. Dear Shauna,
    I’m on page 72 of “Dietgirl”. Because I am a LAAAAARGE highschool teacher, I am relating to your story as if you were still that very young girl experiencing all that misery. I just want to put my big ol teacher arms around you and tell you how perfect, BEAUTIFUL,brave, smart and FUNNY you are.Your story is inspiring me so much and I will be at Weight Watchers next Monday night!! Thank you for sharing this with us and for your continuing mission to help others. I will be giving this book to my teenaged students, many of whom struggle with obesity. Bless you, and best wishes for your happiness and success. myrna

  8. Hey girl, I’ve just discovered your blog- looks like I have a fair bit of reading to be getting on with!

    This post about intuitive eating struck a chord, as it’s something that I wish I was able to do. Having had an ED in the past, I feel that I’ve destroyed all my natural hunger signals, which means counting and planning everything is a big part of my day.

    It’s something that I really encourage in my line of work, so not being able to apply it myself is very frustrating, and seems a little hypocritical.

    But from your post, it sounds like it’s something that can be redeveloped by our bodies! So I’ll definitely be working on it… πŸ™‚

  9. This was my favorite podcast so far; you guys did such a good job, and I am sure I will enjoy the next installments. Thank you!

  10. Loved this episode. I think, sub-consciously, I’m gradually heading to a mindful way of eating but still worry and fret over that fact that I’m not “on a diet” as I seem to have been for most of my adult life. It is strange to contemplate not counting calories or filling in charts like you described Shauna. I feel I need that to be accountable yet I know it has not proved to be sustainable. I look forward to follow up episodes.

  11. Oh my Shauna, only now I found out about your PODCAST! AWESOME!! And when I started to listen I didn’t know it was gonna be YOU in the show since I found the link elsewhere. But I recognized you of course immeadiately ;-D

    I’m also very pro mindful eating, or intuitive eating. I think that in combination with (un-weighed, un-measurred) paleolithic diet it just can’t go wrong. When there are no grains, dairy or sugar to mess up my body’s natural state it’s sure tell me what to eat and when. I’ve never felt so good as this year when I went fully paleo in January (ditched the remains of dairy: fatty cheese! Still have it sometimes :’)) and my body has been catching up after all those years on low-fat “so called” healty foods like the evil wholegrain products and sweeteners. Yuck!

    I really liked your podcast, now I’ve got meself 13 un-listened episodes meaning I shall not be bored on the way to work πŸ˜€ Btw. Have you listened to Robb Wolf’s Paleolithic Solution? You might find it interesting and maybe something to discuss on your show?

    Anyway, feels nice to sort of know you in there somewhere… Cosy πŸ™‚

    Take care, keep up the brilliant work!

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