Get your sh*t together

Oompa At the hospital cafΓ©, the patrons were tucking into fluffy white rolls stuffed with bacon, ignoring the greengrocer setting up his optimistic fruit and vegetable stall nearby. I'd been sent up for a chest x-ray due to a revolting cough and high-pitched wheezy breathing that sounded like a herd of Oompa Loompas laughing at a really dirty joke. I'd just spent four sleepless breathless nights on the couch so I had time to pinpoint exactly what it sounded like.

I was x-rayed and sent away in seconds with no dramatic Dr House OMG IT COULD BE LUPUS moments. My doctor gave me some great drugs so the barking has quietened down now. But as always even a brief brush with a hospital left me a wee bit freaked out. Do hospitals freak you out? The smells, the noises, the reminder of all the ways you could malfunction? It makes me think, do not muck around with your health, lady. There are only so many times you can "start over" and expect your body to comply.

. . .

Okay it's five days since I wrote the above and I have no bloody idea where I was going with it. I was a slightly delirious from lack of sleep! I'm cough-free now and just back from a few days visiting my wee sister. Man oh man was it good for the soul. Far away from work and computers; just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Except for the part when the sunshine fried me. But I was taking photos and reading books and chitchatting and eating really delicious foods without doing so to excess… most triumphant.

I'm in the middle of writing a post about this mindful eating malarkey. I'm getting a lot of emails asking wtf is going on as well as emails suggesting that I need try this diet or stay away from that type of food so I want to clear the air and yammer on about what I've been getting up to.

In the meantime here is a picture of a picture that I purchased in April and today finally put in a frame! My next goal is to hang it on the wall before the 2012 Olympics.

Get your sh*t together!  Note the asterisk, so please don't yell at me for swearing.
(from orangebeautiful on etsy)


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  1. Love that picture, I need it hung somewhere I’d see it multiple times…daily. LOL. The first part of the post really resonated with me…like, duh, how many times am I going to re-focus, re-start, re-commit?! As many as it takes I guess.

  2. Love the picture! I need one just like that!

    Hospitals freak me out too…I think it’s the smell…or the waiting in a waiting room full of people that have some sort of malfunction and you don’t know what it is!

    Btw, the flowers are lovely!

  3. You are so right, it is possible to eat deliciously, but not to excess. Last night I had a homemade (by me) beef & bean & cheese enchilada. Last week I had pizza, lasagna, and steak (not all on the same day of course!). I ate small portions of those things and had larger portions of tomatoes, broccoli, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, celery, salads, etc. It is possible to even lose weight this way. Since June 26 (I remember because that was the day of a good friend’s wedding and I just verified it at Spark People), I have lost 20 lbs. And there were weeks during that time (or at least it seemed like weeks) when the scale did not budge. But 20 lbs. in just over 6 weeks is remarkable, and that is not at the beginning of this weight loss quest, but right smack dab in the middle. So bully for me, as my dad used to say. And bully for you Shauna, for eating well, but sensibly while on holiday (or vacation, as we say in the states).

  4. Hospitals are a place of comfort for me as when I walk through the door I think ‘ok if I have an unexpected heart attack or fall down some stairs i’m in the right place’ lol says what a clutz I am!

    Love the picture- in the same vane as “keep calm and carry on’ trinkets that are everywhere at the moment!

  5. I love the sign! If it wasn’t for having bambinos running around I would have to copy you… I do still love the “Stay Calm, Carry On” one!
    As for the well intentioned advice… ignore it! I think “diets” do not work… not long term anyways… Find what movement makes you happy and “Just Do IT!” (Oops… I guess that is just more advice)

  6. I’d love that photo! Actually, I could use a few! One for my office, one for home in my living room/workout room and one in my car! LOL! I’m glad you got your illness under control!

    I don’t have a problem with hospitals. I worked as a medical assistant in a cardiology office for several years and had to ferry patients from out office to all areas of the hospital. Our office was in the adjacent medical office building.

    I guess I kind of eat intuitively. I don’t log or count anymore. I eat clean, but would love some suggestions on good intuitive eating books if you have any!

    Keep up the great work Shauna!

  7. I know what you mean by being freaked out by hospitals. I hate those places. They are too clean, too… something. Doctors freak me out too and butterflies…

  8. Hospitals don’t freak me out – bloody good job too as it would make work rather difficult!! πŸ˜‰

    I know what you mean though. I think it’s fear of the unknown… “what the hell does that bleeping mean?! Is it a good bleep or a you’re-heart-has-stopped-and-you’re-gonna-die kinda bleep?!?!?!?” Scary stuff. Although, for what it’s worth, it’s usually a this-machine-is-plugged-in bleep.

