Friday Link Feast #9

Calum the Cucumber
Too cool for school.

"Well, a person can cry for only so long. Then she has to find something else to do with her time."
– A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Betty Smith

It's been a quiet but gooooood week. Finished the above book and reluctantly returned to reality, honked into about 40 tissues a day with this endless bloody hayfever, ate raspberries and watched a lot of cycling. Happy days!

Now here's some tasty links from the past wee while.

  • The Onion: Fill Your Own G*ddamn Emotional Void – in which Food speaks up at last: "I hate to say it, but you can't come running to me every time something goes wrong in your life. Not anymore."
    This is The Onion and I know it's meant to be funny but I read it and thought, "Food would totally write the same stuff to me." Mwahaha. [Thanks Molly for sending the link]
  • Frocks & Frou Frou – There are twentytrillion people out there blogging photos of their outfits but Lilli from Melbourne is the only one I've ever stalked all the way through the archives to read more of her thoughts on life and dressing a curvier bod. And to marvel at the clarity of the sunlight in the photies.. it could only be Australia. [via Kathryn]
  • Tavi The Style Rookie: An open letter to Seventeen Magazine, also, WHY ARE YOU UGLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU – "I am writing you concerning your headline on your June/July cover, β€œTHE PARTY DRUG THAT CAN MAKE YOU FAT & UGLY.” I hope you keep these problems in mind for your future issues."
  • Derek Powazek: They Don't Complain And They Die Quietly – a very poignant post about growing house plants.
  • Copenhagen's Bike Friendly Streets – when I visited Copenhagen in 2004 I was spewingly jealous of their cycle-friendly streets… cyclists get their own traffic lights and everything! 37% of commuters in the city are cyclists. This video talks about the bicycle culture and makes you wonder how good it would be for the planet if more cities could invest in this infrastructure. [via Faith]

23 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #9

  1. Oooh, Frocks & Frou Frou is a good ‘un. She looks fab, added immediately to my already bulging reader. Have been thinking about doing a post on dressing in vintage for the bootylicious lass, this is great inspiration!

  2. Oh, what great style Lilli has! I love the looks she pulls together, and I love that in her photos she looks happy and gorgeous and natural and HERSELF! Most style blogs have people looking like twerps. You could rock all of those looks, Shauny baby.

    And don’t tell me you haven’t already realized you look JUST LIKE Christina Hendricks with that red hair, doll face, and bootylicious bod. I say it to Tim every time I see Mad Men. He doesn’t say anything back because he’s in some comatose trance at Christina Hendricks …



  3. @PDV – woohoo! she has some good posts on vintage if you have a wee dig around the blog.

    @momo, yer too kind! i do aspire to her style and curves. i am just kind of lumpen at the moment, och well πŸ˜‰

    @Fiona – I KNOW. would be great to open the fridge and they’re all jamming away…

    Just found a fab quote from frocks and froufrou, “Isn’t it fabulous when you find a belt that actually manages to fit properly, and doesn’t make you look like a pillow with a piece of string tied around it?”


  4. It’s great! I’ve bought a bike to drive to work, but have only driven once! It’s to dangerous on the street with all the cars driving by fast.

  5. “Well, a person can cry for only so long. Then she has to find something else to do with her time.”

    So I stopped, wiped my nose and went for a midnight walk. And got to watch possums! Coincidence, but how bang on the money, thank you. πŸ™‚

    The cucumber rocks. Might see if I can “carve” a guitar into one! πŸ™‚

  6. I got The Onion app for my iPod, so I visit more than I used to. Love ’em!

    I laugh and sigh at “cycle-friendly” cities. I live in the most “cycle-hostile” place on the planet, which combines 5 months of snowpack per year with suicidal traffic speeds and no extra room for cyclists. I grew up riding my bike everywhere and I miss it, but I don’t have a death wish.

  7. Copenhagen is setting a shining example! Seriously, can you imagine how much change we could put into motion if major cities the world over implemented this model! Bloody brilliant!

    The Onion…ahh, hate to admit it, but my food would be telling me the same thing heh. Definitely the worst relationship in my life, but hopefully I’ll find a way to break up with it one day. ;o)

  8. The Onion is the BEST!!! I LMAO every time I see a video or read an article they produce.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Best regards,

    ~ Pete

  9. Note to self: read The Onion more often so my blog can RAWK like Shau. be more like Shauna in all ways (((hugs)))

  10. You know, I’ve never read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, and it’s so famous! However, I’ve read her Joy In The Morning about FIVE THOUSAND times, even though it’s just the sappiest, silliest thing ever. I love it. Highly recommended.

  11. LOVED Joy in the Morning, read it as a teen, and a couple times since. I’m going to have to find A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and check it out. I’ve been busy reading diet memoirs, like The “Amazing Adventures of DG” and “Half-Assed”! I’m in the middle of “Passing for Thin” right now.

  12. I have been reading your blog for couple of months now, however refused to start in the middle, as I am the type that needs THE WHOLE STORY! I feel like I have shared the past 9 years with you, and know you, and all your wobbly bits!
    I savoured the entries, trying to restrict my entry reading quotient to stretch out my new addiction so it lasted. Well… I am caught up now, so–uhm- How do I put this politely… I am waiting!

    I do think however you need to put a disclaimer on here. I have NEVER been a chocolate person… I am a salty/fried craver and I went through a chocolate addiction during my reading. I have been a connoisseur of everything from G&B, which is not easy to find in rural Canada, to red chilli infused and sea salt variety. I have also hunted for oz cadbury delights unavailable in Canada (contemplated ordering a sample box from a oz grocer who sends specialty items overseas… but then worried what if I liked one a lot. Should I order multiple samplers?? Common sense prevailed and realized it was probably not the most intelligent purchase while trying to shed excess weight…)
    So for someone who was seeking a diet blog to peruse while trying to lose the weight regained… LONG story, Think, Angry Fat Girls… It has been a yo-yo’ing blast!
    I too am addicted to competition… Did a half marathon in Oct, and the only thing that kept me training was nikefit competitions. Not sure why a .jpg trophy was enough but it was… the fact I was accountable to the other competitors.

    I know you have had ups and downs in the past while, but keep it up! Your stumbles shared make you real, and relateable! Oh, and when are you going to write fiction? I am eagerly waiting to purchase! Jennifer Weiner, and Meg Cabot watch out!

  13. Thanks so much for The Onion link! I’m sure many people felt like it was written for them. I’ve printed it out and stuck it on my kitchen cupboard hopefully it will help me move forward on the right path.

  14. Mmmmmm, raspberries.

    Belatedly, thanks for the sharing of a couple of posts back. I’m glad it helps you to know you’re not alone – but don’t forget it helps all of us too!

  15. Thank you so much for the Frocks and Frou Frou site!! New sites to look at for clothes and the pictures to steal style tips from! xx

  16. Wow, that’s an awesome video shauna, thanks for sharing that!! Really makes me wanna pick up and head for Europe!

  17. Did you realize that the Maestro and I live in the very neighborhood that “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” takes place. It’s the coolest thing to read a book and know the exact places the author is talking about…lol…or in your case, writes about πŸ˜‰

    Next time you kids are in NYC, we’ll show you more of the Greenpoint/Williamburg side.


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