Friday Link Feast #10

Ooh there are some doozies here today!

  • Diane Shipley: Eat, Pray, Love, Get judged: Why Elizabeth Gilbert’s biggest critics are cynical, emotionally stunted sexists
    I gotta confess, I never made it past the EAT part of Eat, Pray, Love. But I enjoyed Diane's thoughtful and level-headed take on the criticism aimed at the book and film.
  • The Great Fitness Experiment: I eat everything!
    After years of disordered eating, Charlotte is going through an amazing journey right now after reading Geneen Roth's books. Journey can be such a cheesy word but it works here. I must admit I shed a little tear as I cheered for her.
  • Interview with Gwen Bell: The power of time off
    "We’ve told ourselves a lie, societally-speaking. We’ve told ourselves if we don’t get back to someone right away – either the instant they message us, or the moment the phone rings – we’re doing them a disservice. Viewed differently, the person we’re doing a disservice by being always on is ourselves… Reacting, rather than acting from our aligned center (you know the place in yourself I’m talking about) we overarch, overcommit, underappreciate and speed through our lives."
  • Cathe Friedrich: Weight Lifting Myths Debunked
    I get a lot of questions about weights and if they'll make you huge or whether it's better to life heavy or do low weights/high reps. This article from the home fitness Queen explains things nicely.
  • Wall Street Journal: A Dozen Eggs for $8? Michael Pollan Explains the Math of Buying Local
    "We've been conditioned by artificially cheap food to be shocked when a box of strawberries costs $3. But it's important to know that farmers aren't getting wealthy. When you see strawberries being sold for $1 a box, picture the kind of labor it takes to pick those strawberries and the kind of chemicals it takes to produce those kinds of strawberries without hand weeding."
  • Your Courageous Life: I don't need a magic cottage
    What does your version of happiness look like? Kate writes: "The thing is, I needed to find my own path to happy. We all do… I think we find the path to happy by trying lots of things and noticing what we gravitate towards, what we love in spite of the sacrifices it demands."

14 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #10

  1. The Walmartification of our mindsets when it comes to purchasing is leading to more and more crap, both consumable and non-consumable winding up in our homes.
    I’m making a conscious decision to pay a little more and expect a little more from the folks I do business with. I think it’ll be a better bargain in the long run.

    Thanks for the informative links!

  2. Ooh, thank you so much for the linkage! *proud*
    I look forward to looking at some of the other sites here, too. Really interested to read more about Charlotte’s Geneen Roth experience.

  3. I read ‘elizabeth gilbert’ and thought – ‘little house on the praire’ girl – ? and then realized that is ‘melissa gilbert’ – yes, I am sooooooo not up with the times frequently.

  4. I LOVE Cathe Friedrich, and she’s how I got started with weightlifting. But I wanted to scream when she wrote that “a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle” which is the most nonsensical bit of non-logic I’ve ever seen on the internet. I won’t try to paste a link, but if anyone wants to read about why muscle DOES weigh more than fat, they can find it on my blog!

  5. Thanks for the thought-provoking reading, darls.

    Hmm, unplugging for a month? Very tempting. And kind of scary.

  6. I thought a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle as a pound of chocolate? Is the difference not in the space they take up? Density, volume? Like a pound of feathers would be a bigger looking pile of stuff in front of you than a pound of butter.

    It is after midnight and i failed maths at school… Help us out science people!

  7. Hey Shauna, I found with Eat, Pray, Love that I really enjoyed Eat and Love, but she could shove Pray up her arse (a real pity as what I enjoyed about the rest of the book was its unpretentious, self-deprecating tone). Try going back and reading the Love bit, it’s much better.

    I also enjoyed Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace With Marriage quite a lot.

  8. Oooh thank you so much for the link love! I feel honored to be in such great company! Very excited to read the Michael Pollan article. Buying local is SO expensive here so I’m anxious to hear if he has any solutions…

  9. I’ve been looking for new reads to add to my daily list, particularly those not entirely focused on calories in/out, so thanks for sharing. Also, I’m really fed up with everyone bagging on Elizabeth Gilbert simply because her experience is not realistic for the vast majority of people in the world…if I wanted realism, I’d just read my own blog (massive yawn!) instead of venturing forth to read about the experiences of a lovely Aussie lass in Glasgow or the weightlifting/artist/cat lady from North Carolina.

  10. exsanguinating is a cool word, but the action itself is not at all cool, in fact it is frankly distressing for all concerned!!

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