Friday Link Feast #10

Ooh there are some doozies here today!

  • Diane Shipley: Eat, Pray, Love, Get judged: Why Elizabeth Gilbert’s biggest critics are cynical, emotionally stunted sexists
    I gotta confess, I never made it past the EAT part of Eat, Pray, Love. But I enjoyed Diane's thoughtful and level-headed take on the criticism aimed at the book and film.
  • The Great Fitness Experiment: I eat everything!
    After years of disordered eating, Charlotte is going through an amazing journey right now after reading Geneen Roth's books. Journey can be such a cheesy word but it works here. I must admit I shed a little tear as I cheered for her.
  • Interview with Gwen Bell: The power of time off
    "We’ve told ourselves a lie, societally-speaking. We’ve told ourselves if we don’t get back to someone right away – either the instant they message us, or the moment the phone rings – we’re doing them a disservice. Viewed differently, the person we’re doing a disservice by being always on is ourselves… Reacting, rather than acting from our aligned center (you know the place in yourself I’m talking about) we overarch, overcommit, underappreciate and speed through our lives."
  • Cathe Friedrich: Weight Lifting Myths Debunked
    I get a lot of questions about weights and if they'll make you huge or whether it's better to life heavy or do low weights/high reps. This article from the home fitness Queen explains things nicely.
  • Wall Street Journal: A Dozen Eggs for $8? Michael Pollan Explains the Math of Buying Local
    "We've been conditioned by artificially cheap food to be shocked when a box of strawberries costs $3. But it's important to know that farmers aren't getting wealthy. When you see strawberries being sold for $1 a box, picture the kind of labor it takes to pick those strawberries and the kind of chemicals it takes to produce those kinds of strawberries without hand weeding."
  • Your Courageous Life: I don't need a magic cottage
    What does your version of happiness look like? Kate writes: "The thing is, I needed to find my own path to happy. We all do… I think we find the path to happy by trying lots of things and noticing what we gravitate towards, what we love in spite of the sacrifices it demands."

Am I too fat to run?

We received a lot of emails about Tameisha's question about shin splits and weight from Episode 15 – Running Further With Julia Jones. Many people were worried that the gist of Julia's answer was: you can't run if you're fat.

This was not the case. Julia wants the whole world to love running as much as she does, and trains hundreds of runners of all shapes, sizes and ages. Her answer on this episode was not a general prescription, it was tailored purely for Tameisha and her circumstances. Here's her question again:

I recently tried the Podrunner Intervals running program, I had to stop because the shin splints got so bad my legs were hurting constantly. I started icing them, elevating them and wrapping them when I did Podrunner intervals.

Well, after I got over my terrible cold and the shin splint pain eased up I started the program again. Shin pain again. I went to the doctor and had x-rays. It's not a stress fracture – just shin splints.

Will this ever go away? My doctor told me don't run for a month. I am overweight and seriously wondering can I lose the weight to make the shin splints go away. Or can I run, then ice my shins daily so that my body gets used to it?

When we receive a question we often ask for further information. In this case Tameisha clarified that when said she was overweight, she specifically was 5'3" and 211 pounds. She was also new to exercise when she started running. I didn't read out this extra detail on air for privacy reasons, but in hindsight perhaps this information would have helped emphasise that Julia's advice was specific to Tameisha's circumstances.

Julia wanted to assure listeners that running can be a sport for anyone, but because of its high impact nature it is extremely important to listen to your body. Read on for her thoughts!




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Get your sh*t together

Oompa At the hospital café, the patrons were tucking into fluffy white rolls stuffed with bacon, ignoring the greengrocer setting up his optimistic fruit and vegetable stall nearby. I'd been sent up for a chest x-ray due to a revolting cough and high-pitched wheezy breathing that sounded like a herd of Oompa Loompas laughing at a really dirty joke. I'd just spent four sleepless breathless nights on the couch so I had time to pinpoint exactly what it sounded like.

I was x-rayed and sent away in seconds with no dramatic Dr House OMG IT COULD BE LUPUS moments. My doctor gave me some great drugs so the barking has quietened down now. But as always even a brief brush with a hospital left me a wee bit freaked out. Do hospitals freak you out? The smells, the noises, the reminder of all the ways you could malfunction? It makes me think, do not muck around with your health, lady. There are only so many times you can "start over" and expect your body to comply.

. . .

Okay it's five days since I wrote the above and I have no bloody idea where I was going with it. I was a slightly delirious from lack of sleep! I'm cough-free now and just back from a few days visiting my wee sister. Man oh man was it good for the soul. Far away from work and computers; just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Except for the part when the sunshine fried me. But I was taking photos and reading books and chitchatting and eating really delicious foods without doing so to excess… most triumphant.

I'm in the middle of writing a post about this mindful eating malarkey. I'm getting a lot of emails asking wtf is going on as well as emails suggesting that I need try this diet or stay away from that type of food so I want to clear the air and yammer on about what I've been getting up to.

In the meantime here is a picture of a picture that I purchased in April and today finally put in a frame! My next goal is to hang it on the wall before the 2012 Olympics.

Get your sh*t together!  Note the asterisk, so please don't yell at me for swearing.
(from orangebeautiful on etsy)


Two Fit Chicks Episode 16 – Hooray For Summer!

For your aural pleasure!We’re talking about the joys of summer in today’s new episode of Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone.

We have a special guest to join our summer chat – Heather of the fabulous and famous food blog, Heather Eats Almond Butter.

I must confess I have a little blog crush on Heather. Do you ever get blog crushes? We have the same current favourite nut butter – Trader Joes Crunchy Unsalted! Except her fave is the peanut and mine’s the almond. OMG. WTF. ETC.

Furthermore, she too loves ice cream and yoga and also once lost a load of weight!

But that’s where the things in common abruptly end, because she is really skilled and dedicated at yoga (check out the pic on the Two Fit Chicks blog) and has maintained her loss for 10 years… whereas I never stick with yoga long enough to touch my toes properly and you know how great my maintenance has been lately. Hmmm!

So in other words, it’s an aspirational, admiring kind of crush.

Anyway… Heather chatted to us about the phenomenon of people photographing their meals, her favourite summer dishes and love for nut butter. She also took on the 60 Seconds speed round.

» Check out Episode 16 over at the Two Fit Chicks website

P.S. I’ve been busy non-fat blogging over at What’s New Pussycat?