Podcast, comments and yogurt

For your aural pleasure!Running is the subject of today's new episode of Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone! Our American-Italian superstar Julia Jones is back to answer listener queries about stepping up to the 10K distance, stretches for runners, conquering hills, bathroom stops, staying motivated for big races and avoiding skanky black toenails.

» Check out Episode 15 over at the Two Fit Chicks website

I wanted to say a huuuuge thanks for all your incredible comments on the last entry. It really means a lot to read your words and to know you're not alone.

By the way, I've had to enable comment moderation because of increased spam, so your comments are stored and won't appear on the site right away. I usually get to them pretty quickly though!

In other news, here's one's for the UK yogurt nerds out there. I found a quite decent Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt substitute! Onken Natural Set yogurt. I saw an ad in a foodie magazine which claimed it was "just as creamy" as Greek despite having less fat and calories. Pffft, I said. But beggars can't be choosers – no shops stock Total Greek 2% in my town (they only stock 0% which I don't like as much, and full fat which is a bit too full-on for my breakfast).

Verdict: Surprisingly creamy. And cheaper than Total – £1.08 for 500g of Onken versus £2.20 for 500g of Total. I tried a blob on top of some Red Beans and Rice where I'd gone crazy with the chillies. Also tried it with my pseudo-bircher muesli (fruit, oats and yogurt mixed together and left overnight) and it was a good consistency – thick enough to be creamy but enough "give" to blend with the other ingredients. It doesn't have as much protein as the Total – 3.9g versus 6.8g per 100g. Rock n roll!

4 thoughts on “Podcast, comments and yogurt

  1. oh no! i never got around to commenting on the last post and i feel bad now! i too think you are awesome, well done for sharing all that – have also had some experience of head shrinkage and, painful and frustrating as it is at the time, it will get better! hang in there!

    re the yogurt: i live on the other side of the bridge (just – south queensferry!) and work in edin, where they have sainsburys and waitrose and things, and i popped in to sainsburys thinking they were bound to have either the coveted 2% total, or the onken set stuff to try, but noooooo, they had neither! how slack! i’ll have to brave waitrose instead…thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hi 🙂
    I love your book and I finally made it onto your website in the past week. Just wanted to say how awesome you are and incredibly inspiring! When I was rereading your book recently I decided I wanted to train and run for an event like you did so its real cool to see your podcast about running! I have my sights set on the Round the Bridges 12km run in Hamilton (NZ) and I’m real excited about it!
    Keep up the fab work 🙂

  3. what IS UP with all the increased spam, DG?
    Im getting loads of it as well and have to admit some is pretty damn hilarious too.

    Ive used it for writing exercises as the launching sentence for morning pages.

    my fave?

    Her face was like a wedding cake left out in the rain.

  4. Re: Creamy yogurt.

    You can take a carton of ordinary fat-free Dannon and drain it overnight in a colander, then stir it well, and it will turn out surprisingly creamy. I do this all the time, and then mix some with a little honey and fruit. It’s miles cheaper than fancy yogurts and is pretty satisfying.

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