  9. I kinda love hospitals – I love it when they leave you alone in the room and you can play with all the machines and I love it when you get to see your innards.

  10. Hospitals do not freak me out. I am a RN and worked in them for years.

    I need the sign, both myself and my hubby have a long way to go….

  11. I like your comment about there only being a certain amount of times you can start over. I worry about this sometimes too. I lost sixty pounds once and regained all of them. This time as I slowly work my way towards losing 150 pounds, I find myself thinking that I really had better not put my body through this again.

    Maybe that’s not true though. Maybe we get more fresh starts than we think…

  12. That picture is great, but don’t forget to send yourself one of orangebeautiful’s other products, like “Thanks”, “You Rock” or even “Bottoms Up”… it’s not all about the self-flagellation you know!

  13. xo xo

    and Im at the place where the tough love is just what the doctor (rimshot? pun’y? not sure either works :)) ordered.

    I can get too fraught with the self-love & kindtoself some days.

    It’s yanking on the bootstraps time here, too.

  14. Btw I’m with Kathryn re the appeal of seeing your innards! I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see my x-ray right away. Who knows what’s hiding in the there!?

  15. Kind of freaky timing. Just heard a song today for the first time that I thought put it very well:
    Life is short, so get your shit together.

  16. I really liked this post. It’s hard to start something and stick with it – but when you do the feeling of accomplishment outweighs any carb that can be found in any baguette. Thanks for keeping us laughing, glad you’re feeling better and love the photo. πŸ™‚

  17. Whoa, glad you’re feeling better (even though I like Oompa Loompas). I hate hospitals. I had to get surgery in April after I broke my leg and I cried the entire time … until they sedated me. Then I was okay, LOL.

    Love the picture, though, and hope it gives you much inspiration.

  18. Sigh, Oompa Loompa’s, such a gentle time in life. I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and in fact, I still occasionally sing the Oompa Loompa songs (my boyfriend hates my repertoire of songs) . I also love House. I sincerely hate to cough though and am glad to hear you’re feeling better. πŸ™‚

  19. OMG- After the first part of the post I totally thought you were going to tell us that you had a pea growing in your lungs like that guy in Massachusetts! I’m glad you don’t.

  20. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and got to spend time relaxing and having fun with your sistah. Unfortunately I found myself at the hospital recently and that is never a good thing. I feel sicker as soon as I walk through those doors and smell that medicinal smell but I got out with some good drugs and seem to be on the mend too.

    I need one of those pictures ’cause I really need to “get my sh*t together.”

  21. Dear Ms 45 and Cilla and all the kind folks who emailed about the wee poster…. I promise you it’s not about self-flagellation or loathing! I just bought the print coz it made me laugh and I loved the colours! πŸ™‚

  22. Working in a hospital doesn’t make it any better – I spend my whole day thinking exactly what you’ve just said “do not muck around with your health”. There’s another theme that comes up as well – sh*t happens – some people look after themselves so well and it seems so unfair when they get ill.

    Looking forward to reading what you make of the mindful / intuitive eating stuff – it makes a lot of sense

  23. Mmmmmm white rolls with bacon…

    Out of this entire post, yes that is what I focused on.

    Hope you are feeling better soon and out of Oompa Loompa land. Recovery should be quick with Dr. G to care for you. Oh wait, he’s not a “real” doctor, is he?

    I’m not a fan of intuitive eating, at least the way I most often see it described, but I do think it’s possible to find a sane way to eat. It just varies from person to person.

    Don’t forget that regular exercise and healthy diet give us the same health benefits whether or not we actually lose weight!

  24. Glad your cough is better, sounded pretty nasty. Hospitals do freak me out. My mum is a nurse and I’ve always been cautious when I visit her at work. I seem to be always on the lookout for a trolley with a body covered in a white sheet. I have never seen one thank goodness but always am alert and on the lookout.. creepy.

    And that picture is awesome!

  25. Love the picture! I think I need one of those!

    “There are only so many times you can “start over” and expect your body to comply.”

    This is just so true, I can’t count the number of times I have “started over” and I really just have to get my sh*t together and stop having to start over, but it is getting less and less dramatic and far less frequent.

  26. I am two years (and 4 plus kilos) into a journey of Mindfull eating. nearly wrote mindless eating, which it often is. looking forward to reading your thoughts. it’s for the long haul, right?

  27. Shauna, I hope you are feeling better!

    I recently read some books recently on mindful eating by Geneen Roth and the Beyond Chocolate girls. Its helped me to accept that unless my ribs are showing I will be too fat for my mother and for the first time in my 30something years I am doing something for myself and no-one else. I decided I dont really want to “diet” anymore and I’m working on the mindful eating stuff. Its been hard, these past few months and it seems like getting my head right has been harder than getting my food right. Its very slow, but its been working for me and it feels like something I can sustain rather than crying because I’ve failed again.


  28. Oompa Loompas laughing over a dirty joke… you crack me up! That is quite the visual (or rather the auditory version of a visual – surely there’s a word for that? ANYHOW.) I love mindful eating. I am quite excited to read your post about it and the process you’ve been going through!

  29. Hospitals freak me right out. Like, I don’t care if I’m visiting someone who is in for something routine, it just makes me nervous.

    And I dearly adore your picture! πŸ™‚

  30. Hospitals do smell awful and I hate the smell! But having spent about 10 months out of 2008 and 2009 in and out of them…when I go back for check ups etc it almost feels like home! Weird I know lol

  31. In one of those situations where a series of things come together, I’ve been thinking about mindful eating, as well as ethical eating – not just from a veggie point of view (because I’m not going to be veggie), but in terms of animal welfare, food miles, poverty and the works. And then last weekend I saw Geneen Roth’s new book ‘Women, Food and God’, and I have to say I really recommend it. I should point out that GR’s take on God is not really about religion but about a non-denominational spirituality – if you’re not into formal religion you shouldn’t be put off by it. But there was one sentence that hit home so thoroughly that if she’d said nothing else, the $12 I paid for the book was worthwhile: ‘I’ve been abandoned by who and what really matters and all I’ve got left is food’ – a profound insight to what’s behind my struggle with food.

    I have no vested interests in this book – I’m not spruiking anything, but I had a reaction to this writing that made me think it’s a much saner approach than anything I’ve done before, and I’d like to share the opportunity.

  32. HI Shauna

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I was thinking about you coughing away this morning as I listened to my little pooch do likewise. She sounds like a 50 a day smoker with bronchitis. And looks equally miserable – so now I have a graphic picture of your misery. Hope the cough has subsided!!

    Lesley x

  33. Ooompa Loopas freak me out a little, so imagining what they might find dirty gives me double willies. But excellent simile, it’s been the toast of the comments!

    Hope you feel better!
    New mantra: Just keep walking (metaphorically). You don’t have to run or even jog to cover lost ground, but just don’t stop walking and you’ll get anywhere.

  34. Giggling over the lupus comment.

    Hope you’re well – nothing quite like a trip to the hospital to get ourselves in gear.

  35. Hi
    I just wanted to let you know that I am halfway through your book and am LOVING it. I feel like we are twin sisters separated at birth, but not in a creepy way. You are an inspiration!

  36. Hospitals don’t freak me at all, i should hope not since I am about to train as a nurse lol. The only ward that could freak me, would be the hospice care kind, otherwise I just find them interesting πŸ˜‰

    The picture is excellent, i need me one πŸ™‚

  37. Hey thank you for reading Shannon! I appreciate the support πŸ™‚

    Thanks everyone for your comments… hope your week is going well.

  38. It makes you wonder how anyone gets better in a hospital, they freak people out, a little depressing and the food is horrid. Go figure. Hehe LUPUS, it keeps coming up in house but has anyone one actually got it in house. Nice work on the blog, always interesting reading.

  39. Yikes… hospitals smell nasty. There’s something about the smell of hospitals that’s… nasty. Yikes.

    I work in a book shop and i picked up a copy of The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl yesterday cos i was bored on the till. It was so awesome i got engrossed and found myself at page 149 before i looked up again! I hope to finish it on Tuesday when i’m back in again…

    Yeah, isn’t it depressing how there’s rarely any healthy food in hospitals? It’s usually Crapdonalds or Bugger the King; and on the rare occasions there are a few fruits and veggies available, everyone ignores them.

    On the subject of fresh starts… i think we get more than we realise. I wonder if i’ve had more than i deserve. I’ve mistreated my body so badly yet i actually had a period the other day – first one in about ten years. It’s amazing how resilient we are.


  40. Just wanted to add to the chorus of – I love the sign. I would almost tattoo that on me – that is, I would if I had tattoos and liked pain:)

  41. I love this blog. I can relate to you, because I feel like a “dietgirl” from time-to-time. I started a blog called My Quest to Wear Waistbands: An average woman’s journey to be the average size. It makes light of the weight loss battle! You may enjoy. I’m trying to get others to take a look and garner support for a fellow fat girl.

  42. Hi Diet Girl, just finished youy book after it sat with all my other diet books for the last couple of year and I LOVED IT!!!!
    Thankyou for understanding and giving me a sense of hope. Being fat is very lonely! and I feel the ugliest person on the earth, god I hate double, triple chins!
    How is Gareth? He sounded so lovely!
    regards Julie M

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